Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vegas plans, and the danger of assumptions

I saw five bluebirds at our heated bird bath today! They and the other birds seem to love it in the wintertime, and I see the bluebirds more in the winter than I do in the summer. They're so pretty.

I got something done today that I really needed to get done. Now that we got the tree up and the bins of wrapping paper out, I got the presents wrapped and packaged to send to our friends Kimberley and Steve (we're meeting up with them in Vegas). The question is, will I be able to get out to the Post Office tomorrow? It's snowing fairly heavily at the moment, and Ken leaves for Kansas City (They got some crazy little women there, you know...anyone who gets that reference gets the gold star for today!) tomorrow afternoon. So if I get stuck in the driveway, I'm stuck until Ken gets back, or until I'm melted out, whichever comes first!

I also had fun today researching our Vegas trip. I'm not trying to be our group travel agent, and I'm very flexible about where we go, but I always like having a few ideas in mind before we go, and I've got the time to do the research. We love going to downtown Vegas, and I read that the seafood buffet at the Fremont got excellent reviews from travelers, and is half the price of places on the Strip. So that's a definite possibility. Ken and I loved the Golden Gate (also downtown, and the first hotel in Vegas!) and plan on playing some blackjack there, as well as picking up one (or three) of their shrimp cocktails--they're the ones who originated the cheap Vegas shrimp cocktail. They have a neat little restaurant there called the Bay City Diner, so that's another possibility. Our Cirque show is at the Mirage, and it turns out they have a Brazilian barbecue restaurant there, a carnivore's delight! So that's a maybe before the show. There's a place called the Peppermill Inn, a lounge across from where the Stardust used to be (RIP Stardust). The review said that the ambiance was 70's era Dean Martin...! I wanna go there!

But the best bit of news came late this afternoon, when I got an email from my contact at the Neon Museum. They have restored a handful of classic Vegas signs (including the original Aladdin's Lamp at the Aladdin) and those can be seen downtown. However, they also have what is called the Boneyard, a few acres outside where they keep all the signs that haven't been restored yet. They are open for tours by appointment only, and they were unsure of their hours after Christmas. Erin emailed me that they had a couple of tours both Tuesday and Wednesday, and which tour would I like? Happy happy joy joy! I'd resigned myself to not getting to see it this time, but I was pleasantly surprised! I've written about my love of signage...this place has some of the Vegas icons, like the light-bulbed slipper from the Silver Slipper. I'm as happy as a little girl!

Another topic. I've mentioned before that if someone tells me that I have to do something, I'm more than likely to not do it...just because I'm ornery that way. Mark says he's kind of the same way, and calls himself a "contrarian." I like that. I think I'm a contrarian, too. But if there's anything I like less than being told what to do, it's being told that I would feel or think a certain way in certain circumstances.

Fair warning: don't make assumptions about me. I have many different opinions and many different viewpoints, and some might surprise you. If, after reading my blog for a short time, or even at length, you think you know everything about me...my feelings, my thoughts, my opinions, and my reactions...you are mistaken. If we read each other for a while, I believe we get a pretty good idea of how we feel about certain things, but to assume that I think a certain way about a particular topic is not only presumptuous, it is patronizing.

A person's thought processes and psyche cannot be summed up by a blog. There is always more than meets the eye. If you really want to hear my opinion on something, email me at Luvrte66@aol.com. No promises that I'll share my opinion, although I have plenty, but that would be the place to start. Assuming that you know what I would feel or how I would react is foolish, and telling me, not asking me, what my thoughts would be is condescending. I may be as happy as a little girl, but I'm not one, and don't need to be told that I would or should behave or think in a particular way.

Life is much more complex than that, as are people.


  1. "I'm going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come.... They got some crazy little women there and I'm gonna get me one." How's that for a gold star?

  2. I get a gold star too!!!! I just watched a whole series of shows on Vegas on the Travel Channel (yeah, it was a slow night LOL). Looks like such a great place.

    Hope you aren't snowed it - we've been getting some snow & ice as well. Is it soon summer? LOL.

    I would never assume to know you (or anyone else for that matter) by reading their blog. I must have missed something, as usual.

  3. I was able to get your car turned around for a dash down the driveway incase you must go out :o)

    Great news about Vegas, looking forward to a fun trip.

