Thursday, January 29, 2009


This morning I had a message from the Godfathers over on my Myspace page. (They're the band from the 80's that I've always loved and they reunited and are playing in Chicago on Valentine's Day, for their traditional St. Valentine's Day Massacre show.) The note was from Peter, the lead singer, and he said that after the show at the Metro, they're going to have an after-party. He and maybe some of the other guys in the band will be DJ'ing, and there will be pizza and beer. He invited me and anyone who is with me--how awesome is that?! Free beer! Ha ha! Seriously, what a nice thing of them to do for their fans, and how cool to sort of hang out with them. I hope it works out that we can do that, but of course, I won't be the one driving. That is still to be determined, but it will probably be either Ken or Shane.

Okay, that's the music portion of our program, now on to TV/films.

Ken and I were rather disappointed that "My Own Worst Enemy" on NBC tanked and was canceled so quickly. We really like Christian Slater, and really liked the show. But things are looking up, as we seem to have found another one that we're both really digging: "Lie to Me," which is on Fox, right after "American Idol," and stars Tim Roth.

The premise is that this doctor (a psychologist, I guess, played by Roth) assists law enforcement in solving crimes with his expertise in body language. It's kind of an interesting area to me, and I enjoy reading things about body language and "tells." (That's big in poker, because everyone has a "tell.") For me, what really sells the show is Tim Roth. I don't know that much about him, other than that he's English, and I've liked him in everything in which I've seen him. I may not like his character, because he plays a lot of slimeballs, but I think he's a great actor. Quentin Tarentino does, too, and put him in "Reservoir Dogs" (as Mr. Orange) and "Pulp Fiction" (as Pumpkin, the robber in the opening scene).

I thought this was a good description of him: "With lean hangdog looks that make him a natural for the criminals and fringe dwellers he usually plays, Tim Roth has the uncanny and incredibly effective ability to make sleaze look sexy, or at least raggedly photogenic." (Rebecca Flint, All Movie Guide) I'd say that he has that sort of intensity that I always enjoy seeing in an actor. The show gives rise to some funny moments, too, when he reads his colleagues or they try to read him. Can you imagine working with or being around an expert on body language, where you know that every little muscle twitch or minute eyebrow movement is being noticed and analyzed? It would certainly make me feel self-conscious!

So if you get a chance, I hope you'll give it a try. I think it's interesting and a lot of fun, and I hope it does well. Hey, I just saw you raise your eyebrow! Does that mean you're interested? Or disdainful of my endorsement? You think the show will fail, don't you? You think I'm silly for liking it.

Yeah...I got your number. I've got you pegged. You can't fool me.


  1. I've watched 'Lie to me', since the first episode aired. I even managed to pique Paul's interest in it. I agree with Roth having the ability to make sleeze appear sexy. Not exactly my camp...but it works for the characters he's played. I'm delighted you and Ken like the show as well.

    I've got an email winging your way after this...(Hugs)Indigo

  2. I have watched both episodes, and it has become appointment tv for me!

  3. Congrats to you on your invite to the after show party... You'll have to let us know how that goes.

  4. We will find a way to do the after concert party, that will be a first for me :o)

  5. I am liking that show, I find it really interesting.

    How cool you've been invited to an after party! I wish Bret Michael would see I am a fan on FB and invite me somewhere...anywhere...Bret...are you listening?? LOL

  6. go on and party like rawkk stazzwith your bad azz selves!

    i dont watch too much network tv but if i am around i will check it out.


  7. I went to the movies and watched "Pulp Fiction" and walked out and asked the person i was with, "did you GET that?" and they said "oh yes" and did not elaborate. I shut up, not wanting to say that i was freaking LOST thru that whole movie. Then i watched it on DVD again and well, i still did not get it. It took a friend of mine at a concert years later to explain it to me. I was drunk that night and it all made perfect sense.
    I had "Lie to Me" on my DVR but erased it since i can not keep up. Now i wish i had kept it. XO


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