Friday, December 4, 2009

Mexico bound

Sombrero Tomorrow morning we're off to Cabo San Lucas for a week. The flight leaves at 6:45, so guess who is pulling an all-nighter?

Here is my logic:

For some time now, I've been staying up until 3 or 4 am.

If I tried to go to bed at 1 am or so, I'd just lie there and not be able to sleep.

If I went to bed at 3, I'd be getting up in about an hour, and would feel like shit.

If I were to go to bed early, that would end the night; I couldn't very well get on an early morning flight and order a drink, now could I? But if I stay up all night, then I will be pleasantly happy and tired on the flight and can drift off to Snoozeville.

Sounds like a plan to me, and incredibly logical. So I'll be doing my thing until around 4 and then hopping in the shower, and do my last-minute packing. I've definitely been in a homebody mood lately, so I kind of hate to leave, but it will be nice to experience some warmth, sun, and sand. Maybe a little tequila, too...might pay a visit to Cabo Wabo, Sammy Hagar's cantina down there. I'll be careful, though...tequila is dangerous for me!

I'm looking forward to some delicious, authentic Mexican food, and I'm thinking there might be some fresh seafood in there somewhere, too, since it's right at the tip of Baja California. My Mom was kind enough last evening to tell me a story about a friend of hers who went to Mexico and ate something that caused her to have four feet of her colon removed and to be put into an induced coma. Thanks, Mom. As a microbiologist, I understand the dangers of food poisoning, so I don't plan on buying any fish tacos from street vendors. I'll be careful, and hope to avoid a colon blowout.

I won't be reading a lot of blogs while I'm gone (Since I won't be reading much, if you need me to know some news, please email me at, but do you think you're going to get a break from me? Oh no...not at all, my preciouses. I'll be taking the laptop and I just got a new cordless mouse today (gotta get that hooked up tonight). There is wireless high speed in the rooms, so you can't get away from me that easily! Bwah-ha-ha-haaaa! Expect pictures, perhaps a video or two, and quite possibly a tequila-fueled ramble...or three. You'll see me on Crackbook, too. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  1. Amusement for the day: Even the locals don't drink the water. Hmm.

    Mini tacos though.....*drool* Wave 'hi' to me as you pass over San Antonio!!

  2. The question is, can we have a Margarita or not, because whether on the rocks or slush, it has ice. What a quandry :o(

  3. Haha about the water. Restaurants and hotels have purified water -- and they use it for the ice. Mostly the folks who get Montezuma's, drink way too much alcohol.

    And yes, there will be loads of seafood -- Pacific snapper, shrimp and lobster would be my first guesses as they are common in other parts of Baja as well as Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.


  4. Oh, and some of the best fish tacos I've ever had were from a truck on the side of the road in Baja. They do sell this stuff in drugstores that gets rid of the amoeba in your system. I think you have to take it for four days or so and cannot drink any alcohol during that time. Locals take the stuff a couple of times a year or so. And the locals drink bottled water. The guys come through the neighborhood delivering several times a week. One of the things I have learned in visiting my mom is that one must even use the bottled water for brushing of teeth if not in a hotel.

  5. Hope yall have a wonderful and safe trip. Enjoy!
    Take care,

  6. Beth, I'm so happy the two of you are getting away. Have a safe trip and a wonderful time!

  7. Have a fantastic time. And when possible, step away from the laptop!

  8. Have a fabulous time. I hope you get to sleep on the plane. Take pics to share with us.

    Hugs, Rose

  9. Tequila is self-purifying... and if you drink shots, you won't need ice!
    Just sayin....
    Have fun... enjoy the layover in Houston! Eat at Pappadeaux's if you have time! It's in the airport!

  10. Hi Beth,
    Cabo sounds great ... enjoy!

  11. enjoy! get a tan for me!!!!


  12. Speaking from personal experience, tequila-fueled ANYTHING is a good thing!
    Have a ball!

  13. Never been to Cabo but I have been to Mazatlan which is right down the coast and they have wonderful seafood, especially shrimp! Big, succulent shrimp! Please mail me some shrimp! Okay, I'm under control again.

    Have a margarita or two, eat lots of shrimp, and enjoy!

  14. Wow! What an exotic destination!
    Have fun!

  15. That would be my plan exactly and has been at least once. Enjoy!


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