Monday, January 26, 2009

Sports and food

Can't have one without the other, can we?

I don't have to cook tonight, because we're going to the Notre Dame/Marquette basketball game, and we'll grab a bite to eat there. Even if we were staying home, I wouldn't have to cook because I've got so many leftovers in the fridge! I made a roast chicken with vegetables yesterday (everything turned out great!), and I've probably got enough stuff in the fridge that I won't have to cook much this week.

Even though I'm not cooking, food is on my mind as I start figuring out what our Super Bowl spread will be. I have to say that I really don't care much about the game this year (sorry Lisa, or anyone else who is a fan of either team!), but we always enjoy watching the game (and the commercials, of course), the half-time show (Brooooooce!), and chowing down on all kinds of snack foods.

I think we'll splurge a little and have some cold shrimp, and I think I'll try a few different things along with the usual cheese, crackers, etc. I'm going to try Myra's stuffed bolillo rolls, and I bet they'll be really good! In the interest of health, we'll do some fresh veggies and then make them unhealthy by dipping them in blue cheese dressing. I think I might do a hot cheese dip, and I'll do my baked brie with caramel and almonds. Avocados are on sale, so I think I'll make some guacamole, too.

I think we'll even have some champagne. Come on over, it'll be a party!

Wow, I am starving! Ha ha!


  1. Tinnnnnnyyyy Buuuubbbbbbbllllleeess :o)

  2. All that for just the two of you, or are you having a crowd? Sounds good. Now you've made ME hungry!

  3. Nothing like thinking ahead...already got the food, the drink, just need the crowd! I'm there!

  4. Argh, I should have looked for you in the stands. I watched the great ND/Marquette game and actually planned to blog about it. What a suffocating D by my hometown Warriors, er, Golden Eagles, eh? Sorry your trip ended in a loss tho'.

  5. Hi Beth,
    Sounds like quite a spread ...!

  6. Be careful what you're offering. I'll show up with a kid hopped up on sugar and another that only poohs, cries, sleeps and eats. ;) And then I'll run like hell for the front door.

  7. how cool that you do not have to cook for a few days....i hope lots of people buy lots of Super Bowl food at my store this week to help us make a profit. I went yesterday and there were SOME good buys but not enough.XO

  8. I'm in. What time will the party start. The food sounds great but I'm not so sure about your weather. lol.
    Hugs, Joyce


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