Sunday, March 29, 2009

I’d rather be golfing

Or at least in a place warm enough to golf!

I'm looking out the window at the light snow blowing sideways. A bit is accumulating on the little pine trees we have sitting on the deck, but I don't see any on the grass. This is just nasty, wet, cold, blustery weather. And poor Cousin Shane is coming home from Arizona tonight! I already warned him in an email to be prepared for a rude awakening.

Forsythia I hope none of the buds on the trees get nipped. Some trees are already starting to pop, and the forsythia is on the verge of blossoming all over. I'll be sad if anything freezes. This picture of the forsythia was from last year. There are only a few blossoms along the bottom so far. Hang in there, Mr. Forsythia!

After getting out early to take care of the kitties at Casa Shane, I've been puttering with a little laundry and stuff like that. I feel like I'm hunkering down and riding out the storm, although this is nothing compared to what they got in some of the plains states. That sounds awful! I think it's just a matter of getting a taste of warm weather, and then seeing the snow fly again. It's disheartening, although I still feel positive because I know that it's not far away at all. Just...can't...quite...get there yet! Tonight is definitely a comfort food night, and I'm making a skillet dinner with beef, beans, rice, and tomatoes. And CHEESE on top.

Michigan State Some great basketball this weekend, most recently watching Michigan State beat Louisville. I don't hate Louisville at all, but I had to cheer for a Big 10 team. I know our friend Mark is happy, as well as Alaina, although as a Michigan grad, I know it is hard for her to admit it. Michigan State, bringing it back to Detroit for the Final Four! How cool is that?!

Now I've switched over to golf, where Tiger is trying to work his way back to win this one. It's all sunny and junk in Florida. [sigh] Tiger was either four or five behind the leader at the end of the day yesterday, and is now just one behind. I never thought I'd enjoy watching golf as much as I do, but he's just a blast to watch.

Remember I mentioned that Randall Terry is now in town, protesting Obama's speech at the Notre Dame commencement? He says he plans to protest in "a peaceful and very aggressive" way. He predicts that Father Jenkins will either resign or lose his job over this, and said that Jenkins has "lost his way." So he's psychic and judgemental. Lovely. You know what? If I were Father Jenkins, I'd be very careful and honestly, I think I'd consider a bodyguard, or at least be very careful about my public appearances. This jerk is not right in the head, and I can see him doing anything to protest this speech and to try to curry favor with his version of God. The guy is nothing less than abhorrent to me, and it disgusts me that he is in my town. Yeah, he's got the right to be here. That doesn't mean I have to like it.

On a happier note, the spokesman for Notre Dame, Dennis Brown, released a statement on Friday that said Notre Dame "has no interest in engaging with those who use tactics that are not conducive to positive collaboration." What did I say about not negotiating with terrorists? Boo-yah!


  1. "It's all sunny and junk in Florida."
    Don't firget hurricane-....that's why we left Florida. It's pretty, then pretty hot and humid...and then pretty much everything is blowing away!

  2. I guess we all have our weather woes. Sometimes I feel personally responsible when a big storm we have here in Oklahoma drifts to the East and you guys get hammered. Like, today we're having a gorgeous sunny warm day, and you're getting the leftovers from the storm we had yesterday. I'm sorry!

    I positively agree that Father Jenkins should make sure he's protected for a while. Randall Terry is a menace!

  3. The perennial trees and bushes are tough and will withstand a freeze!

  4. Go Tiger :o)

    Hope RT gets his in the end.

  5. Read this all, and focused on DINNER!! LOL!! Sounds delish!!! We had warmth yesterday (high 80's) and this morning (high 70's), now it's mid 60's, cold and windy... and I'm loving it!! LOL!!

  6. Bless your heart. It's cold here again too. Arrrrgh Comfort sounds good to me.

  7. Hi Beth,
    I think Spring has sprung here in the L.A. area. Sometimes it's tough to tell, but we have kind of an "on/off" switch around here where the trees that lose their leaves are concerned. One day they're bare and the next they seem to be covered with leaves. Not much transition ... not that I'm complaining.

  8. Oh no! Snow again!!! We had rain ans a bit of sleet last Saturday and the wind of course. I miss spring. Does not seem to exist in this country! I'm a big Tiger Wood's fan. As you said, he's fantstic to watch, a real gentleman! All the best. Ciao. A.

  9. Randall Terry is an idiot. Simple as that. Funny how exciting a game like golf can be when someone like Tiger is playing it.

    It makes my heart skip a beat to see State (Michigan State ... I think everyone thinks of their 'State' university as the only one!)make it all the way home. If they play Carolina in the final ... I think I would faint away!

  10. Its a glorious warm and sunny spring day here in the UK!

  11. I most certainly do not champion everything Obama has done recently, but that has NOTHING to do with the Notre Dame issue. And no matter which "side" is saying it, when I hear: Peaceful and aggressive, it hits me as passive aggressive bs. Martin Luther King, Jr could teach us all about Peaceful, not Mr Terry. ~Mary

  12. Just stopped in to say hi and read all the goodies and not so good goodies you write about. Lucy

  13. Okay Beth, I'll match you. Yesterday afternoon I went to the market. It was a beutiful spring day, warm, sunny and refreshing, a true joy to be outside. That evening there was a sleet storm. The sleet didn't fall. It was thrown down. It made so much noise hitting the windows it sounded like it was inside my apartment. I'm glad I was in. D

  14. Beth:

    I just wanted to say Hi! Thank you for the update on the news, just let him speak already! The weather white here as well, but melted as soon as came. I will a couple photos up on FaceBook.


  15. The only time I like Forsythia is when it's in bloom. I hope this weather you are having doesn't steal away the buds!


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