Sunday, November 29, 2009

A rainy football Sunday

Colts2 I'm watching my Colts, hoping to see them go 11-0 for the season! (Update: Game over, Colts win 35-27!) At least I have a bright spot in Beth's Football World™ with my Colts. Not so with Notre Dame. They lost their last game of the season last night, and that was four in a row. They finish the season 6-6, and now we're all speculating when Charlie Weis will be fired, not if. What's really upsetting to me is that it's looking likely that both Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate will forgo their senior seasons and go into the NFL draft since Weis will be gone. I was sure enjoying watching both of them develop into amazing players, and was looking forward to seeing them play next year. I doubt that will happen now.

I was kind of down about it last night, but today I'm more philosophical. I'll be interested to see who is tapped for the coaching job. In Beth's Football World™, they'd coax Tony Dungy out of coaching retirement and get him. Heck, he's got a relative in town...I think it's one of his brothers! C'mon, Tony, we'd love you here...and you've got family here!

Hey, a gal can dream.

So it's been kind of a gloomy, rainy day today. I've been taking care of some odds and ends around the house, cleaning up the kitchen, that sort of thing. I got an entry written for I Stand Corrected, so if you get a chance, pop on over there and read my fascinating treatise on the semicolon. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll become a part of you!Argyle pattern3 tiny barI was having a very mellow day until I heard that one of my Senators, Richard Lugar (R), suggested on CNN's "State of the Union" this morning that we delay the health care reform debate for a year so we can focus instead on Afghanistan and the economy. Are you kidding me?!

Armageddon I am highly disappointed in Senator Lugar. He's always been a moderate Republican, with plenty of foreign policy knowledge. I wrote to him some time ago to urge him to support health care reform, and I got a letter back stating that he felt that with the economy being in the state it is in, now was not the time to tackle health care reform. Of course, every indicator shows that we are out of the recession, but employment will take some time to recover. The actual economy itself is beginning to recover. I felt at the time that it was a convenient excuse for him. Now that things are beginning to improve in that regard, his next excuse is Afghanistan.

What is it going to be next, Dick? A plague of locusts? An asteroid rocketing toward the Earth—and another crappy movie about it? A new Britney Spears CD? There is always going to be something. A natural disaster here or on the other side of the world. A country facing famine. An ethnic group experiencing genocide. Things that we will need our attention around the world in the interest of our shared humanity. Now is the time to make a difference for millions right here in our own country, make sure that they have decent health care, and don't have to live in fear of losing their homes because of one devastating illness. Now IS the time. No excuses, Dick. You can expect another letter from me soon.Argyle pattern3 tiny barYet another reason to love Facebook. (I have several.) We've reconnected with our friend Andy. He's a Notre Dame grad, and was an intern at Ken's company. A few years ago, he headed out to California to attend grad school at Cal Tech (he had a chance to go to MIT, too, but chose California weather over Massachusetts...I don't blame him). We had sort of lost touch a while back, but found each other on Facebook and talked on the phone tonight. It was great to hear his voice, and I'm so glad we reconnected. At the risk of sounding like a fucking schoolmarm, he's such a nice young man!Argyle pattern3 tiny barSpeaking of the F-word, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who showed appreciation for my dirty whorish mouth. You all are so sweet!

[Postscript: What do you think of the little divider bars? Do they look okay, or are they annoying? Too busy? Any feedback would be welcome.]


  1. You already know how I feel about football and health care, so allow me to concentrate on the earth-shaking matter of the divider bars. Beth, I hate to say this, but I'm not crazy about them. I do like divider bars, but these are a little too Harlequin for a down-home blog like Nutwood. Do they come in other patterns? Don't hate me! :-)

  2. The divider bars do not add to the attraction.

    It was great to talk to Andy, he is a great young man, living the California Dream.

    Yay Colts, boo Bears.

  3. Beth, Beth, Beth, you little shellfish, you cannot win them all. Not gonna discuss health care here. The divider, not so much. Still addicted to reading you, tho. :-)

  4. Darling -

    I'm going to buck the trend here and say that I actually LIKE the idea of the divider bars. Maybe not these actual bars, but divider bars could be useful.

    Many of us are busy, busy, busy, reading many different blogs and Twattering and Bookfacing. So when us busy bitches come to your (and other) blogs, we might not read every word (sorry - just being honest). SOME OF US might skim a little bit past the Notre Dame / Colts / Football / Rock Band stuff and try to locate the Dirty Whorish Mouth and anti-Sarah Palin rants. The divider bars make this task easier.

    Hey ... you asked!!


  5. Beth, I am on board with the Colt excitement - LOVE Peyton! Am non-plussed about the Fighting Irish, but thought Jimmy C looked dashing with the black eye. Am wondering if Sen. Lugar has ever not disappointed you?

    The divider bars, I am not so much a fan. A little on the heavy side for me. Sorry.

  6. I don't know ... sort of like the divider bars.

    Listening to Golden Tate speak, reminds me of why I like Notre Dame footballers ... they have a carriage that lets you know that it is about more than football, playing at Notre Dame.

    Wonder if Tony would like having to recruit? But I am thinking that the chance to shape and mold men would be inviting to him.

  7. Dear Beth,
    It sounds like you gave up smoking and I think that that is quite an accomplishment!Likewise if it was Ken he too has done a great and wonderful thing!
    I did not know that you attended Notre Dame! What a great University!I love that old movie about their wonderful coach!
    I'm glad that you adn Ken had a great Thanksgiving!

  8. Hey Beth, love the idea of divider bars. What a great idea! Maybe I'll start to use them as well.

    Luger is just is just stalling, he isn't an idiot. He knows the economy is showing recovery and he also knows it will take time for jobs to jump back. War is war, it sucks up time and money, but it isn't any reason to stop moving forward on domestic issues, especially health care. Do you ever notice how they(Conservatives) talk about the costs of public health care, but don't bat an eyelash at the costs of war and conflict. The number have been put through the GAO and everyone congressperson knows public health care will save us money in the long run.

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  10. Why, I like your little divider bars.

  11. You? a whore-ish mouth?

    Maybe I should invite Betty Bowers over to your place?

    Or buy Ken some liquid handsoap to wash out your mouth?

    KIDDING!!! I don't believe for an instant that there is anything whore-ish about you.


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