Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Feedback and Distortion

FeedbackRabbit rabbit rabbit! Evil spirits begone from Nutwood! Happy December, everyone. Urgh.

I would like to thank everyone for their feedback on the little divider bars I gave a trial run to the other day. (I kid with the graphic.) Based on popular opinion, you won't be seeing those again! (See? I do listen to you all, and I appreciated your honesty!) Frankly, I felt the same way when I put them up...I felt they looked a little too clunky and awkward. I've found a few others, and will test those out here and there, and maybe I'll put up a poll to see which one you like best. Although I don't feel the need to restrict myself to any one particular type, and will change it up here and there.

I also appreciated David's feedback about liking the separation of subjects. Thank you my dear for the excellent suggestion, and for those entries in which I write about a few different things, I'll be sure to use divider bars! (I'd just been using a few tildes to separate them before. I feel like gussying things up a little bit.) I can also accept that David doesn't want to read about Notre Dame...after all, he's a Nittany Lion!Divider bar4Hey, speaking of Notre Dame (feel free to move along David, although there’s a little dirty whorish mouth stuff coming up), the Charlie Weis era is over. As expected, he got the boot today. I wish him well, and I'm sorry that things didn't work out for him here. But you just don't continue as football coach at ND with such a crappy record. And it ND footballwas abysmal, worse than any other recent coach. I have no idea who they'll hire as coach. Right now, I don't really care. It was a crummy season, I'm kind of relieved it's over, and if they go to a bowl game, I hope they win with the interim coach. In the meantime, I turn my sights to my Colts, who are 11-0 along with the New Orleans Saints, who beat the Patriots tonight. Although "spanked" might be a better word! That's right, they pulled down the Patriots' knickers, turned them over their knees, and spanked them. Spanked them soundly, because the Patriots were being a bad, bad little football team....

I'm sorry, what was I saying? Oh yes. The Colts and the Saints are both still unbeaten. Milwaukee Dan #2 wondered about the possibility of a Super Bowl with two 16-0 teams. That might be a sign of the End Times, buddy (along with Sarah Palin getting into a position of national prominence and the Cubs and White Sox meeting in the World Series), so be careful what you wish for. Highly improbable, but wow, wouldn't that be something? I have to say that since I love New Orleans, and since they're still struggling after Katrina, I have a soft spot for the Saints and love seeing them doing well. But if they play the Colts, the Saints are goin' DOWN, and not in a good way!Divider bar4Warning: Rock Band stuff ahead! Not too much, but I'm really proud of myself about tonight. Over Thanksgiving, I discovered from my niece the way to unlock more songs. (Thanks, Jana!) Instead of playing Quickplay, you have to go on Tour. First I had to name my band, and may I introduce to you the one and only Dirty Pleasures? Dirrrrrtyyyyy Pleaaaaasurrrrres! (Think Beatles and Sergeant Pepper.) Some of you might recall my embarrassment when I was chatting with a friend and referred to my guilty pleasure movies as my "dirty pleasure" movies. I thought it was a natural for a band name.

Johnny Ramone Okay, so I went on tour, singing vocals. I plowed through the first few and unlocked my first new songs! Got through the next batch, too (including 100% on a song I'd never even heard by Queens of the Stone Age) and unlocked a few more. Went back to Quickplay and the new songs were all there, so I did them all on guitar. Got to do "Paranoia" (both vocals and guitar), "Rockaway Beach" on guitar (Ramones), "Here It Goes Again" on guitar (OK-Go), a handful of other fun ones, and an especially fun one, "(Don't Fear) The Reaper." Wheeeee! It was even the full version with the full guitar solo! It seems these are all a tad bit harder than the earlier songs, and I'm kind of digging the challenge. I think my fortes are vocals and guitar. I can't do drums for shit, and bass is boring!

Oh, incidentally, when we were playing Beatles Rock Band with my sister, et al, I switched guitars with my brother-in-law Tom. He was like, "What the hell? I'm six feet tall, and this is too low for me!" I told you I sling low. Maybe not as bad as Johnny Ramone (may he rest in peace), but apparently pretty low. Do I have freakishly long arms or something?


  1. I wondered what you'd say about the Weis announcement. I guess it was expected all around.

  2. The OK Go? (aren't they a Chicago band??)and the QOTSA?? I wonder how many super cool bands they have on that game? Might have to try it ... The thing about this year for the Irish ... I want to think they played hard for the Coach, but fate wasn't on their side.

    As far as the Saints go ... Drew Breeze has really taken New Orleans under his wing, and put back as much as the fans have to give the Saints. They really do deserve their football success. It was good to see them give it to New England last night ..!

  3. I was rather delighted to see Bilichick and Tom Terrific pouting on the sidelines at the end of the game. Warmed my cold heart...

  4. Darling -

    You crack me up! And, FYI, I read this entire post ... no divider bars necessary. :)


  5. Hope Hannah's house survives the firing, it is a good thing all the way around. Hope we can get a coach that can last more than 3-5 years.

  6. And to think ND now has to buy out the remainder of Charlie's six year (of ten) contract!

    What were they thinking? Didn't they learn their lesson giving both Bob Davies and Ty Willingham long-term contracts even through they were running with horrible records?

    I have a word for that. Idiots!


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