Monday, October 20, 2008


A short note before I get to a movie review. Based on a recent comment, I want to reiterate that while I may have differences with various candidates and their policies, I in no way want any harm to come to ANY candidate, and I do not condone any wish for such harm to be visited upon them. I just do not operate that way.

Now to the movie!

There wasn't much on last night, so we watched one of our new movies: "Desperation." (And no, it's not a movie about the McCain campaign. You knew I couldn't resist, didn't you?) Desperation is not a state of mind here, it's a desert town.

This is based on Stephen King's novel of the same name, and King also wrote the screenplay. It was released in 2006 as a TV movie...I'm not sure how we missed it! Maybe we were on vacation.

I thought it was a lot of fun, and it stuck fairly close to the novel--not surprising, since King wrote the screenplay. I can't imagine he'd enjoy screwing up his own storyline!

It begins with every road tripper's worst nightmare: getting pulled over in some desolate location by a cop who ends up being a complete and utter psychopath. But this cop is no ordinary psychopath...he inserts strange utterances into his conversations with his prisoners, words like "Can tah" and "Tak!" Something seems to be happening to him physically. Decay? Melting? Is his face actually...splitting?! Turns out he's not just psycho...something has gotten a hold of him. He's already thrown a few other travelers into Desperation's town jail, including a young boy and his family. David has been through a tough time lately, including watching his good friend almost die in a bicycle accident. David makes a deal with God that if his friend's life is spared, he'll do whatever God wants him to do. Another one of the prisoners is John Edward Marinville, a writer who spent time in Viet Nam as a war correspondent...and who has some demons of his own to confront.

As the questions begin to be answered, we find that the locus of the problem is Desperation's mine, known as the China Pit. After being closed for many years, it's been reopened, and there is a disturbing history there that has been awakened. Part of the problem is that whatever lives in the China Pit can take over various bodies until it wears them out and must find another host, as well as commanding various desert denizens such as snakes, scorpions, wolves, cougars, and coyotes, who keep our scared and trapped travelers from escaping the town.

Sacrifices will be made, and young David must face the pain of reality and loss. What will HE have to sacrifice?

I enjoyed it quite a bit. I really like Tom Skerrit, and it was a nice surprise to see Steven Weber (one of the brothers on "Wings") as one of the main characters. It was fairly cheesy, but as you all should know by now, I LIKE cheese in my movies! I'm also enjoying watching scary movies lately, because it's just that time of year. What am I saying? It's always the right time for a scary movie!

In fact, I see that Circuit City has its usual sale on movies, and they're heavy on the scary ones this week. Yes, I'll be making a trip to pick up a couple of my favorites: "Fright Night" (vampires!) and "Carrie" (telekinesis! proms! AGGHHH!), as well as one that I haven't seen yet, but I hear is pretty good: "1408," based on a Stephen King story and starring John Cusack. Haunted hotel room, anyone?

I love October! Or should I say...SHOCKtober?! Bwah hah hah hahhhhh!


  1. Tonight is movie night to in our home. After Mark returns home with the Hebrew Nations, buns, fries and Coke.
    We already have popcorn :)
    Hugs, Laini

  2. Mmmm... Kosher hot dogs... Yumm!

    And yes. That's a "Yum" with two M's. A good wiener makes me all verklempt.

    Anyway, I am not all that big of a fan of Stephen King anymore. His books have become something of a joke or a caricature of themselves. And, sadly, that seems to carry over into his screenplays.

    However, the film 1408, as predictable as it was, really turned out to be pretty damn good. But, that's the hit or miss nature of Stephen King, I guess.

    Now, I need a Hebrew National (which really does sound more like a baseball team than a hot dog when you think about it).

  3. Hi Beth,
    That's my kind of movie ... will have to check it out.

  4. I have the 'Fright Night' soundtrack on cassette tape! The song, 'He's A Good Man', is a regular on my running mixtapes!

    In the book, there is a line: The act of unbelief, willful disbelief, is Desperation.

    Not to offend anyone who chooses something else, but I can't shake that there is 'something' out there. I am not sure what you call it, but one needs to know that something is out there, and it is as real as anything random there is.

    The setting is one of my fave's, and Stephen King loves using the strangeness of people coming together for a united purpose. I never though it got its due, remembering that I read this and it's 'twin' 'The Regulators' because it was panned.

    I will have to look for the movie, especially since it had such a good cast!

  5. I've been watching the James Bond series on cable. The movies date back to the late 60s of all things. Anyway, nice review.

  6. I know what movie I'm renting this weekend. I totally haven't seen this one either and you know what a big King fan I am. Thanks for the heads up on this one. (Hugs)Indigo

    P.s. I'm reading believe it or not...just majorily swamped beyond belief. (Hugs)Indy

  7. Cool! Love scary movies! Shocktober!

    be well...

  8. I need to get back to reading more... thanks for the reminder

  9. My silly little question isn't about the movie, in fact, it's not about anything on your post... it's about your sidebar... both you and Ken are Ginger Snaps... I don't get it!!?? But those damn cookies are making me hungry, funny how I've never noticed them BEFORE!!!! LOL!!!


  10. Cool review!

    I noticed the gauge showing how much money you've saved since you stopped smoking. Congrats on quitting! Save all that money and go on a cruise! : )


  11. I love "Fright Night and Carrie! I love scary movies. I love comedy and scary, so I going to watch "Shawn Of the Dead", I love this movie! If you hav not seen it, check it out. It could be your cup of tea. I wish you both a wonderful day!

    Blessed Be,

  12. I spent the weekend watching horror flicks with the girls (we do this annually). I think the best one we saw was .... well.. actually, I don't think any of them were that great, but Jeepers Creepers was interesting as heck.

  13. I read that book and did not know a movie was made from it. I will keep my eye open to see it out and about and buy it. Love your reviews. XO

  14. wasn't that originally a mini series?

  15. LOVED the book, saw the movie, and it was good too, but there is still nothing like a good Stephen King book. I jumped in surprise when I saw the picture thinking OH NO I missed something! But then I remembered I had actually seen the movie once you said it was in 2006

  16. I am not into Stephen King's movies or books. But I did like the movie Fright Night. I havent seen that one in forever. ...hugs, Christine

  17. Oooo, that movie sounds good!!

  18. This sounds really familiar to me so I may have seen it. I was recalling scenes in my mind as i was reading your entry.

    Glad you enjoyed it!!!


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