Sunday, December 14, 2008

In space, no one can hear you caroling

Our breakfast for dinner last night was yummy! Ken was in charge of the eggs, because we like them over easy and I always manage to make them over hard. Ha ha! Bacon, hash browns cooked in bacon grease (as were the eggs), and 8 slices of buttered toast made for a low fat and heart healthy meal...NOT! We don't do that very often, so might as well really enjoy it. Oh, and we had champagne with it. Not mimosas...Ken said, "Why dilute perfectly good champagne with orange juice?" Good point, although on the rare occasion we go out for breakfast (usually when we're on vacation), it is fun to have mimosas! Tonight will be beef vegetable soup.

We got the tree up and decorated. It's good to have that done, because this week I can wrap Ken's presents and get them under the tree. It's always fun to put the ornaments on, because we've gotten each other some fun ones over the years. I'm heavy on the penguins and I Love Lucy ornaments, and Ken has a lot of golf ones. Other fun ones, too, like this one I got for Ken last year.

It's only logical that you should have a happy holiday, Captain. Ken hung this one low on the tree, and he said it looks like Spock is floating in space! Ha! Can anyone else say that they have a Mr. Spock ornament? Yeah, we're cool that way. That's just the way we roll. (That one was for you, Jamie!)

Here's one of my Lucy ones.

When you press a button, it plays a conversation between Lucy and Ricky, in which she tells him that she told her ladies' group that he'd put on a show for their upcoming benefit. You can hear Ricky on the phone, yelling in Spanish, and Lucy says quickly, "Well okay goodbye dear!" Makes me laugh every year!

Last night, we started watching "The Dark Knight," but Ken started snoozing, so we'll watch the rest later. (Give the guy a break--he got up early for a meeting!) I think Christian Bale is an excellent Bruce Wayne/Batman, and "Batman Begins" is my favorite Batman movie. I was very impressed with Heath Ledger's Joker, and I'd say that the posthumous Oscar buzz is warranted. Jack Nicholson played the Joker role mostly for laughs, but Ledger's take on it is much darker and creepier. I liked the darker tone of "Batman Begins," and they continue that in this movie (although we haven't seen the whole thing yet). Batman is one of our most tortured heroes, after all. And my personal favorite, by the way.

I didn't mention that Friday night we watched the remake of "The Hills Have Eyes." Oddly enough, that's a 70's horror movie that I've never seen, so I can't say if the remake compares to the original, but seeing the remake made me want to get it. I suspect that the original was much more shocking at the time (and it was directed by Wes Craven), much like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," and the remake struck me as a fairly typical and pedestrian desert mutant movie. (There are so many, you know!) Nothing really unusual about the movie, although the mutants were fairly gross. They became mutants due to nuclear bomb testing in the desert, and I found the test homes and mannequins set up by the government fairly eerie and creepy. Don't worry about seeing it if you aren't a horror movie fan. If you are, it's nothing extraordinary. Watch it with the lights off to optimize what little scare factor there is.


  1. My kids would love to change the theme on the Christmas tree each year to be something different and one year we had an "I Love Lucy" Theme going....with Desi, Fred, Ethal and we found little Ricky playing the drums! It was hysterical! Mine were not ornaments...they were the actual dolls and very expensive. Well, they are now in my curio along with my doll collection.

    I love your I Love Lucy Ornament! Where in the world did you find a Spork ornament??? Too cool.

    Glad you have your tree up. Putting the ornaments on is the fun part.

    Hugs, Rose

  2. When we are camping DS#1 always saves the bacon grease for the home fries. We usually do it at least once a month, if not more. One thing I've been blessed with is low colesteral . Enjoy your soup. It is always good on a cold winters night.
    'On Ya'-ma

  3. I can't believe I missed dinner. Breakfast for dinner is my favorite. I put my over easy eggs on top of my potatoes....that way the yokl runs in the potatoes. Gahhhhh....I'm salivating. LOL

  4. Hi Beth,
    Yum ... breakfast for dinner. However, somehow the reverse -- dinner for breakfast -- sounds repusive. That is, unless you're talking about cold pizza.

  5. Ok... here's my kids' favorite dish that I cook...

    cook bacon (however much you want) in an iron skillet while parboiling some cubed potatoes

    after the bacon is finished, cooked the potatoes in the bacon grease

    when the potatoes are crispy, drop eggs on top of the potatoes and cook to desired doneness (you can finish it off under the broiler)

    top with shredded cheese, chopped scallions and bacon

    it's the greasiest mess you've ever eaten and we might have it once a year... but my kids LOVE it! it's one of the few requests I get.

