Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Ladies and the Tiger

Tiger's big check Since I've written here about how much I like Tiger Woods and admire him as an athlete, I suppose I should comment a bit on this "scandal" that is making big news at the moment.

It looks pretty obvious that he cheated on his wife, which proves the longstanding Bob & Tom-ism that no matter how good-looking a spouse is, there are always going to be some people that want to fuck some strange. Didn't both Cindy Crawford and Christie Brinkley get cheated on? Tiger's wife is gorgeous, but for whatever reason, he decided to go after something different. I'm not going to pass judgment, because that's above my pay grade, and I don't know either firsthand or secondhand what took place.

I'm reading that it's pretty evenly split between genders as to how people feel about it. Most women think she should take him for everything he's got, he's a total cad, they hope she took a golf club to his balls (and I'm not talking about his Nike golf balls). Most men think that although he was wrong, he admitted his mistake, he's human, and he and his family should be allowed their privacy.

I have to say that I'm not the typical woman, but you've probably figured that out already. I tend to agree more with the guys I referenced above. This is a personal matter, and let them have some privacy. I also have a hard time with people getting millions in a divorce from a spouse who made much of their money before they even met each other...think Heather Mills McCartney and Sir Paul. Of course, this is all just speculation about Tiger and his wife, and I haven't heard any mentions of divorce. It's probably a natural reaction to wonder if it might not happen.

Phelps3 It looks like his endorsement companies are sticking by him, and I'm glad. I'm still pissed at Kellogg's for dumping Michael Phelps for smoking weed...yeah, that guy is a real slacker, isn't he? If Nike dumped Tiger for infidelity, I'd start to wonder even more about our weird and twisted morality in this country. It's okay for government higher-ups to authorize the use of torture on prisoners, but it's a heinous crime for athletes who excel in their sports to smoke a little weed or cheat? That is fucked up.

When it comes to being a role model for kids, we had this conversation a long time ago, when Charles Barkley first said it. He said he was an athlete, not a role model. It's okay to admire people for their athletic skills, and you all know how much I love sports. But that doesn't mean I know what they're like in their personal lives, and that is none of my business. You'll notice in my first sentence here that I said I admire Tiger as an athlete. He also has done a lot of great charity work, and I admire him for that. But I don't know him personally, and it would be silly to say that I admire him as a person. Because I don't know him.

Having said all that, if I had known that Tiger was on the prowl, why couldn't I have been in the right place at the right time? Drat. (I kid, I kid!)


  1. I guess the prowl goes with the killer instinct. Hope that they work things out. At his paygrade, there is certainly a lot of pressures we know nothing about. Having said that, he should have stuck with looking and stopped there.

  2. Personally - rich, famous, or whatever, my feelings are keep it in your pants. Having said that it's not for anyone else to decide or judge what goes on outside our own lives. None of us would fare well under a microscope. I don't care how well behaved you are.

    If it wasn't for his popularity, we wouldn't even be hearing about this. And of course that's just my opinion. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. For me, this falls under the category of "None of my business."
    Who knows why people cheat.....
    rich folks do,
    po' folks, too.
    Ugly people do it,
    pretty people screw it.

    I felt like waxing poetic [badly].
    But still, none of my bidness!

  4. My thing with Tiger is his choices ... ugh!

    Rocco Mediate on Sportscenter was livid with the intrusion on Tiger. In short, he was like he did it, copped to it, now let him and his wife work it out.

    I do think as I may have said in my journal, that if you ply your trade in front of everyone and use that to earn a living, then the image you create shapes your behavior.

    People rise above themselves all the time... Dick Cheney for example and his President, Bush Jr. I can't get over the cowards for sending troops to battle when they couldn't do it. But being lying and scheming cowards didn't prevent them from reaching the White House.

    In my mind, Tiger got his ego bruised. He should get over it. I know I have. I have had people wish and say worse things about me, and I ain't nobody!!

    If I can get over it being broke as I am, he really can be expected to, as rich as he is. And if he doesn't want folks up in his bidness, get out of the public eye.

  5. Dearest Tiger -

    If you're reading this, I just want you to know that I will NEVER "kiss and tell". What we had was beautiful and special - even if it did take that additional bottle of tequila to finally seal the deal.

    Call me...



  6. LOL @ David!!! I'm doing my best to contribute to Tiger's privacy, I couldn't possibly care less. = )

  7. David...LMAO!! It really isn't any of our business...this really is being played out in the media (isn't everything these days?), and no matter how you look at it, the media rose him to fame (ok, his game, golf game, that is, helped), that same media will dissect him all ths same.

  8. Hey Beth. I think the media is constantly desperate for more pop crack. This just happened to fit the bill. This whole thing has been blown out of proportion; this situation should only concern that particular family and their own personal friends and acquaintances.

  9. As a "been there, done that" person, I agree that this is a personal matter, but sometimes ones fame gets in the way of privacy. This is nothing new. There have been scandals throughout history. And unfortunately, I'm sure this won't be the last.

  10. Am I disappointed in Tiger? Yes.....Am I shocked....NO.

    When people are in the spotlight, they will get caught sooner or later. Sad....I feel bad as I like Tiger, as a great golfer. Sad Christmas for his poor wife. I truly thought he was one of the nice guys.......

    I feel bad.

    Hugs, Rose

  11. I'm with you on this matter, Beth. I've enjoyed the prurient details leaked to the media but I don't think that anyone should be overly concerned except Mrs. Tiger. If I'm disturbed by anyone it's the women who choose to sleep with married men and then insist on telling all publicly.

  12. I cannot forgive Tiger Woods. I want the media to punish him and also for him to lose some endorsements. How can a guy with everything in the world do crazy things like that? Come on Tiger.

    This is a warning signal for other men and women though.

  13. Not sure where you get your data? What makes you think you have a line on what "most men" think? This man doesn't think like that. The thing is, we're not just talking about a little bit of marital infidelity here. This is much larger, and indicative of the cult of celebrity we have created in North America. Tiger didn't cheat on his wife because he wanted to have sex with a different woman...or ten. he cheated on his wife because he wanted to cheat on his wife. I suspect he cheats on his taxes, too. And, quite frankly, I'd golf with him, but I'd never let him talk me into a wager... We make these people into idols, and give them everything, and eventually they come to believe they are entitled to everything, no matter the means employed to take it.

  14. Paul, it was from a poll I saw on Politics Daily. I'm sorry I don't have the link for you, but this was just a commentary on how both genders are reacting to this news.

  15. By the way, I didn't just pull this out of my ass and I don't feel that I have a line on what "most men think." It was what I read in a poll, although of course those are always suspect.

  16. The only time I care about cheating is when it's done by hypocritical family values types. Those who vote or preach against the very things they do. Otherwise, it's none of my business, and I'd prefer not to know about it.

  17. I thought of you during the height of the Tiger scandal, I remembered how much you guys liked him. I say keep it between them. I feel bad for Elin and I am SHOCKED at Tiger...who the hell knew? He always looks so pissed off, now I realize he was just planning his next romp but shouldn't he have been smiling more with all that action? I'm just sayin'....

    I heard Dr Phil say in Hollywood the saying is "For every gorgeous woman there is a man tired of sleeping with her." Makes sense I guess considering the beauties who have been cheated on.

    It will be interesting if the alleged video comes out.


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