Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Man, did I ever score big at Circuit City today! I intended to only get 3 movies to flesh out, if you will, our horror movie collection, but they had some great titles! And I promise, I'm done buying movies for a while--we've got plenty to keep us occupied for some time! I even put one back--"Bram Stoker's Dracula." Good, but not one of my absolute favorites.

In addition to the classics "Fright Night" and "Carrie," I got the relatively new "1408," one I haven't seen yet.

They also had the remake of "The Hills Have Eyes" (haven't seen that one yet, either), "Hostel Part II" (the first one was really good and creepy, and this is the unrated version of the sequel...uh oh), "Thirteen Ghosts" (haven't heard much about that remake yet, but it looks intriguing...didn't a fellow Spotter recently write about this movie?), and I was thrilled to find another old classic: Clive Barker's "Hellraiser." I think Ken may not have seen that one, so that's a must-watch soon!

I LOVE Clive Barker's writing--it's some of the most unusual and downright out-there stuff in the past couple of decades. Much of it is more fantasy than horror, but he can ratchet up the Creep-o-meter as well as anyone, and "Hellraiser" is a great example of that. Pinhead and the other Cenobites are the stuff of nightmares. (Personally, I found Chatterbox and Butterball creepier than Pinhead, though.)

What is it with me and horror movies, you ask? Hey, thanks for asking! I'll tell you: I'm not really sure. I know that I've loved them ever since I was a little girl, watching the Creature Feature in our darkened basement. It's something that I have thought about before, because people have wondered how I can watch some of this gruesome stuff. I guess it's because I have a clear delineation in my mind of what is real and what is fake (Much like the "real America" that Palin is speaking about lately, apparently as opposed to...what? Faux America?), and I know that these things aren't real. I think it's the same reason why some of us find roller coasters so horrifyingly exhilarating...you're pushing the envelope, you're taking a risk, it feels as though you might die...but it's all in fun and it's all safe.

Watching a horror movie is like that for me. It's fun to get a little scared, have that rush of adrenaline, imagine how scary it would be to be in such a situation, but you're doing it all from the cozy comfort of your couch. You can turn the light on when it's over. It's an experiment in terror that is controlled by you. The fright is mixed with laughter, because you know it's not real, and you can laugh at yourself because you jumped when someone clamped their hand on your shoulder. (KEN!)

I think that's some fun stuff, and that's why I love creeeeeepy moooooovies. Heh heh heh....


  1. Clive Barker's novels rock . . Coldheart Canyon (hope I remembered the full title) was just awe-inspiring. Glad you like him!


  2. Clive Barker is another favorite author of mine. 1408 is great as is Carrie, the original don't really care for the sequel or remakes of that one. Thirteen Ghost is different..that's all I'm going to say since you haven't seen it yet.

    As for why I like reading horror and watching it...once you have survived some of the things I have in life, not much scares you anymore. Sad but true. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. 13 Ghosts scared the crap outta me. I saw it while on a trip, staying in a hotel, and that was the longest hallway of my life.

    I used to LOVE horrow flicks, but rarely do I have the chance to watch those anymore.


  4. Thanks for your comments in my blog. To be honest horror films dont do anything for me - I tend to look at them and look for all the flaws in production and make up.

  5. Hellraiser was on the scifi channel today...I tried to watch it but it was tooooo much for me! I used to LOVE scary movies now I am turning into a sissy!

  6. I like a good scare too, but I don't like the gory ones. I did those when I was a teen, though!

    be well...

  7. I love scary movies too. My all time Favorites are the Halloween movies; except 3 The Season of the Witch

  8. I have seen Hellraiser, but a couple of the others are new. Hellraiser was awesome.

  9. I can't watch most scary movies, but the one 13 ghost was on the other day and it was good.
    That pinhead dude is sure creepy,. would give me nightmares for sure.lol....

  10. I hate scary movies. Rick loves all the Hellraiser movies. My kids love all scary movies too.

  11. My mom saved the classics and I don't care to see any of them. I am so happy though that you SCORED!
    Enjoy and have fun,

  12. I must admit that although I know it's only a movie, it's always unsettling when my cat jumps into my lap at the eeriest of moment of the movie.


  13. I have been hearing so much about the Saw movies lately...have you seen all of them? They look really scary to me!!!!

    I used to love Saturday afternoons when I was young, my mom & I would watch all those old scary movies together.

    It is a fun to get a little scared. You can start renting out your movies soon!!

  14. Wow, you really did score!
    I don't watch many movies of any kind anymore, but I may just pull out the VHS tape of "really old" horror movies and have a Halloween movie night.
    I think the last horror movie I saw at the theater was the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", I know, really long ago!
    :) Leigh

  15. Ken, why do you let her leave the house unattended? ;)~ I'm not a big fan of the more cheesy (usually older) horror films. I can't help it. They just piss me off. Big boobed girl runs the wrong way every time, gets cut up into little pieces. I thought 1408 was pretty good. A movie I only watched once because it scared the hell out of me was White Noise. I don't know if it would scare anyone else but I used to see things in the snow on our tv as a kid. When it would get late, nothing was on and I would just leave the tv on for some light in the room and while I daydreamed, I'd be staring at the tv. Creepy stuff. There's also a group of people out there that does what he does in the movie, only in real life. Double creepy.

  16. I love all movies, but Horror movies are almost the best for the reasons you say. I like the cheese, but I like to turn the sound off on some of the older ones, and comment on them for awhile. They are a great escape from the horrors of reality, like most things you see on the news. Atleast you know there is no creature coming up from the toilet seat, or man with a razor claw coming to get you. There is no evil leprachaun looking under your pillow for gold, and there is no hate mongering running for President. Wait a minute, I think there are two, sorry about that!
    I hope you and Ken have a wonderful day tomorrow! I'm off to Ken's place.


  17. That is how I sucked it up to ride roller coasters, knowing that I would live, and the same with my Army experience.


    But I thought '1408' was a very good movie. Not into the 'Hostel' and 'Saw' stuff. Not really a 'horror' guy. At your suggestion, will read some Clive Barker, but where to begin?

  18. hope you enjoy your movies; got some good ones there; hope you enjoyed your evening with Mike Huckabee (I read backwards on entries I missed, LOL)

    have a good Thursday



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