Saturday, January 31, 2009

Now THIS is more like it!

Yesterday, I wrote to my representative, David Niezgodski, and received a reply a few moments ago:

Thank you for your comments.

I too believe that in this instance as in others that Rep. Walorski attempts to take an extremely harsh method of taking action. The situation did call for immediate attention. In this case these workers are no longer employees of Planned Parenthood. Other steps do need to take place to ensure that this type of situation can no longer take place.

Planned Parenthood however fulfills a much greater need within our communities. I believe that they accomplish a great deal of good in areas not directly dealing with abortion. I believe that she is leading an immensely uphill battle.

Once again, thank you for your comments.

David L. Niezgodski
State Representative HD7

Thank you, Rep. Niezgodski. I also see that you're working on a Saturday. It sounds like Walorski doesn't have much of a chance with this issue, and will have a fight on her hands.

It also sounds like there is no love lost between my rep and Walorski!

The really interesting thing in this email was that it included a note from someone who apparently checks emails as they come in and forwards them to the representative as needed. The email was from this aide to Rep. Niezgodski:

Unless Representative Walorski sent this to you directly, I do not seem to find anything in my records that the email of Ms. Riches was forwarded.

A-haaa! Busted! Not only did she not acknowledge her efforts in this whole thing, she LIED about forwarding my email! I can't say I'm totally surprised, but how funny to bust her on it. I'm glad I included the text of my letter to her in my email to my rep.

I know this is a minor issue for anyone who doesn't live here (I think it's a huge issue for Hoosiers), but to me, it's indicative of a broader mindset among so many politicians. That sense of "I know better than you do" and "I'll make the decisions here," no matter how their constituents feel. No, Walorski is not my rep, but my concern is for the bigger picture of what happens in our state, my concern is for the greater good and health of our citizens. She seems to have her own agenda, and I truly question her concern for the health of my fellow Hoosiers because of her pursuit of this. Her easy dismissal of my email and her lie that she forwarded it to my representative shows me that she is nothing more than the stereotypical condescending politician who wants only to further her career and cares nothing about the well-being of the residents of her state.

Hey, I wonder if she's watching "Lie to Me?" HA!


  1. The good thing about all of this is that the Reps are at least engaged and are responding. Much better than your letter a few years ago to the Mayor.

  2. Hi Beth,
    The beat goes on. I can't say I'm surprised that Representative Jackie Walorski first gave you the brush off, then lied about sharing your e-mail with your representative. I don't even live in your state and I've already developed an intense dislike for the way she handles things. Hey, Walaorski, you're called a "Representative" for a reason ... you are supposed to be "Representing" people in your state. That means you have to listen to them.

  3. Not to correct you, but the bigger issue for the Hoosiers, is how long will it take Tom Crean to rebuild the program?

    Actually, this is one of the examples of ham-handedness in dealing with constituents. There is no reason for a public servant to be disconnected from any member of the public, no matter where they live. It also says to me, that she is not only a crap legislator, but hires crap people as well.

    You know the old saying ... if you follow an ugly kid home, someone ugly will prolly open the door for them ... same here. Crap employees mean crap employer.


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