Saturday, May 9, 2009


Whew, sorry about the late entry, but after getting home this morning, I spent some time getting caught up on reading blogs, then we had a family get-together this afternoon. This evening, we've both been catching up on more blog reading, and I just got my pictures edited. I thought about a little nap, but I think I've caught my second wind. I have a feeling I'm going to sleep like a baby rock tonight, though!

Dinner at Tippecanoe Place went wonderfully, and we got very positive feedback from the conference attendees. My Ahi Tuna was cooked perfectly, nice and pink in the middle, and with a delicious smoky flavor. Ken's Beef Tenderloin was also delicious and very tender, with a sherry sauce. The wines were good, although the white was a little sweet, but everyone really raved about the desserts: a Chocolate Decadence cake (very intense chocolate), deep dish pecan pie, and an apricot tart that had such a good flavor. I will be writing to Katie and telling her what a wonderful job they did, and what a great impression of South Bend they gave to the out-of-towners!

I'll put some random pictures in here of Tippecanoe Place, just so you can see the beautiful woodwork that is throughout the place, and make additional comments if warranted. The room where we ate, above, is the original dining room. Tippecanoe Place remains one of my favorite places in town, for its history as well as its beauty. It was built in 1889 by Clement Studebaker, one of the five brothers who started the Studebaker company (which began as a blacksmith shop). The mansion is 26,000 square feet (2,400 square meters). It is a U.S. National Historic Landmark, and on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Its name probably comes from the campaign slogan of President William Henry Harrison: "Tippecanoe and Tyler too!"

I love the big staircase! Look at that beautiful wood!

Clement Studebaker died at the age of 70 in his South Bend home. He died in Tippecanoe Place! I wonder if he haunts the place? It's been a very successful restaurant for many years now, and I'm sure there's usually so much activity that Clement's specter would go unnoticed. But if someone were working late at night, after everyone else had gone home, and the mansion settled into silence...who knows what they might see? Or hear...what if the old elevator were to begin running when no one had started it? Oooo, scary!

Left to right, the ballroom, the lobby, and a lounge in the women’s bathroom, apparently in case a lady feels faint and needs to recline for a moment!

Beth at Club Lasalle After dinner, a group of us headed down the street to Club Lasalle, the cigar bar. It was Martooni time, and I had a Limelight (okay, I had two), which has Citron vodka and Midori Liqueur. Mmm, tasty--and a lovely shade of almost fluorescent green! I also indulged in a small, mild cigar. Since you don't inhale a cigar, I felt okay about having one, and it's a very rare occurrence, anyway. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and have no desire to take up smoking again! A very nice bunch of people, and quite interesting. Several people from Canada, including one from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! A guy who is on the board with Ken in the local chapter, and who is originally from Mexico City. A guy originally from Jamaica, and wouldn't it be cool to have an accent that made you sound almost as if you were singing when you spoke? I love a Jamaican accent. A guy from Chicago who was sort of a typical tough Chicago guy, and really nice and funny. A guy from Bloomington, Illinois who I talked to about Route 66, since Bloomington is right on the Route. Just really enjoyable and fun people, and I think they all had a nice time.

Club Lasalle2 I felt quite proud to be from South Bend, as I think everyone we dealt with did a very good job. It's always interesting to see your town through the eyes of someone from different places, and it was nice to know a little Studebaker history as we looked at the rooms in the mansion. Oh, and as we were walking from the restaurant to the bar, the fireworks at the minor league baseball stadium began! Ken told everyone that he'd ordered the fireworks up just for them. Ha!

A very pleasant night, although I think we're happy to have it behind us. Now we can just think about the big move in a couple of weeks. Yikes! I think I'll pull a Scarlett and say I'll think about that tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow..."Star Trek!" Oh boy oh boy oh boy!


  1. My cigar was great, lasting almost an hour, and the espresso martooni was yum!

  2. Hi Beth,,,Mary and I just back from a lovely few days away... Thanks for sharing these gorgeous phoographs. I agree the wood looks beautiful...Been lots and Lots of care and attention and polish given to that ! even see a Phoograph of our Queen Victoria !! wonder why she was there !!
    Great that you all had such a wonderful time and that all went well.
    So happy that you have got Ken's Mum and Dad soretd out with a new place. It will be good when they are nearer you both.
    Love Sybil x

  3. lovely lovely pics, as glad all went well and you were able to enjoy old and new friends as well....Tippecanoe Place sounds like a really cool place to be!

  4. The Studebaker mansion is just gorgeous. I'd love to see it in person some time. Sounds like you had a great time. But the cigar.... ugh! I used to smoke those little cigars in college because it was a big deal among women to smoke them then... and then I'd go home and be sick to my stomach. Now, I can't even bear the smell of a lit cigar. :-)

  5. What a beautiful restaurant, with a ghost, perhaps, to boot.
    And Ahi.
    And wine.
    And Martoonis.
    Aaaah ife is good!

  6. Sounds like you had a great time.
    I got to see "Star Trek"
    and I loved it! Can't wait to read
    your review. Gotta go, on our way out
    the door to cousins funeral in L'ville.

  7. does't appear to be any googie in there, oh well, it's pretty classy in its own way.

  8. 'Martooni Time'? Have you ever heard 'Martini Time' by Rev. Horton Heat?

    I am catching up myself. I think I would like the Chocolate Cake dessert!!

  9. What a beautiful place! I'm so glad that you all had a wonderful evening. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  10. You know, I've never been inside Tippecanoe Place. Now, don't go looking at me like that! ;) Mmmmm Midori. That stuff is good all by itself. I would know. ;)


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