Friday, October 24, 2008

I kid you not!

Specific Brain Protein Required For Nerve Cell Connections To Form And Function

ScienceDaily (Sep. 10, 2007) — Neurons, or nerve cells, communicate with each other through contact points called synapses. When these connections are damaged, communication breaks down, causing the messages that would normally help our feet push our bike pedals or our mind locate our car keys to fall short.

Now scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine have shown that a protein called neurexin is required for these nerve cell connections to form and function correctly.

The discovery, made in Drosophila fruit flies may lead to advances in understanding autism spectrum disorders, as recently, human neurexins have been identified as a genetic risk factor for autism.

"This finding now gives us the opportunity to see what job neurexin performs within the cell, so that we can gain a better insight into what can go wrong in the nervous system when neurexin function is lost" said Dr. Manzoor Bhat, associate professor of cell and molecular physiology in the UNC School of Medicine and senior author of the study.

The study, published online September 6, 2007, in the journal Neuron, is the first to successfully demonstrate in a Drosophila model the consequences that mutating this important protein may have on synapses.


You can read the full story here. I kid you not, Gov. Palin, or anyone else who might be interested!

Stupid, good-for-nothing fruit flies. Everybody knows they don't do anything except fly all over your house when you have cantaloupe rinds in the garbage can. Who cares if those equally good-for-nothing scientists have been using them for decades to learn about stupid junk like genetics. What a bunch of losers.

We've got 11 days to go before the election, and I am giving you ample warning, folks. I have just about reached my limit with this woman, and I'm not sure how much longer I can stay in control over what I write here. You can feel free to take a break from me for the next couple of weeks if you don't care to read it, but I've had it up to here with her ignorance about innumerable subjects. Her glib dismissal of the humble fruit fly--haha, can you believe those dumbass scientists, messing around with a bunch of itty bitty flies?!--which has been an invaluable research tool for years and years, has pretty much sent me over the edge.

Ignorance is not a plus in politics, despite what many politicians seem to believe. Ignorant people get by all the time in local elections...sometimes in state elections...and not infrequently in national elections. However, we're talking the potential vice-president of the United States here, and this woman is no more qualified to hold such a high office than is our cat Sheeba. In fact, I insult Sheeba. I apologize to our kitty. At least he'd sleep for 22 hours a day and stay out of trouble. This woman wants to be in charge of the Senate. She wants to do stuff. head...explosion is imminent...danger! danger!

I kid you not.


  1. Computer is acting up, so I couldn't watch the clip? I have been following Autism for some time, and this slipped by me! I think this is good news, and hope we can provide a definate cure soon. It has been a fear of mine that MJ, or any other kids in this world will get it. They say that if you work with the child continually, that if can almost be cured.That you must keep on it, and don't give up. You will see great changes, I have not had any one in the family have it, or a close friend, to tell me if this is true! I do keep hope alive for this and any other illness children can suffer from. I will continue to read your journal all the way through this election, into the next one. Don't forget we have other elections coming in the near future, and will be looking forward to them. I feel like you, we need someone who is more qualified, and who can make a positive change! Keep writing till your fingers blister, and the letters fade off the keyboard! Thank you for the info on this illness, and have a good evening!


  2. I simply can not stress how dangerous it would be for America to underestimate the unimaginable depths of Sarah Palin's rock headed stupidity.

    See those two ginger snaps over there on the right?

    Yep. Smarter than Palin.

  3. I've stopped reading several republican blogs because I can't stand to hear them talk about Palin. If I continue to read them, names will be called, feelings will be hurt so I just stopped. I would feel the same way if this woman were in the democratic party. I think I would have to become an independent if we ever had a VP that is THIS stupid. Everyday I hear something new about her that makes me think WTF were they thinking? I can't wait till this is all over but if they're elected, MY head might explode. Seriously, I don't know how I could take it.

  4. They give her one chance to speak intelligently on a policy issue she should be familiar with and she bombed. The folks at MSNBC had a field day with it.
    As one observer pointed out, 'she does not know what she does not know.' She's not intellectually curious and this story illustrates it perfectly.

  5. her hair looks like shit in that video. She has been in Ohio for days. Wish she'd hop a plane back to Alaska because she is NOT wanted anywhere near me.

  6. In this case being able to shoot a rifle doesn't equate with brains...sigh...a small echo of intelligence gives tough credence. Tough without any intelligence is just a bully who runs screaming when confronted with anything of relevance..

    Explains alot....

    Two weeks huh? *winks* this is going to be interesting. My computer might blow up with all the steam issuing. (Hugs)Indigo

  7. The more I see of Palin, the more I want to vote for Obama!

  8. She is a huge disappointment. I said it the moment he chose her as his running mate...
    "What the hell is he thinking"...apparently he wasn't.

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  10. The subject matter here was Congressional earmarks which is just another word for pork barrel projects. This year, $17.2 BILLION was added to various pieces of legislation which is a 337% increase over just last year. I did a little searching & I can't find anywhere where this particular earmark was for funding autism research. It went to Olive Fruit Fly research in Paris,France, but to qualify my statement, I haven't found the particulars yet.

    And the thing to consider about earmarks: their sole purposes is to buy votes for particular legislation or to repay campaign favors. The latest example is the infamous taxpayer funded bailout. The only way this passed was to buy votes with the earmarks. Most went for it, a few had some backbone and didn't bite. Any way you slice it, the intention to benefit anyone but themselves is simply not there.



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