Sunday, October 19, 2008

Get your red hots, right here!

Today in our local paper, there was an article about voter registration problems. Apparently there is a situation in Lake County (home of Gary) in Indiana, and the article went on to talk about problems with college students voting. Some kids are considered out-of-state students, but registered successfully to vote in Indiana, only to find that their student ID wasn't enough to qualify as the necessary ID for voting. (Indiana has recently passed a law that requires photo ID--driver's licence or other government-issued ID--for voting. I don't have a problem with that, and you can obtain free photo ID from the BMV [on the QT and ASAP!...sorry, I couldn't resist adding a few more acronyms], but I think a legitimate college ID card should also count.)

The article said that there have been attempts to allow college students to vote early, including on the campus of my alma mater (and Dan's), Ball State:

In Delaware County, Ball State University officials asked election officials to set up an early voting center on campus for the general election, but GOP officials objected and the site was not approved. Delaware County Republican Party Chair Kaye Whitehead told The Star Press of Muncie that a campus site could encourage voting by uninformed students easily swayed by freebies like hot dogs.

Exsqueeze me? I guess Ms. Whitehead (hmmmm) thinks that not only are college students a bunch of uninformed cretins, she also believes that students at Ball State are so hard up for food and so malnourished that they can be enticed by the prospect--and perhaps the aroma--of free hot dogs. Sort of like the Pied Piper, but with wienies.

Ms. Whitehead's comment has to be about the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I find it indicative of the attitudes of the party officials and administrators (not members...hell, I'M a registered Republican) that they would block the chance to let college students vote early, because they believe they're "uninformed" and "easily swayed" by something like free food. Are you kidding me? Free beer, maybe, but free hot dogs? Get real.

Here's some information for you, Ms. Whitehead. Anyone that is 18 years of age can vote, and it is not your job to decide if they are "uninformed" (or hard up for food). They have every right to vote that you do, and they have every right to vote early, just like you, and just like me. The fact that they reside on campus has nothing to do with their ability, right, or intelligence when it comes to voting.

This morning, Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama for President. Part of his thought process, as he explained it, was the choice of Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate; part of it was the negative tack that McCain's campaign has taken in the past few weeks; part was the reaction and bearing of the candidates in response to the economic meltdown; and part of it was that he sees his party trending towards exclusion rather than inclusion. To reiterate, I believe Powell's statements are his own condemnation of the GOP platform, not the majority of Republicans, and let me say it again: Beth <--registered Republican. Hearing a Republican county official say that college students are uninformed and swayed by free hot dogs actually makes me laugh. As Ricky Ricardo would say, "It's just so reeediculous!" Wake up!


  1. Good commentary and insightfulness. You're Republican? Couldn't tell with all your pro-O's all this time.

  2. I hate how you beat me to the punch. I was planning a post on how I *object* to early voting. My parents vote absentee for no damn good reason, as do many other people I know. Part of the democratic process is THE PROCESS and I think letting voting meander across weeks, or allowing folks to just mail in a ballot like it's Publisher's Clearing House, is a crock.

    That said, I doubt hot dogs would sway the votes of most college students.

    Colin Powell. . . I have no idea if his decision here was thought out carefully or just a whim, but either way I no longer care. Like another famous general who's political opinions were unwelcome, he should just 'fade away'.

    Finally, to echo Karen, your'e a Republican? I mean no sarcasm or offense, but it surprised me (although I think you mentioned it months ago). You seem very pro-Dem, not just pro-Obama, in your posts.

    Ah well, I live with a former Clinton worker (gag). I guess I can handle with reading a Republican who promotes Obama :)


  3. There are some who just have to make things as difficult and rediculous as possible. Isn't the objective to get the 18-21 year olds to the polls? This IS, after all, their first Presidential election. And alot of them are smarter than given credit for. I think the accomodation of allowing them to vote early in an environment where the ID is easily recognized and accepted, would encourage these students, and avoid problems at the polls.
    :) Leigh

  4. Hmm... I suppose if an argument was to be made to prevent these kids from voting, it would be that out of state students probably aren't all that informed when it comes to elections on the local or state level. For instance, a ballot could come up that is of no concern to them, and maybe they'd feel compelled to vote upon it.

    Still, it's a completely bunk excuse to disenfranchise someone.

    As for Powell's comments, I think they are exactly what the Republican party needs. and I'm pretty sure he weighed his decision quite heavily. His thought process as he explained it was quite detailed.

    McCain has lost all control, they've gotten run off track by their own desperation to the embarrassment of the GOP, and the party has been hijacked by Bush and this tedious, self-serving and relatively bigoted neoconservative crowd. If nothing else, it sends one hell of a message to those who claim to be Republicans and run this country into the ground that this is most certainly not what GOP should be about.

    I personally loved his comments about the Muslim soldier killed in Iraq. It was inspiring. Religion should be irrelevant in our government, and we're simple hypocrites if we condemn one religion while embracing another. As he said, that's not America.

  5. I'm all for anything that makes that voting line go faster!! I don't care When, Where, or How people vote, JUST VOTE!!!


  6. Yes Spotters, several years ago, I got the Beth to move over to the Republican side of the house :o)

    However, this year, with the nastiness and the poor selection of a running mate, and the poor standing America has in the world, we are voting Dem in the national election.

    All is not lost though, because we are both voting for Daniels in the state election.

  7. I used to be a Democrat, and have voted republican once! I belong to no party, and will never be a party to a specific party. I vote with my heart, and soul, not with dollar signs, or family tradtion. I only wish one day that we can all belong to a descent society, not this North/South, Red/Blue state, Rich/Poor ignorant thinking!

    The last few years, I have voted for who is least worst!

    I know that I might offend other people, but I wish the world could live as one. I think it is the right of the people in this country to vote, and not have others decide that for us! I loved this entry, and wait for your next one!

    You two have a great day tomorrow!


  8. Hi Beth,
    Not to sound jaded, but I doubt Kaye Whitehead really believes what she's saying ... being a Republican party official, she probably just wants to do her bit to limit likely votes for Obama. In this case, Whitehead sounds about as credible as McCain when he drones on and on about Obama's so-called "terrorist" ties. Rather than discouraging young people from voting, we should be grateful the younger generation is finally re-engaging. I hope it lasts.

  9. I gotta say that if Mr. Powell was running for President i would have no hesitation nor worries about him and would campaign for him but with the two i have to pick from i sit here 2 wks out and totally worried and undecided on what i am supposed to do. SIGH.

  10. Thank you Beth for letting me know it's ok to "cross over!" I have always been a registered Republican and have vote for Demos several times. It's like some big deal if other reps find out! And hey out there, some of us are forced to mail in! I said it before but don't like it. My precinct is all mail in for some unworldly reason. I have three grandkids up for their first election this year. Only one registered to vote and I know she was scared to tell me she registered Democrat! I laughed so hard...just vote I said, we will probably be voting for the same person because we are so much alike- and we are! Dannelle

  11. ROFL...cast your vote get a weiner.

    Now you can take this a number of ways...I'll let you decide. ;)

  12. This is such an emotional race. I will be so glad when it is over. And yes, I have already voted.
    Hugs, Joyce


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