Thursday, January 29, 2009

Odders and Enders

I just heard about the hackers that got into a traffic sign and reprogrammed it to display things like "Zombies ahead! RUN!!!" and "Nazi Zombies!"

Hahahaha! Okay, I totally do not agree with hacking and think it's wrong and dangerous (Remember what happened with WOPR in "War Games"? Bad!), but I have to say that is damn funny.


Memo to Ted Haggard: Dude? You're gay. Get over it.


Things were going pretty well today...I did my workout, took out the garbage, and tried to clear the driveway off a little bit so I can get out tomorrow (knock on wood). It's not bad, and Ken takes the truck to work so no worries there, but even a couple of inches can be a problem for the Mustangs. I really want to get to the grocery store tomorrow and get all the fixins for our Super Bowl Feast, and I hope the weather cooperates. I know Ken doesn't mind going on Saturday, but I'd rather we don't have to worry about it and can just enjoy the weekend.

Later on, though, I started feeling a little sinus congestion. I often have that in the mornings, but it clears up later on. Not today, and I think I've somehow managed to catch a cold. What the heck? How did I get exposed to a cold virus? Ohhh, I bet I know. It was at the Notre Dame game, and I bet those Marquette fans sitting behind us spewed their virus-laden saliva droplets all over me! [wink] Oh well, at least I don't have to dread catching a cold the way I used to when I smoked. It would always turn into bronchitis and linger for a month or so. I hope to be healthy by the weekend!


The Illinois Senate is voting on Blagojevich's impeachment even as I type. It's unanimous so far. Honestly, what was the guy expecting? And 40 of 59 have voted so far, and that's enough to do it. I really do think the guy has some kind of delusions of grandeur, and could very well have delusional disorder. His constant insistence that he has done nothing wrong and his recent media blitz is just bizarre and crazy. He's out as governor, they're seeking to ban him from ever holding office in Illinois again, and soon he will face a federal criminal trial, and probably be convicted and sent to jail.

Do you think "The View" will interview him from his prison cell? Me neither.


Remember when I wrote about one of our state representatives and her efforts to stop funding for Planned Parenthood offices in Indiana? I wrote a letter to her and I got a response today! Pay attention, boys and girls. This is how we duck and run:

Dear Beth R,

Thank you for contacting my office with your concerns. I am happy to be of help whenever possible.

I have forwarded your concerns to Representative Niezgodski so he is aware of your issues since you reside in his district, District 7. I am sure Representative Niezgodski will be more than happy to help you with this and any other future issues.

Once again, thank you for contacting me.


Jackie Walorski
State Representative

I'm not kidding, I was so disgusted when I got that, I just wanted to HURL. I don't give a rat's ass that she's not MY representative--she is pursuing something that affects MY state and its inhabitants, attempting to do something that I strongly disagree with: cut off funding to a needed organization. How incredibly arrogant and irresponsible to ignore her own actions and pass it along to another Representative! Why not just say something like "I have taken your comments under advisement and will proceed accordingly." Even if she doesn't change her mind, at least she could acknowledge her own behavior, and maybe, just maybe, think about the greater good of the state and its residents!!! GAHHHHH!

It's that kind of bullheaded, clueless arrogance that makes me crazy. "You're not in my district, so I'm going to ignore what you said." Even though it's an issue that affects our entire state, not just your district. And yeah, I'm tagging you on this one, Walorski, and I hope someone in your office finds it. I may not live in your district, but I know plenty of people who do.

I haven't heard much more about this issue, so I'm hoping that it died the quick death that it deserved. Just in case, I'll write to my Representative tomorrow, tell him about my letter and the response I received, and urge him to not back Walorski in her efforts. I suspect I'll find an ear that is a little more willing to listen on this issue, because not only is he my rep, he's a Democrat.


  1. They indicated the he Blago even had delusions of running for President (he believed he was on the fast track). How sad.

  2. Blago is just odd. It's been fascinating to watch. I agree with you about your "not" representative... she should have said something less dismissing.

  3. I love the Zombies sign - I have to say I think that kind of hacking is amusing.

    I have to say that Blago is really something else - I think they should give him a psyche exam. He does seem to be on another planet.

  4. Hi Beth,
    I'm glad to see you tagged your entry with Jackie Walorski's name, meaning that when folks "Google" her, this whole exchange will come up. Jackie, "my friend," get a clue: You're not my representative, either, but you can't simply pass the buck and expect no one to notice. Not today you can't, with all the great online tools that are available to get the word out. Who knows, maybe one day soon you'll wake up to find that a "Wake Up Jackie Walorski!" movement has been established on Facebook. Oh, and no need to thank me for the advice: "I'm happy to be of help whenever possible."

  5. But Beth, you don't vote for Walorski. Now, if you promised to get your friends together and go over there in disguise and vote for whoever is running aginst her next time, she might listen. State Schmate, it's her own choir and congregation she's concerned about converting.

  6. Beth, politically savvy as you are, you couldn't have been surprised by the reply you got. (Just me, being helpful when/wherever possible.) lol

  7. can you see people in the cars driving by that sign turning their head back and forth going "huh..where are those zombies?!". A coworker moved here from San Diego in a new Mustang last year and the first time we had snow in 2007 he totalled it. Poor kid. He said to hell with Ohio and went back to his favorite beach in Cali.
    did you see Condi Rice on The View the other day? Pathetic softball interviewing...i think Barbara went to sleep in the middle of it and i thought Condi would slap Whoopi when Whoopi called the ex Prez, "George". She said "do not call HIM George, it is Mr. President..even I do not call him George".
    Gee, Condi...if only she knew what i call the man.


  8. I am glad for you and your actions regarding Planned Parenthood and the Rep. Walrus or whatever her name is. That is buck passing, and she knows it.

    Worst, it is the dismissing of a citizen whom she affects through the legislative process. Arrogance is the least of her problems. Who knows how much wrong headedness has been a part of her decision making?

    IMO, it also reflects on the people she represents, as they elected her. Wonder how effective she is at that?

  9. Go buy that Neti Pot for you Sinus issues! It works. Just a saline solution and clears you up in no time providing you do it a couple of times during the day.

    Hugs, Rose

  10. Aw man, I hate always being the buzzkill around here, I really do. But why *should* she care? People in Iowa might have a vested interest in what happens in NY, but that doesn't mean a rep there should listen to them; his/her job is to represent their district, not the citizens of another. I'd be annoyed if Gwen Moore, our Congresswoman, acted in response to complaints/concerns from, say, Madison or Green Bay.

  11. Did you see Blago on The View. It was hysterical. I could hardly contain myself. Especially when Joy told him to do his Nixon impression with arm's in the air saying 'I am not a crook'. He wouldn't do it of course but it was priceless.
    Hugs, Joyce


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