Friday, December 19, 2008


HOLY CRAP! I'm on The Godfathers Yahoo group and just got the notice that they're bringing their reunion tour to the states.

YESSSSSS! [fist pump]

And as the lead singer promised me, they're coming to Chicago, and not just on any day...on Valentine's Day. It's a St. Valentine's Day Massacre show! And I get to go! I get to go! I'm not working, it's Valentine's Day, and oh yeah...I GET TO GO!!!

They're coming to your town, too, Dan. If you get a chance, I highly recommend them!

The American Return of The Godfathers

First US tour for nearly 20 years……

First ever Saint Valentine's Day Massacre show in the US!


Wednesday 11 Boston, MA-The Middle East

Thursday 12 Washington DC-9.30 Club

Friday 13 Cleveland, OH-The Grog Shop

Saturday 14 Chicago, IL-The Metro

Sunday 15 Minneapolis, MN-Seventh Street Entry

Monday 16 Milwaukee, WI-The Shank House

Wednesday 18 Hoboken, NJ-Maxwells

Thursday 19 Brooklyn, NY-The Bell House

Legendary English rock and roll band THE GODFATHERS explode back into the USA in 2009 with their first American tour in nearly 20 years. The tour includes a landmark Saint Valentine's Day Massacre show on Saturday 14th February at The Metro, appropriately in Chicago. This will be first ever Godfathers' Saint Valentine's Massacre show outside London since its inception in the notorious London Dungeon in the late eighties. The London Saint Valentine's Day Massacre shows have become legendary events in English rock'n'roll folklore and The Godfathers are delighted to stage the first American Massacre at The Metro. The tour kicks off on February 11th in Boston and then takes in Washington DC, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Hoboken before crash landing into the Bellhouse in Brookyln on Thursday 19th February.

I'm so excited, I'm shaking. I've been hoping they'd come to the states since they reunited last year, and I've been hearing rumors. I suppose I should back up a bit and say that The Godfathers are one of my favorite bands from the 80's, and although I've never had the privilege of seeing them live, I hear they're one of the best live bands you'd ever want to see. Here's the link to their biggest U.S. hit, "Birth School Work Death."

I went ahead and ordered 4 tickets--I'm hoping that Shane and a friend will be able to go, too. I'm as happy as a little girl! As Mark would say, Love and Rockets, man, Love and Rockets!


I sent an email to Peter, the lead singer, saying that I was thrilled to hear about the show, and asking if I brought a CD, would there be a chance that he'd sign it? He wrote back:

Of course I'll sign your CD!!

Looking forward to meeting up and pressing the flesh in person!!!

Saint Valentine's Day at The Metro is going to be a blast!!!!

AWESOME! He went on to wish me and my family a merry Christmas and happy new year. How cool is that?! Isn't it neat when people really appreciate their fans?


  1. I think I would like to sit and watch all the old Godfather movies, they were good. I loved the books too.
    Merry Christmas Beth Anne.

  2. Wow! That is great!!!! I'm excited for you!!1

  3. Should be a great time. Looking forward to a fun night :o)

  4. I think that is SO COOL that he acknowledges your e-mails!! What a great guy!!!

  5. sooooo...I guess you're pretty excited about this gig? Huh?

  6. I've never heard of them. Does that make me too young or too old? (wink)

  7. That is sooo cool! I don't know what band from my early burglary years I would want to see ... not into the Godfathers so much, but I can imagine the thrill of getting those tickets!

  8. yay yay and more yay beth!

    i was your level of excited the other day when i found out one of my bands was going to be within driving range on jan 9.

    the metro is an awesome place to see a show. i saw a ton of ska bands play there back in the day.

    now back to work...


  9. are you going to throw something at me when i tell you i have no idea who that band even IS?! LOL

    so happy that you get to see them since you love them so! XOXO

  10. I'm ashamed to admit this, but I don't have a clue who they are!!! But I'm going to follow your link and remedy that situation! Anyone that can get that kind of reaction out of someone has gotta be good!

    I'm so happy that you're so happy!!!!

  11. Very cool little lady very cool!!! Be sure to get some pics with him.


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