Thursday, December 18, 2008

What lies beneath

Sheeba and I had a lovely little nap on the couch last night waiting for Ken to call. He had some major delays, but got there safely. I suspect there may be more delays when he flies home on Friday.

Today was a very nice day, even if fairly nippy. I had no problem getting out of the driveway, and before I left, I sprinkled some salt on the spot where I drive up into the garage, so I had no problem getting back in! Yay! Tomorrow will probably be another story, as we're supposed to get quite a bit of snow and ice tonight. I was happy to get my errands run today, so I can just hunker down at home tomorrow and not worry about getting out in the nastiness. Even though Ken is flying through Cincinnati rather than O'Hare, I'm afraid that there will be some delays all across the country due to Chicago getting hit pretty hard. I'll hope for the best, though!

After a quick trip to the Post Office this morning (I waited in line for ten seconds, tops--awesome!), I stopped by WalMart to pick up a couple of things. While I was there, I walked around a little bit and browsed. I had that weird feeling of wanting to be out and about, because I knew that I'd be stuck here tomorrow. It's not like I don't go for a few days at a time during nice weather without going anywhere, but just knowing that I won't be able to tomorrow made me want to be out today. Isn't it strange how that works? At least I didn't go into storm mentality and load my cart with bread, milk, toilet paper, etc...ha ha!

Oh, and my wrapping is finito! I did everything yesterday except Ken's stocking gifts, and I got that done tonight. What a relief!

I was looking at some old stuff yesterday and it got me thinking. This has nothing to do with any of you all, this is about people I've known in the past. Have you ever encountered one of those people who, on the surface, seems to be reasonable, nice, pleasant to talk to, okay to be around...only to find out later that they're more than a little loony? In fact, they might be downright batshit crazy. It really amazes me that there are people out there that can function at a fairly normal level, all the while harboring some truly twisted ideas and delusions. There have been some that I've even come to believe are seriously mentally ill, but are together just enough that they can function in normal society and relationships...for a while, anyway.

There have been times when people have warned me about a person, but I took the plunge anyway, much to my eventual dismay. There have been other times when I was warned and I remained on guard...good thing, because yep...batshit crazy. It's kind of scary to think that there are people out there who can hide their nuttiness so skillfully, but it does seem that it will eventually out. I always saw clues, but ignored them until it became so obvious that I could no longer do so. I learned my lesson, and if someone I trust knows the person and tells me to be careful, I take their advice and remain wary.

You never know what lies beneath.


  1. Yes, I have worked with people like wonder sometimes "Do you know how crazy you sound?" You think the are normal, what ever that is and one day POW something is really wrong.

  2. I'm generally a very good judge of a persons character (or the amount of crazy they carry around in their warped sense of reality) but try to give just about everyone the benefit of the doubt. I usually don't stick around too long if I think there's a hair too much crazy. I don't have the time, or patience to deal with the aftermath once I cut ties with that person. (you know the ones that just don't get that you think they're crazy and call you insistently for months, despite the fact that you eventually stop being nice all together) My husband tends to cross paths with the crazies more than I, probably since he works and I get to stay home. I'm always like honey, that person sounds like a nutjob.... sure enough three months later, husband is dodging phone calls. ;) Good luck with your crazy. Oh and word of advice, stay away from my MIL, a whole new brand of crazy there. ;)

  3. Bat-shit crazy?!? Me?

    Well.... yeah. But, I swear! It's the voices, Beth. I just do what the voices tell me to do.

    By the way, want me to pick up Ken in Chi-town and drive him home? I have a Jeep, so it shouldn't be a problem. Just don't get angry if he shows up drunk out of his mind with a can of baked beans in his hand and a stripper's name tattooed on his ass.

  4. I think most everyone is crazy most days, and I am the sane if it is the other way around? Me and my friends laugh about this alot.The whole world seems crazy nowadays, just watch the news.
    One can never be too careful with the company they keep sometimes..Live and learn is my motto.

  5. Hi Beth,
    I've definitely met my share of people who seem great at first, then gradually open up revealing some sort of "issue." But I don't think I've ever met anyone I would describe as "batshit crazy." Unless, of course, you count some of the loons I photograph on a regular basis ...

  6. I hope you don't get snowed in to bad and that Ken makes it hope safely. Some people are plenty smart but don't have any common sense. Those kind I really don't like to be around.

  7. hehe...funny you should mention that. you know, there are some seemingly "normal" bloggers out there and then there are those 'bat-shit crazy' (whateverthehellthatis)ones. so sweet and nice on the surface, but look out! it's so sticky sweet it's sick! oh, sorry, sounds like some nuttywood jun....oh nevermind.

  8. Some wierdos out there. Some I think you know quite well and others suprise you. Lucy

  9. There is a phrase for people like that ... it will eventually rattle out ... maybe you could call them 'functionally damaged. They operate unaware of the extend of their problems, and their level of normal is teetering between the edge of their lunacy and sanity.

    I happen to catch the 'anon' comment ... you are sooo lucky to have someone who cares so much about you ..! I really and SINCERELY mean that. To think that someone would devote the time and energy to read and write to you ... in many ways, its flattering.

    That is how I have always taken, 'hateration', as the kids say. I have something, do something that makes me special, and it arouses envy. So I know to keep on doing what I do, and tighten up. That is what the envy does for me, that is what jealousy does for me.

    The people that think 'this and that' (as if this and that is related) of me, don't understand the effort and the work that I have put in to get to where they are envious of me ... and they never will. Ooh, I guess I could have shortend this up, with 'face your fears ... live your dreams', but somehow it is deeper than that.

    On some profound, basic level, their ability to dream and accept the dare of trying to live their life, intimidates them, even as life works to help them see the good and positive things there are to living. I could go on, but the deal is, you can never find a solution to them, the gap between being rational and being irrational is too wide, and they will always, always tilt closer to the insane as opposed to being able to find the sanity and rational in something.

    They can't deal. Oh, and you won the long, thoughtful comment of the day award!!

  10. I've worked with people like you describe, "nightmare" good for you all your shopping done and presents wrapped. lover you photo, you could use it as a Christmas card!

    Take care


  11. I'm crazy, but it's nothing a little liquor and meds can't fix. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


  12. Hate to tell you this at this late date, but I'm pretty certain that I'm batshit crazy. However, I'm essentially harmless unless you are Denzel Washington whom I've been stalking for 25 years.

  13. Batshit crazy...hmmm....uh yeah...I knew, still know a few. (Holds up hand) I was certififable right before the family get together. Remind me to send you a joke Family letter Paul wrote in mockery of his sisters family letter (you know those ones, perfect family, perfect holiday, look at me, look at me letters). The scary part it's more true than not. It'll definitely get you laughing though. (Hugs)Indigo

  14. batshit crazy. I may borrow that....yes, honestly, i have met quite a few people in my lif that seemed more normal than me. Well dressed, bathed often, groomed nicely...and put two words in one sentence together nicely. Then they ended up freaking evil or selfish or a total ass....i come upon quite a few of these people in my line of work.
    We had freezing rain for 3 days....then rain...a tiny bit of snow and lots of cold. i hate winter! XOXO

  15. Oh yeah, I know the type! I love the expression batshit's fun to say.


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