Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Return of Guido

No, not the Guido you all know (and who has been so helpful in moving us over to Blogger). I've got a Guido of my own.

Dan (Guido was a nickname) and I met back in college, at Ball State. We lived in the same building, although it wasn't really a coed dorm. The guys lived on the bottom four floors, in Hurst, and the gals lived on the top four floors, in Mysch. There was a curfew, but there was also a fire door between the fourth and fifth floors. How long do you think it took for our friends in Hurst to disable the alarm? Ha!

Whew, we all had some wild times, let me tell you. Dan (AKA Guido) and his roommate Jeff (AKA Lance), Steve (AKA Leroy), and various other friends and characters...Paul and Pam, Andy and Little Sue, Shannon, Melanie (who ended up being one of my roommates when we moved off-campus), that crazy guy who bit off someone's ear (I think he died several years ago)...Barb, Sharon, I wrote to Dan the other day, sometimes it all seems like a blur.

I've lost touch with Dan off and on, but we're back in touch now. I'm glad we've remained friends, and we've had some good laughs lately.

One of them was over this picture. I have very few pictures from college, but my friend Sharon got this one of me and Dan in my dorm room. If I recall, this was right before the school year ended, and this was our last hurrah of the year. Gee, do you think we were having a good time? Dan has a look on his face like, "Damn paparazzi!" and I've got a look like I'm about ready to keel over. Notice all the pictures on the wall behind my bed. I had a bunch of the Police, and I see Jim Morrison and Peter Wolf of the J. Geils Band back there. My 8-track player is on the shelf above my bed, and Dan is holding an album. That would be a VINYL album.

Dan had never seen this picture, and when I scanned and sent it to him, he got such a kick out of it. It kind of made us reflect on that time, on how we've changed and where we've ended up. I'm very happy where I am at right now, and Dan seems to be happy, too. But looking back at our college days...I suppose that was really the last time I didn't really have a care in the world. Yes, I went to class and kept my grades up to keep my small scholarship, and earned my degree, but beyond that, a whole lifetime was ahead of me, and I felt that happiness was mine for the taking. As the saying goes, shit happens, and it happens to all of us...that's just part of life, and to be expected. To have those college years in which we made the transition from being kids to being on the verge of adulthood was, in retrospect, a wonderful gift.

I haven't seen Dan for a few years now--I think the last time was when I lived in Indianapolis--and maybe we can remedy that soon. He tells me that I don't seem to have changed much (he hasn't seen the white strands popping up in my hair and the laugh lines around my eyes!), but he says he's got a beard now, and salt and pepper hair that is more salt than pepper. Ha ha! Hard to believe it's been over 25 years since this picture was taken, and it's a little unnerving to realize that. But it's all good.

I hope you'll all join me in wishing my friend Dan a very happy birthday today. He turns 46 today, and I can divulge that because I'm older. Just a little bit. Only 50 days.


  1. Happy Birthday, Dan! I hope you have an awesome Birthday Week!
    Mine is tomorrow, the 20th! I'll be 42! Wait, why the heck am I excited about that?! LOL
    Over on, in our Classmates site, we've been having fun 'revisiting' old pics from highschool, the various 80's years (I graduated in 85), we've had so much fun looking at them! LOL
    Anyway, have a fun time!

  2. And a Happy Birthday to Dan(Guido) from me, too.
    I'll bet there are some of your readers who have never seen an album(vinyl) or an 8-track tape!! No intentions of making us feel old by that comment, just the facts, ma,am.
    :) Leigh

  3. I enjoyed viewing your days gone by college photo with your friend. You still look the same!

    Friends are the best! I keep in touch with my classmates daily since I started a Journal just for our class. They love it.

    Hugs, Rose

  4. Beth, here's my comment. Do you get my email? D

  5. It's always fun touching basis with old friend - Happy Birthday Guido/Dan. Hope your Sunday is being good to you. Take care,

  6. I LOVE the Jim Morrison picture, I noticed that first, sorry...then I looked at you and thought....gee she looks the same !
    Happy Birthday to your friend.
    I wish I stayed in a dorm when I had the chance, man that would have been cool.

  7. Happy Bday to Dan and to you, soon! LOL My 43rd is looming at me in November. Ack. Oh the memories of the 80's you stirred for me! LOL

    be well...

  8. Happy B'day to your friend Dan! I'm glad that y'all have reconnected after all these years!

  9. Sadly I have lost touch with all my school friends but it was 40 years ago

  10. my DH is also 46. Happy bday to your buddy from college. You looked like Pat Bentar! xo

  11. Such a cool '80s picture! I was already married with a 10-year-old then, but I sure remember that music (and those 8-tracks!)

  12. I just love old pictures! And vinyl older sister thought most of mine were devil worshippers (mostly the Kiss albums) and decided to save me from satan and she burned them all. I could have strangled her!
    Love ya,

  13. Happy Birthday, Dan!! And let me know how 46 is, I'll be going there in December!! LOL!!

    8-track players, and vinyl albums... WOW!!! I remember those well!!


  14. Your hair and eye makeup are very B-52's in that photo!

  15. Spooky:

    I want to wish a Happy Birthday to Dan! I'm glad you were able to have such a good friend, and that you have stayed connected. You really do look similar, but I think people age better, like a good wine. That is the case here.

    I still have my 8 track, and have a record player.
    I just picked up Men At Work's "Cargo",AC/DC's "POWER AGE", Golden Greats.Volume 1 "Dennis Yost And The CLASSICS IV, The Moody Blues "Seventh Sojourn,Another copy of CSNY "DEJA VU", and Disney's Favorites for MJ. It only cost me $5 and they were in mint condition, for vinyl this is good!
    I hope you have a wonderful day!


  16. Love the pic! Happy Birthday Dan!

  17. Beth, your blog item about me and the pic and life at Ball State was too cool and a great birthday treat! I figured your entry would be short and sweet. Silly me! The entry was great! And just as cool as the photo and entry were all the friendly comments from your friends about my birthday. The coincidence of my birthday and the photo and your entry have left me nearly speechless!
    To all who wished me a happy birthday, thank you Big Time.

    (Formerly Guido;
    Currently CatManDude)

  18. Well happy birthday the look on his face.

    Well Beth, I bet you have everyone under the age of....what, 25 saying what is she talking about...vinyl and 8 tracks!!!! LOL

    I remember those days, someone just asked me the other day if they still make 8 tracks. I laughed so hard I almost wet myself, ummmm...I don't think for like, 20 years now!!! ;)

    You look adorable in the picture!

  19. Only 50 days huh? Who's counting?
    Isn't it fun to reconnect with folks we have lost touch with. I have connected with several through classmates.
    Hugs, Joyce


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