    Love the Lucy ornament!

  6. I made waffles for dinner last night. That's one thing about being an adult ~ you can eat what you want, when you want to. I love the Lucy ornament. My son's new GF love penguins too.

  7. Doing insane jerky's over, it's over...oh holy mother of...I'm exhausted but it went over easy as pie. I'm off the hook for a few years now. Yes!!!

    Love the ornaments and the fact you don't have a running theme, just put up what you both enjoy. I'll post pictures of my latest tree soon. But right now...yawn...I' clean up a bit...and go to bed....very early. I've been up and going since last evening. (Hugs)Indigo

  8. Eggs cooked in bacon grease ... as if there were another way to cook them!

    I am so behind on the Batman movies ... the 'Hell Octoplex' just doesn't do it for me. To do what I did yesterday, in the ice and snow going to the Main Theatre in Royal Oak from the 48227 on my bike ... it HAS TO engage me, because it would be a long ride to think I went out to see just anything!

  9. I am totally in favor of breakfast for dinner, although mine usually consists of a bowl of cereal when I'm feeling really lazy.

    I also approve of crazy, meaningful Christmas ornaments. I have boxes of things, each of which reminds me of a time in my life, but I'm not having a tree this year, so maybe I'll just get them out and do some reminiscing.

  10. It was a yummy dinner, so comforting it put me in snoozeville :o)

  11. i like breakfast for dinner, especially pancakes and sausage.

  12. I'm more an old fashioned Christmas tree decorator. I like old fashioned ornaments and candy canes and colored popcorn chains. Yours has much more character, I will say.
    Hugs, Joyce

  13. I told my husband I wouldn't be putting his presents under the tree until Christmas Eve. He is way too good at guessing them and it takes the fun out of it for me. The first year he ever had a Christmas, he was able to guess 90% of his presents. Mind you this is a guy that didn't have years of childhood to practice this skill, it just came naturally. After that year, we went to great lengths to disguise any and all presents that were addressed to him.
    I'm coming to your house for breakfast from now on. Mmmmm, heartattack in a pan, nothing better. Which is why we don't do it often either. ;)
    I thought Bale should've gotten a great deal more credit for his role in the batman movie. I thought he was wonderful and the movie would've been severely lacking had he not been in it. Yes, Heath was unbelieveable as well but that didn't make Bale's role any less important. He MADE that movie what it was. If not for Bale, I don't know that Heath would've gotten the amount of praise he did. It just takes a good caste to make a movie that intense.

  14. We are not putting up a tree this year since we will be traveing over the holidays. We have most of the vehicles from the Star Trek franchise, does that make us cool too? LOL.

  15. Glad the breakfast dinner was good. I love the ornaments! I love buying ornaments for christmas gifts. Linda

  16. I think I would enjoy going through your Christmas tree looking at all the ornaments. I love to go to peoples houses and snoop through their tree and see what Christmas personality they have going on.....

    Breakfast for dinner is always the best in my humble little opinion and I'm happy to read others do it as I do~~
    Take care now,

  17. My sweetie's favorite meal is a
    Mama's breakfast at Cracker Barrel any
    time of day. A rare treat as he is
    diabetic but he sure looks forward
    to it. I try to get there at the time
    to order lunch for breakfast.
    I liked the Batman movies. Not too
    big on horror films but we saw the
    remake "The Day the Earth Stood Still",
    last night and I enjoyed it. And I
    watched "The Last Mimsy" this morning.
    Building tolerance but do not expect
    to ever be able to watch Chainsaw flicks.
    Your tree sounds so cool. Enjoy.

  18. I love your ornaments, especially Mr. Spock! He is my favorite Star Trek character, Mr. Data ranks a close second. Give me men whose emotions are stunted every time!

    I agree that Bale is an excellent Batman and his two films are my favorites of the series. Haven't seen the remake of The Hills Have Eyes but the original made me yelp a few times!

  19. i like your tree ornaments....any of them that talk would be cool. Having breakfast for dinner is always cool too. OX

  20. I love your ornaments especially the Lucy one. They are just darling. Your breakfast sounds like a feast and yes, why would you dilute perfectly good champagne!!!

  21. ymmmmmmm. bacon. i happen to be a big fan of the bacon. that would be one of my fatal flaws as a vegetarian...

    glad you all got your tree up. i am working up a heck of an entry...soon...soon. work is killing me between preparing for the holiday extravaganzzza and my classroom parties with my regular kids and with the kids i tutor.

    *whew* 4 more days and vacaville is mine!


  22. "Ethel...Lucy...I'm ho-ohm-mo-SEX-ual!"


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