Monday, March 30, 2009

Not exactly a ringing endorsement…and next, a song!

Not really any commentary on this. I just sort of cracked up when I heard Senator McCain's response when asked whether he would support Governor Palin in a presidential run. (Please be patient. It might load slowly because it's from MSNBC. Thank you. The Management)

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And now for some happy video. A while back, I mentioned this phrase from a song: "New York London Paris Munich, everybody talk about Pop Musik!" and said that anyone who guessed the artist would get a Silver Squirrel. I have to say, I'm very disappointed in you, young ladies and young men. No one stepped up to the plate and made a guess. [sigh] I do and do and DO for you kids, and this is the thanks I get? Oy.

However, I was cheered up tonight when I had a little exchange with Cousin Shane on Facebook. Shane put up a picture and played Guess the City, and just to be silly, I posted that phrase from the song. One of Shane's friends said that he loves that song, and I mentioned the Silver Squirrel award, if he knew the artist. Friend Matt correctly guessed the band M, and although I don't think Friend Matt is a blogger, he still got the Silver Squirrel. I say to you, Matt: Huzzah!

Although I was probably more into the punk scene than the New Wave scene, I still loved many of these cheesy New Wave dance songs. "Pop Musik" is a fine example of the genre (I said "genre." Haha.) and it's definitely got a good beat and you can dance to it! Even if it's that funky 80's dancing that all of us of a certain age remember doing. And cringe when we remember. It is burned forever in my memory banks: my ex-husband's mother's wedding...around 1985...a kegger at a park pinstripe jeans, ankle boots, and suspenders...everyone forming a double line, and me and one of my brothers-in-law doing that Footloose kick-dance step down the center to the tune got it, "Footloose"...and thinking we were just too hot and such cool dancers. O the humanity! I'm blushing! Wall of shame! Wall of shame! [smacking herself across the cheek]

Yeah. Anyhoo, I don't remember this video so much as the song, but dang, the guy is sort of sexy in a European kind of way, isn't he? Shooby-dooby-doo-wop!


  1. I must've missed that post. I knew it was M. I might even still have the 45 around here somewhere.

    How about this one: "My name is Billy. I hear radio waves in my head."

  2. I totally missed that post. I definitely owned the 45 for "Pop Musik".


  3. Now I knew that one!!! But I guess I missed the original entry where you asked. Thomas has that song on his ipod, and I have it on my computer. When you ask that one???

  4. Hi Beth,
    Arrgh ... couldn't get the video to load and I was very interested in what McCain had to say. Oh, well. As for Pop Musik, what an epiphany it was when -- after taking a semester abroad in college -- I was able to confirm for all of my friends that, yes, I've been to New York, London, Paris and Munich and everyone was, indeed, talking about Pop Music. But I don't think even back then I could have told you who sang that song. So, no Silver Squirel for me!

  5. Of course ... you KNOW that I had to been 'off' that day! If I would have seen it, I would have gotten it! That along with 'the good ole rock and roll road show' was a great summer song!

    It was interesting what 'Honest John' had to say. Very telling. Seems he sees the same thing in Gov. Still--er, Palin (honestly, I have to stop doing that!!)

    I do think she would usher in a dark age of anti intellectualism the likes had never been seen in the modern age of politics. Pres. Bush, simply wasn't smart. Palin is unenlightened, and that is worse.

  6. Oh Beth, you are so funny!

    Re: guess is that he wishes he'd never even heard of Sarah Palin, I know I do!

    As for the music, I have never ever heard that song! But I get such a kick out of your love for it. I guess I'm too old :(

    catchy though! lol

  7. you realize that is the very song that drove me to purchase my first def leppard cassette tape???


  8. I love how Grampa John says the Repugnants need to be the party of 'inclusiveness' but doesn't say a word to, or about, gay Americans.
    I think he meant 'inclusive to a point.'
    And he thinks Bobby Jindal is a bright shiny force in the Repug Party? Bobby is still too distracted by bright shiny objects.

  9. LOL about your Ex's mother's wedding. I would have liked to have seen the dance from Footloose. I remember that was the first movie I ever saw at the threatre.

  10. so I'm playing the video this morning and the kids come by on their way to the bus.. Kim says "that music is kind of weirding me out". LOL... guess it doesn't translate well to my kids. I must have missed the post or the reference within the post.. but I wouldn't have known the group anyway. One hit wonder?

  11. I hate to get serious on your site Beth. This is a true honest to god rip off from someone that my Credit card co. has reopened an investigation. Watch out for a bill for Tibia Premium Time. The charge came from Germany. Since February someone has charged my account to over 200.00 and after some investigating on my own yesterday it is a gaming outfit. I have never ordered this product, downloaded it, nor given my credit card info to anyone. If it can happen to me it can happen to anyone, so this is a warning to anyone that reads this.I am 79 years old and never liked games so I ask you, can you even for one moment think I ordered that crap. Thanks Beth for letting me use your space. Yours will not be the only one. Thanks

  12. How McCain got roped into Palin as a running mate...someone had an idea, it just wasn't a good one. He knows it! The body language was there. Wasn't into much 80's music...after my time, but give me the 70's any day! Your entry sounded playful today!

  13. I am going to take McCain's answer as a "No!"
    I remember that song well. I don't think I would have ever remembered who the artist was. It was fun hearing it again, though.
    I loved the description of the wedding. Did you have tall hair, too?
    Oh, the 80's!

  14. I do not remember Pop Muzik but I
    liked it. Catchy, and fun. Thanks for
    including it. Pat

  15. I'm a first-timer (hopped over from Rebecca's place). Love your blog! I agree w/Laura - McCain's response was a resounding, "Um...NO!!!" And who could blame him, really? What a debacle they made of this election. Hopefully, they'll keep it up through at least the next election so Barack will have more time to try to turn the SS America around. He's sure going to need it!

    As far as Pop Musik goes, I'm a musician so I love when people incorporate music into their blogs. Personally, I'd rather see Adam Ant's video of "Wonderful," though. Sizzling hot!

  16. BTW: I'm following you now, so you better behave yourself. (Not!) Stop over at my place if you get a chance. I'll pour you a glass of wine.;-)

  17. Pop Music has almost no music in it.

  18. Now you know I was not going to get the reference, music is not one of my strong suits :o)

    I would love to see the "Lie To Me" folks analyze the McCain video when responding to the Palin question. I saw some tales that indicate he was...


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