  4. Is the crazy lady part a line from the film, 'Kansas City' with Burt Lancaster and Sue Sarandon? That is my guess!

    I haven't been in Vegas since the 90's, which may have well be thirty years ago. I like the stuff you mentioned here, and will keep your tips in mind should I get out that way anytime soon!

  5. did someone upset you?
    i wanna go to Vegas so much! Everyone around me LOVES it there and they try to go once a year and we have never been and everyone tells me i would love love it. So, i can not wait to hear about your trip. We have a huge ice storm here and i have to drive in it in an hour! Phooey!!!! Wrecks everywhere and my city can not afford salt. Phooey again.
    I hope you have a safe trip to the post office. XOXO

  6. I've never heard of a heated bird bath. I should have one of those!
    Enjoy your night.

  7. The Beatles "Love" show is awesome- bring a tissue, my brother and I were ballin' by the end! (Feel good ballin's in a "we love our life" kinda way!)
    I think I may just have to go down to the Revolution bar and have a 'tini right after I check out the newly rebuilt volcano they've just fired up!

  8. Snow sucks. I was out at my OB appointment when it started to get REALLY bad out. I don't like driving in a dusting of snow, let alone this crap.
    I know what you mean about people assuming they know exactly who you are by what you CHOOSE to show them on a blog. I actually have family members that seem to think they know exactly who I am based on some sarcastic comments I may make here and there on my blog. Years ago, we had a huge falling out because they assumed a few too many times about the person I was based on comments that can be taken slightly different in text than in person. It still irks me to this day to be honest and I try never to do the same with others.
    If you get too terribly stuck, I can send my husband out to get you moving again until Ken gets home. ;)

  9. I had the best burger and fries at the Golden Gate's restaurant in September! Huge, and so yummy!! Oh, and cheap! I love Fremont Street...so much to see! My cousin and I got some frozen margaritas from a bar set up on the mall, and it kicked out butts! Just 1! They were also having some kind of music fest and people were dancing away! I like the strip, but its more pretentious, or I think so anyway!

  10. I am bummed that I missed a chance to see the Star Trek Experience the last time I was in Vegas. Kim and I did take in a Cirque show though and that was fabulous. Enjoy!

  11. Gold star for me too. lol. I love Vegas. Haven't been for about 5 years now and probably will never get to go again as I'm just not able to travel like that anymore. Sounds like you are looking forward to it.
    Hugs, Joyce

  12. ....and I'm gonna get me some.

    I hope you don't have any trouble getting out tomorrow. Be safe!

  13. Hi Beth,
    I'm in Vegas in a couple of weeks ... maybe our trips overlap? I'm there for a convention.

  14. Checks under Beth's bonnet to see where the bee is..(winks) I know I haven't been around in a bit but it does sound like someone stung you the wrong way dear one. As for the "you don't know me, as well as you think you do" I feel the same way quite often. Assumptions are easy to make about a person. Getting to know them is a whole new ballgame. In our case I would say we've both been pretty right on, then again we email all the time too.

    Sorry to hear your not visiting the boneyard. Sounds so like you and something you would definitely enjoy. Sounds like all your plans for Vegas are coming together. Hope your able to make the post office safely hon. Looks like Ken tried to make it easier for you. Love ya...don't let the know it alls get to you. (Hugs)Indigo

  15. The Peppermill Inn sounds fun! I know Dean Martin was a lush, but I still kinda have a little 'thing' for him...LOL (What is it with me and alcoholics?! omg....rofl)

  16. "Goin to, Kansas City, Kansas City here I come - o yea - they got some crazy lil women there and I'm gonna get me one" ah memories!

  17. O wow, I see Laurel is my age lol she got it only cause she's quicker. Ok how bout: "Way down in Louziana cross't New Awleens..." maybe I should try that on Mrs. Rte 66 LMBO she'd get it. Beth honey you just look waay too young! All the kicks I got on Rte 66 wouldn't make a teenager blink in these days, lemme tell ya.

  18. The Trip sounds like it's going to be funI'm so jealous...lol, hope you get out tommorrow and the snow is not too bad.

    Take care


  19. WOW A heated bird bath, I would love to be a bird near your house.....


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