Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kick Out the Jams!

Holy of my comments on my previous entry about Creem was this:

Machinegun Thompson has left a new comment on your post "Beth’s Music Moment – Creem Magazine":

Great article on the mag.. Our 2nd album was studio produced where the first was live. Of course they'd be different.

That would be THE Machinegun Thompson, drummer for the MC5! Blogs are like a box o' never know what you're gonna get...and in this case, I got a response from a band member of one of the proto-punk bands! DAMN, this made my day. And yeah, Creem's writers understood the raw power of a live set versus a studio recording, and no doubt about it, they loved the live versions!

Check out the original MC5 and their rock anthem, "Kick Out the Jams."

It's still relevant and still a kickass song--here's Rage Against the Machine's version:

I done kicked 'em out!


  1. That is GREAT, Beth! You rock girl!

  2. CREEM brings on a wave of nostalgia, even though I was much more committed to Rolling Stone.

    This just reminded me of someone when I had an AOL journal who always hoped someone(anyone) would find his blog like that.

    Cool that it happened to you; you just never know who is reading. ~Mary

  3. Whoo hoo...though I have no idea who you are talking about...YOU do! Very cool!

  4. I always KNEW you were a total Rocker Chick! I hope Ken can handle all that!

  5. Another reason the second album tanked is lack of promotion by the Record Co. Thanks for the boost kid!

  6. Looks like your his fan. Pretty cool coming in after his comment. Like Mary said you never know who's reading. (Hugs)Indigo

  7. Rock chicks rule!!! I'm glad you got a visit from machinegun. I've always had a thing for drummers...

  8. Awesome, that is a real music moment :o)

  9. WHAT!!! Not only do you get swanky kick ass stalker freaky comments, you also get actual Rock Stars as well???!!!
    I'm borderline jealous these days.
    By the way....
    You rock el Queen of comments~

  10. No have the luck of the comment Irish

  11. You are so cool! I agree, you rock!

  12. congrats on someone you so admire actually finding you and commenting!

  13. Man ... I got so emotional when I read that THE Machinegun Thompson caught wind of your entry! What a super cool moment.

    I had one like that last summer, shadow boxing at a Southfield bus stop, and Tommy Hearns asked me if I asked if I needed a ride!! Then I would see Emmanuel Steward walking around my fave store, the Meijer's in Livionia.

    But yours was a cooler, because it was so unexpected and who would have thunk? That is so neat!!

  14. I went back to see his comment ... gave me chills! How exciting is that!!


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