Monday, October 20, 2008


I don't know if you all saw my friend Dan's comment, so I wanted to make sure you did:

Beth, your blog item about me and the pic and life at Ball State was too cool and a great birthday treat! I figured your entry would be short and sweet. Silly me! The entry was great! And just as cool as the photo and entry were all the friendly comments from your friends about my birthday. The coincidence of my birthday and the photo and your entry have left me nearly speechless! To all who wished me a happy birthday, thank you Big Time.

-dan(Formerly Guido;Currently CatManDude)

Thanks from me, too, for the nice birthday wishes for my friend. He got to see what a nice bunch you are. Hmm, he's a journalism major, maybe I can get him to start writing a blog...!

Do you all remember when we heard Karl Rove speak at the Economics Club dinner a while back? I wrote that even though it was Rove, it was pretty interesting, and I managed to not implode. Well, I had a note from Ken this morning that he got a pair of tickets for the next speaker, this Wednesday: Mike Huckabee.

If it seems like it's all about Republican speakers at this club, that's only because they can't have speakers who are currently in office, so there's a cycle of when an administration comes to an end, they get those speakers. Next year they're hoping to get Pres. Bush, and then Condi Rice. When the Clinton administration came to an end, they had Pres. Clinton and other Democrats. (I think before he announced he was running for President, they had Barack Obama.) It's definitely a conservative bunch, but they make it clear that they are nonpartisan, at least as far as choosing speakers.

I think I'll enjoy hearing Huckabee speak. I hear he's a pretty good speaker, and he impressed me a couple of times during the primaries. (When talking about allowing children of illegal immigrants to go to school, some of his fellow candidates said, in effect, no way, and Huckabee said, "We [the country] are better than that.") I'm also very pleased that this is happening just a couple of weeks before the election. It will be interesting to get his take on it. He has to know that things aren't looking good for their guy. Let's just hope the food isn't barfy this time, but I'm not going to get my hopes up!

Speaking of "their guy," I saw a video this morning of FoxNews's Chris Wallace interviewing McCain. Wallace asked him if he thought the choice of Sarah Palin was dragging down the campaign, or something like that. McCain said no, absolutely not, and "as a cold political calculation, I could not be more pleased." He went on to say that "she's a direct counterpoint to the liberal feminist agenda for America."

Dammit! He figured us out! For years, my sistahs and I have managed to keep our liberal feminist agenda (heretofore known as LFA) under the radar, but that crafty John McCain somehow infiltrated our ranks and now he's telling everyone about the LFA! Darn you, John McCain! [shaking fist] We would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you and your meddling!

This could ruin everything. All my early work with my great-niece might now be for naught. I started when she was just tiny, whispering things in her ear as she lay in her crib...things like, "Equal pay for equal work" and "Girls can be scientists." And it was working, too--she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. As soon as she got old enough to officially join the club, I was going to get my free toaster oven! (For each one we "turn," we get a toaster oven.) I've been trying to spread the word (quietly, of course), and I was doing so well that I was getting close to reaching LEFA status! (Liberal ELITE Feminist Agenda)

I just don't know what's going to happen now. I'm afraid we might have to go deep underground. But I shouldn't fret too much. We have an emergency plan for just such a scenario. I can't go into great detail, but have you ever seen the movie "The Stepford Wives"? Or do you remember the FemBots in the Austin Powers movies? Our contingency plan is based on that model. I guess I'm going to have to go shopping soon for dresses with Peter Pan collars, and Mary Jane shoes. A few years of that should lull everyone into thinking that there is no threat from uppity women who don't know their place.

So, John McCain, you get the temporary victory in this battle [she said as she stroked her cat], with your formidable anti-feminist Sarah Palin weapon. You've made me angry, and when Beth gets angry, Sheeba gets upset. And when Sheeba gets upset, people DIE!* But rest assured, the war continues. We won't give up, Mr. McCain. We'll be right here, watching you, and our struggle will go on!

*This is a joke. An Austin Powers reference, to be specific.


  1. Oh. I laughed my ass off at that McCain mumbling about Palin countering the uppity women and the "Liberal Feminist Agenda."

    I suppose when you're so blinkered and out of touch with modernity, you've got to create a shadowy, nebulous enemy with the ubiquitous "agenda" to make yourself look better or that you somehow have a purpose.

    Next up, John McCain tries to revive the Volstead Act.

  2. << I guess I'm going to have to go shopping soon for dresses with Peter Pan collars, and Mary Jane shoes. >>
    Either that, or we can go even further underground if we all disguise ourselves as men.:-)

    Can't wait to hear about the Huckabee talk. Should be interesting in many ways.

  3. McCain subscribes to the Phyllis Schafly form of women's lib...she of ERA destruction fame. She sacrificed her "womanly" role( stay home, have kids, obey hubby, don't really get educated, etc.)to go out in the world to get a law degree, lecture and basically slam women wanting a better life so that conservative women could do all those things she didn't. Pffft. McCain is a foolish clown who has zero respect for women...look who he chose for V.P! LOL

  4. I love the Austin Powers movies, I got a good chuckle out of that & the comparison. I have been told many times I should know my place...where is that again, I forget. LOL

    I don't know that George Bush will be too eager to do any speaking engagements right out of the white house...he may be nailed with a blob of mashed potatoes or peas or something.

  5. Huckabee's the one who joked to the NRA about Obama ducking for cover when a chair was knocked over. Among so many other awful things he said in the primaries.
    I hope he ex-fat ass has a heart attack while he's addressing you.

  6. Hi Beth,
    Sheesh ... I guess these latest comments rank right up their with his condescending/insensitive remarks during the last debate about "quote - health issues -- unquote" being used as an excuse for women to have abortions. I can't help agreeing with Colin Powell. A bunch of McCain's recent decisions -- especially the scary flip-flopping regarding how to handle the economy -- make me question his leadership ability.

  7. I think it would be neat to hear the Mike Huckabee speech; in my humble opinion, I think he is very intelligent and on top of that has a great sense of humor; I bet you/Ken will enjoy your evening there


  8. I can't wait to hear what you think about Mike Huckabee's speech. I sure hope the food will be better.

  9. Yes, not only do I remember ther Stepford Wives, and a flavorite (though the ending is rather creepy) I have been called one. ;)
    I think it has something to do with the longs skirt and headcovering.
    Love, Laini

  10. Drat, I was hoping for a Fembot video :o(

  11. I wanted Huckabee to press on further in the primary ... he stayed true and hung in as long as he could, to keep some of what he and his backers believed in the political discussion.

    And you know, I worried that Palin would re-energize the Hilary women ... don't get me going on how I saw her going down shaking out ... but Palin is someone who would get away with taking women back into the 19th century. Not to mention the two likely appointment to the Supreme Court that the next administration will likely make.

    Whoops! My little cart has left the track! I will keep reading back!

  12. Beth, this seems to have turned into a McCain/Palin bashing site (including your commenters) so I am going to take a little break until after the election is over.
    Hugs, Joyce

  13. I think it would be interesting, I jump at the chance to see any politicain speak. I hope you to have fun, and the food is good this time. Just in case it is barfy, eat a snack before you go, or put something in your purse! Have a good day tomorrow!


  14. Gee, McBushLite made another asinine statement, huh? He needs to ride off on some horse into the sunset on his AZ ranch and GET A CLUE.
    Glad to hear your Guido enjoyed your writing about him. XO


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