Saturday, April 4, 2009

Haters will hate on you

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Gathering some odds and ends":

So you two Indiana crackers took a Route 66 road trip and stumbled into a Frank Lloyd Wright house, huh? "Oh, gee whiz Ken, look at them lines. We could do that on the farm." Say, Beth Ann, just leave the front door open and some of your barnyard animals will wander in. Your home will be just a Wright house---outside will be in.

Well, first of all, it was my cousin Shane and I that took the Route 66 trip in which we visited a Frank Lloyd Wright house, not me and Ken. Although you did capture my speech patterns with an eerie accuracy! I can't tell you how many times I say, "Oh, gee whiz, Ken!" Yep, that there's me!

I don't recall stumbling as I walked into the Wright house, but considering my clumsiness, it wouldn't surprise me!

Um...we don't live on a farm. We have property, but it's not a farm. We don't have a barn, so we don't have a barnyard. There are wild animals here, but without the barnyard, they technically aren't barnyard animals. 

My name is Beth Anne. That's Anne with an E.

I'm not sure what I've done to generate such ire in this particular Anon, but damn, I'm good! Hey, Anon? To paraphrase your eminent sage self (with a grammar correction), your life must be really empty for you to write all this clumsy drivel blog entries? Maybe you should stop reading my blog and read a book, exercise, meditate, cook, ANYTHING but obsess over something like my blog (which you seem to find idiotic). No need to hand me a barf bag. Your comments don't make me feel nauseous, they just make me feel kind of sad and perplexed that you hate without provocation or reason. You can keep leaving comments if you are that bewitched by me (you wouldn't be the first), but that would just be kind of pathetic, wouldn't it?


  1. Good grief, I wonder what brought THAT on?


  2. Pardon me for being an outsider, but this Anon person is beginning to make me laugh.

  3. Just keep on doing whats best and that is being you!
    Andy x

  4. Hmmm, why, why, why?? Obviously needs someone to pick on, but why you??!!

  5. Haters WILL hate on you - and they'll do it more when you blog about them.

    I get hated on every once in a while (mostly people calling me a disgusting, fat faggot) but I reject the comment and don't talk about it. The one time I DID mention a Hater, he kept coming back for more.

    After he figured out I wasn't going to mention him anymore, he moved on.

    BTW - I LOVE moderating my comments. There is nothing like hitting the "Reject" button when some "Anon" butthead is being stupid! :)


  6. This person apparently has a lot of coping problems, plus he/she has an empty-headed way of stereotyping others. It's funny, in a way, but it's also just pitiful.

  7. There's always a way to get the IP address of anonymous trolls and out them.

    The one drawback of the internet is the ability for people to sneak into people's areas and be bitter without revealing who they are.

    This particular anonymous must have run out of eggs to suck.

    I like the way you call them out. Stupid, ignorant people deserve to be mocked endlessly when they choose to interfere in the lives of others.

  8. Trouble is with people like tis if they didn't create drama nobody would notice them at ll and tha't the saddest thing. Good reply..i'll lend you my


  9. Go get um Beth AnnE. I need that laugh.
    Hugs, Joyce

  10. Anon is back huh?

    "Your home will be just a Wright house---outside will be in." - she should've left her name for once. Most of the anon comments are dull and painful, but this one had a flair of wit to it, albeit wit used for the Dark Side.

    BTW - For a decade we lived less than two blocks from three Wright houses that are shoved, for no apparent reason, in the middle of what's always been a poor(ish) area of the south side of Milwaukee. Nothing like strolling home past a Wright masterpiece as the sound of police sirens echo in the background.

  11. I like to click the "spam" button when I get a gratuitously hateful comment. This way, the angry person can have the satisfaction of saying whatever angry thing he needs to say to feel better, while I can have the satisfaction of pretending he doesn't exist. Everybody's happy.

  12. Wait a minute. You ask, "I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you?"

    I went ahead and answered that question and all of a sudden I'm a hater?

    You set yourself up for failure, Beth Anne (with an E!). You put yourself out there on the beach and then gripe about the sunburn. You overeat and then complain about heartburn.

    Yes, you're funny Beth, but in a sad way, sort of like a pity party. You ask how you are funny, but you cry at the answer. Poor little puppet, poor little boo boo.

  13. My mom always told me "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

    Linda in Washington

  14. hey beth,it answered it aint got the guts to put its name,it aint got the right to find fault.methinks this anon is a sad,pathetic person,who is jealous of your blogs for the last bit,the boo boo??that shows a spiteful immaturity i find rather we say over here,heres 20p,dime i spose, go down the drugstore n buy a care your blog.mort xx oh,and if anon trys it on mine,she will get a very nasty tolerance for tossers policy.lmao

  15. My goodness, it seems like Anon was the kid at the party who didn't get cake and now he/she is angry all the time.
    I'd find something better to do.

  16. What "they" put out, comes back three fold...frankly that's scarey to me.
    I'm sorry that you have a person that feels the only thing they can do to validate themselves is to "hate" another. It's sad isn't it?
    Hugs, Teresa

  17. I agree with Linda from "Linda's World."

  18. go away, anon.

  19. I had never seen an "Anon" comment before...until right now. Very sad. I agree with you, if you don't like what you are reading, don't read it. Meanness for the sake of meanness is pathetic.
    I guess some bullies never stop. Sad.

  20. I hate to admit it, but anon does have a point. The question is right there on top of the comment box. I'm sure Beth means it as rhetorical or maybe just a joke, but still.....I'd take down the question. It invites responses like the one from anon.

  21. I'm thinking that anon has never seen Goodfellas and doesn't recognize the source of your post a comment quotation. Maybe anon doesn't care for movies. It's hard to find time for pleasure when you're so busy wallowing in your own misery and spewing it out to others. I mean this with all sincerity, I feel sorry for anon. Such venom directed at another usually indicates deep personal pain on the part of the person sending out the hate.

  22. Hi Beth,
    Sheesh ... is this another "anon" or is the same one popping up again and again ... sort of like an online version of Herpes?

  23. Anne with an E~~ Me too.
    And of course I had to comment on this entry! Cause thats what my radar is really spot on about when it comes to your blog. Strange huh.
    I think what I like most is that you always put a fantatic smack down on Annon and trolls. I like that in a lady friend. Nothing makes me more proud then seeing words squish a pesky ant into the dirt with a flick of the keyboard.
    You continue to do me proud!

  24. Cracker????? I haven't heard that one in years. i am so sorry to hear your being attacked in this way. It is more of a revealer of that person than you.
    We get them from time to time as well because of our beliefs, being military and being a 'unque couple.' i just hit reject and pray for their sad, sorry souls.
    keep that pretty smile.
    Hugs from Virgina, Laini

  25. Well, that comment from "Anon" above is just stupid and there's no other word for it. It makes no sense and is an embarrassment for "Anon". I guess if I were that dumb I'd want to stay anonymous too.


I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you?