Friday, January 30, 2009

Why care?

After a rough (and early) start this morning due to head congestion and drainage, I curled up on the couch for a while and dozed. That seemed to help a little bit, although I'm still a weird combo of stuffy and runny. I finally had to take a decongestant because I just couldn't stand it anymore. I try not to, because that's one of your body's ways of clearing the virus, but I got tired of the constant slow leak.

I really didn't feel like going out, but I'm a trooper when it comes to getting stuff for our little Super Bowl party for two! All went well, we're well-stocked, and I was thrilled to find actual bolillo rolls for Myra's recipe! I figured I'd just get some hard rolls and use those, but there they were: Mexican bolillo rolls. I got a lot of stuff, but our grocery bill was probably saved by the fact that I had little appetite, so I only got one "special" cheese (smoked Gruyere) rather than 3 or 4!

Are you like me when you get a cold, and lose your appetite? Do you know why? I read a statistic once that said that when a person has a cold, they swallow about a quart of mucus a day. No wonder you're not hungry--you've got a full stomach! I can't remember who it was at work that got so grossed out by that happy little factoid, but someone just hated it whenever I brought that up (was it Alissa maybe?). So of course, I brought it up often. [evil chuckle] Believe me, it's not easy to gross out microbiologists, so I jumped at whatever chance I got! One of the classics was taking something over to someone (I recall using a keyboard that someone had spilled a specimen reeked), holding it out, and saying, "Hey...smell this." It was amazing how many people would actually smell it!

My decongestant is starting to kick in, and I'm glad. I need to get a little righteous indignation going--fired up! ready to go!--so I can write my rep, and while I'm at it, I think I'll write back to Walorski. My pal Milwaukee Dan #3 wondered in a comment why she should care what someone in a different district thinks. She should care because she is attempting to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood across the state, not just in her district. Her efforts would affect people in my district. So that makes ME care.

I haven't read anything in the paper lately about this (Maybe Milwaukee Dan #1 has heard something...? Know of anything, Dan?), so I did a search for Walorski and Planned Parenthood, and guess what? She's on Blogger! ROFLMAO! Yep, she's a fellow Spotter. She doesn't update very often, and hasn't done so since January 9. Perhaps I'll exercise my right of free speech and leave her a comment. I don't know if I even want to bother, though. It's not my policy to debate with other bloggers--their blogs, their right to an opinion--so I'll probably just write an email. But check out her blog if you get a's worth it just to realize that the female mullet is alive and well and residing in Lakeville, Indiana. Hee hee!

Oh, and she's on Facebook, too!


  1. Sorry you aren't feeling well. Don't forget the chicken soup... it is supposed to be one of the best things you can do for a cold. Hope you are better and enjoy all that good food Sunday.

  2. I'm glad you started feeling better near the end of your post. Keep it up! You need the strength to fight the good fight against Walorski! May she become pregnant with octuplets! :-)

  3. Ok, but because I took a friend of Dad's food shopping today can I mention that some people were buying frozen FIFTY count bacon bit cheeseburgers for Super Bowl Sunday? Total cholesterol for the average adult should be less than 200mg/dL. Good cholesterol (HDL) should be less than 50mg/dL & bad cholesterol (LDL) should be less than 160. Triglycerides should be less that 150. Please get blood tested people. I'm just sayin'.
    Thanks for the welcome back to blogging ~Mary

  4. Which Milwaukee Dan am I, again?

  5. That mucus statistic snot funny :o)

    Good old Jackie has a whopping 6 followers.

  6. Oh, Ken beat me to the punch about her followers. ::giggles:: I didn't bother to really read any of it.
    Should have gotten some Zicam while you were out, hope you're still feeling better. It is funny about the mucus, though, I would have said that our sense of taste is affected and that dulls the appetite. Course, I'm not a scientist!

    :) Leigh

    Have fun with your snacks on Sunday-Go Cardinals!

  7. This dan from milwaukee is not aware of any new details. A search of the trib in the past week came up empty.
    I fully encourage you to give Warlo some hell!

  8. I would post something on the Rep's journal were I you. I am not, and I may do a comment.

    I subsituted ground beef for the ham ... knives and I are not really on speaking terms, so cutting up stuff isn't my cup of tea. They got eaten, and what more can you ask for.

    May be hard to get to MB's, but not hard to get to me. Yuck!

  9. I hear you on the cold front, and all beacause some daft woman was coughing in the train on Tuesday when I went up to London for the day...bah

    anyway feel better soon and have a nice superbowl party.


  10. good luck with getting all cleared up for your event!
    I hope that you are feeling much better very soon!
    tell us!

  11. Ewe! I'm with Bucko- the mucous stat grossed me out! I'm telling you, gurl, get you a netti pot! Google it!
    Meanwhile, Mucinex® is a miracle product! Just remember to drink lots of water with it!

  12. OK Beth! I'm grossed out. Ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!
    Don't hold back girlfriend. Just say what ya think. lol. Hope you feel better soon.
    Hugs, Joyce

  13. I don't have an appetite when I'm sick, because I can't BREATHE and if I can't breathe I can't eat, because then that blocks the only way I have left to breathe.... LOL!!!

    Anyway, I sure hope you are feeling much better for SuperBowl Sunday!!!!

  14. i hope you feel better by sunday so you can enjoy all your snacks!

    i am also sick of being sick and having weird cough syrup induced dreams. gave your recommendation a quick look see...tops!


  15. dang it I have to type it again LOL ~ but what I said (which apparently I didn't type it right or something) was I hope that you feel a 100% by tomorrow, if not that maybe 85%?? (smile) one of the best things about superbowl is the food!! thanks for being a friend, albeit cyberly :) Blessings, Teresa

  16. Hi Beth, I hope you are feeling better. Joe has the same problem with his nose. I alwaYS wonder iof it is some of the meds he is on for his heart. Take care and I think my orchid is looking better already.

  17. Hi Beth I hope the decongestent does its job and you will start feelin better soon. Big day tomorrow!
    Take care Lynne

  18. That mucus fact seems about right. I've been dying for a week and a half...and lost 5 pounds. Heck yeah. Then again, I would kinda like to breathe again. meh.
    can you believe the only decongestant that REALLY worked for me got taken off the market so they could 'reformat' it. Tsk. i'm guessing they'll reformat it so much that it won't work.


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