Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Desert Intrigue!

While I was putting together my Eggplant Parm, and while it's in the oven, I've been watching "Valley of the Kings" from 1954 on TCM. It's in exotic color, you know! Ken and I share a love for all kinds of movies (Star Trek, Bond, Mob, etc., etc.), but he's not all that much into older movies, and that's cool. It's not like I don't have plenty of opportunities to watch them during the day! When I saw this one in the TV guide, I had to watch it. Archaeology! Egyptian tombs! Belly dancers! The pyramids, and the pharaohs! Ra-Hotep! (Although it sounded more like Rahm-Hotep to me. Hahaha!)

I wasn't disappointed. When I was a little girl, I read about Howard Carter and his discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I grew up. When I went to college, I took an Archaeology course. I enjoyed it, but found out that it wasn't quite as glamorous as I'd thought as a youngster! But I've maintained a fascination with the subject, and it was a dream come true to see the Tutankhamun exhibit in Philadelphia back in 2005. And yes, it made me actually see some of the things that came out of his tomb, things I'd seen in pictures. Ohhhh, it was incredible.

TCM said that "Valley of the Kings" was the first Hollywood movie to actually film on location in Egypt. Breathtaking shots of the desert and the Pyramids...of all the places I'd love to go in the world, Egypt tops the list. Sadly, it's not a very safe place to travel these days, but I still have hope that one day I will see the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the museum in Cairo. [sigh]

While I'm eating, I think I'll watch "The Mummy." (Not the original one with Boris Karloff, although I have that one, too.) I'm in a Egyptian kind of mood tonight!


  1. There is a classic movie house up here, the Old Redford Theatre, that has a real nice vibe to it. They show classics there, and I am glad for the opportunity to check it out once more before I have an address change.

  2. I remember watching Valley of the Kings long ago and loved it - Haven't seen it in along time. Take care and enjoy,

  3. Funny things about movies. I love to go and eat popcorn and watch the flicks on the huge screen. If the movie is on the small screen I get bored with it. I do not think that Jurassic Park would have been as scary on the TV size screen.....Scary enought though...

  4. Sounds like an interesting movie, I have to check it out.

  5. you are very inquisitive...and smart. You hold many interests. Have you ever had anyone read your palm or cards or whatever mediums do? I can see you going along with it and i bet it would be interesting to hear what they'd say to you. I wonder what you were in a past life. Hmmm.
    my MIL loves all old movies.


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