Thursday, December 3, 2009

The old switcheroo

Birthday 45rpm Shane Before I get into that, I just wanted to wish Cousin Shane a very happy birthday! Those of you who have been reading for a while have heard plenty about Cousin Shane over the years. He truly is like a brother to me, and one of my best friends. We have similar senses of humor, we crack each other up and sometimes go into gales of hysterical laughter over the silliest things (I still remember him playing air guitar using my leg), we have a mutual love of music and have been to many concerts together, and he's just one helluva a great guy. We have a Cosmic Cousin Connection, and I hope you'll join me in sending him some birthday love.

As for the switcheroo in the title...after President Obama's decision to send more troops to Afghanistan, many on both the right and left are now calling this "Obama's War."

Exsqueeze me? The guy inherited this idiotic, poorly planned war from the idiotic, poorly planning previous administration, and suddenly it's his war?

I'm getting more than a little sick of hearing about how Obama is destroying this country, and I'm especially getting sick of hearing assholes like Dick Cheney saying it. That foul blight upon humanity did more to destroy our reputation around the world than anyone in recent memory, and Cheney2he has the nerve to keep yakking about how Obama is doing everything wrong. This is the same walking, talking pustule who keeps trying to justify our use of torture (America does not torture! There is no grey area here!), and wonders why people around the world hated us for so many years! Everyone hates a bully, DICK, and your despicable swagger, insane braggadocio, and psychotic lust for dominance brought us close to diplomatic destruction. We do have domestic terrorists, and I believe one of them is named Dick Cheney. Talk about doing everything he could to hurt our country....! He needs to go on another hunting trip and instead of shooting his buddy in the face, trip and blow his own head off. Or else shut the fuck up and let our President do his best to repair the damage that was done long before he took office.

This is just one part of the mess that Obama inherited, along with an economy teetering upon the brink of destruction due to economic practices set in motion by Mr. Trickle Down himself, Ronald Reagan. So everyone needs to chill the hell out and understand that we didn't get into this clusterfuck on Obama's watch.

For the record, I'm not thrilled with the decision to send more troops to Afghanistan; however, I believe our President listened to all advisors and made the best decision possible in what is a FUBAR situation. People were clamoring for him to move quickly. I applaud him for deliberating and learning about the situation rather than making a rash decision. What a refreshing change.


  1. Beth, once more you've said exactly what I think. It's beyond frustrating to me to hear the things that are being said about Obama and anyone who voted for him. I don't debate politics, I take it way to personally and it only succeeds in upsetting me and solves nothing. (I live in a politically divided household!!!). But I love it when I find that someone has been able to articulate the words bouncing around in my gray matter. Good on ya!!!

    I have followed the last president and his corrupt crew and how they caused the majority of the problems we face today. I'm not happy that we continue to fight these senseless wars. I just wish he did not sound like he was defending Bush and why we stay in war. Don't get me wrong, I know we can't just pull out and run. Still I feel that by all the elected officials mistakes throughout the years that the media and American people should cut him some slack. We can be disappointed but not disillusioned about who to blame. The American people are to blame as well Bush did achieve 2 terms. President Obama knew what he was getting into and so did the American people, so we should work together. We should apply pressure on all the politicians, not just the presidential puppet. What bothers me most about the Obama presidency is the reversed American support and the lack of intelligence regarding the truth. Maybe he is flawed but he is and will be better than Bush. I've got my fingers crossed when it comes to change, a change for the better. What people forget is he is human not a god. Before he won the election FAIRLY we were headed for decades worth of hurt. And that was caused by people like Dick, Rummy, Bush and the rest of the criminals in Washington D.C. Thanks for your entry and have a kind day tomorrow. P&L Wes

  3. You go girl! Well written.

    Happy Birthday to Shane!

    Hugs, Rose

  4. Happy Birthday to Shane!

    You have a way with invectives, Girl! You're 100% accurate in everything you said. You're just so much better at saying it than I am! :-)

  5. Happy birthday, Shane ... don't go, Shane... don't go!!

    Anytime a person can find a reason to use the word 'pustule' in a sentence. Oh and I think it is very accurate a description of Dick Cheney and the sentiment he represents.

    Though I think the Dems can be a little whiny at times, right now all the noise from the right is nerve wracking. It is shrill and virulent as it spreads ignorance in sound bites.

    You are dead on with your saying that Obama inheirited a badly planned military action. The combined 'war on terror' is an excuse to strengthen the executive branch at the expense of individual freedoms that will never be returned. The entire 'patriot act' has been an excuse to fractionalize America and isolate it from the World Community.

    Instead of remaining a beacon to how things should be in the world, the patriot act and its idealogy makes us more like it. And by 'more like it', I mean that it has us become more accepting of intrusion on our lives at the hope that it makes us safe.

  6. My, my, someone doesn't like Dick!
    Oh, yeah, that would be me.
    Beth, my evil evil twin, this is one of the best rants I've seen in ages. I am so tired of Cheney's "Look what Obama's doing" after eight years of his "We don't need to tell the American people everything" brand of politics. He is, in my mind, the most deranged, dangerous man on the planet.

  7. First, Happy Birthday Cousin Shane!

    I am beyond over hearing reports about what partisan hacks like Cheney and his ilk say, since we know what he will say - 'they are destroying America blah blah blah.' Indeed, it is about time some reporter called them on the destruction they caused while in power.

  8. Happy birthday cousin Shane!

    Love the rant Beth. I can't think of a better person to receive your wrath.

  9. Once, just once, I wish you would tell us what you really think :o)

  10. Tell us Beth what you REALLY think of Dick Cheney and his vice president George W. Bush (grin).

    Seriously, I am in complete agreement with you. My friend Shawn Graham, another petty officer with whom I had the honor of serving with in Afghanistan, and I constantly ask each other how it is possible that those two have not been charged as war criminals?

    One can hope their luck will run out and they get what they so ably deserve.

  11. Gee Ken, I hadn't read your message, but it's funny how we mirrored each other so nicely.

  12. Thank you! I knew it was going to happen, that all this crap was going to get dumped on Obama when all he's trying to do is right the wrongs that came before him and make the best out of a terribly shitty situation. He's in a real tough spot and I think he's doing the best he can, and I have no doubt in mind that he has weighted every option, looked at every angle, and is doing what he thinks is best for this country, regardless how difficult a decision it may be to make. He shouldn't be getting blamed for the (many, many, did I mention many) fuck-ups of the previous administration.

    (Btw Mark O. sent me your way and - he's right - I love your blog! Glad to have a new addition to my 'roll ^_^)


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