Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blogging: Not for the fainthearted

I'm feeling quite mellow, so I'm thinking we won't have any fireworks here today. Of course, the day isn't over yet! Don't push my buttons, Anons, and spoil my mellowtudiness!

I've been at this for about two and a half years, and I'd say I've been pretty lucky in not attracting too many loony, stalker-types. Well, not too many that make their presence known, anyway. Lurking is not the equivalent of stalking. (That one was for you, Jimi!) I've also been fortunate in not getting a lot of nasty comments, although I've had a handful. They're actually fairly entertaining at times. I know some people will delete comments and not address them, and sometimes that's necessary. I think you have to take each one under consideration and go from there. Hijacking someone else's blog in order to further your own agenda is not cool. I want to say, hey, write it on your own blog!

I'm more of the type that prefers to drag those anons out into the light of day, kicking and screaming like the toothsome, pasty-white bloodsucking fiends they are. I can't help it...I just kind of have fun doing it. Basically, my feeling is that anyone who hides behind anonymity is a puling little coward who deserves whatever they get, and they may very well get an earful if they try it with me. Chances are, if you leave a nasty comment using your screen name, and you have a profile and a blog of your own, I'll leave you alone. At least you have the balls to come out of hiding, although I probably won't take whatever bait you're dangling. But most who write nasty comments will do so anonymously, and for me, that is fair game. It's go-time, Skippy!

I'd like to tip my hat (if I were wearing one) to everyone who writes a blog and keeps at it. It's not always easy to write regularly, especially when you work. A lot of people may post only once in a while because they're so busy, and that's understandable. I think it's great when people don't give up and keep going. I've seen plenty who decide on a whim, "Everyone is doing it--I'll start a blog!" Only to get tired of it, or bored with it, or be distracted by something else ("Hey look--a quarter!"), or else they get frustrated and give up, then start the whole cycle again. Another example of the hobby-of-the-month club mentality, I suppose, being unable to follow through with something before becoming bored with it. And remember: boredom is not an option!

So to all of you who have the sticktoitiveness to keep writing, the tenacity to not give up, who love putting your thoughts to the screen if not the page, and who have a thick enough skin to put up with some of the inevitable nasty comments, here's to ya! Huzzah!


  1. I always picture the anonymous trolls camped out at a computer in their local library wasting the day away anywhere that allows them to leave a comment. Moral indignation seems as good as alcohol when it comes to getting the nerve to ramble.

    Then again, I think I'd rather have the occasional whacked out commenter than none at all.

  2. I couldn't agree more I Started writing for myself never believing I'd make so many friends and be allowed to glimpse into other peoples lives. As for those who leave nasty comments, well they can be quite amusing but I just feel sorry for them and another unfortunate side effect to the trolls is that it oftens stops others from blogging.

    Good post


  3. I like blogging ..time goes by so quickly it is fun to look and see whaT one had going on a year ago.

  4. Hi Beth,
    My wife introduced me to journaling/bloggin two years ago, & I started mine July '07. I've loved it ever since. I just wish I had more time to put into it & not only post more, but visit around & comment.

    It's always open season on Anons with nasty comments - & you never need a license!!!


  5. I usually have "blogging diarrhea". Can't shut up. Post three or four times a day. Yeah. Maybe I need to go to Bloggers Anonymous.

  6. I have found that I enjoy blogging, & I have met many new people that are now my friends including you! I enjoy getting their comments as well.

  7. We're glad Nutwood did not turn out to be a hobby-of-the-month kind of thing. I do think some of your political commentary could easily be recycled into an old fashioned guest column with the local newspaper. I'm sure they'd appreciate it!

  8. It's been little over 2 years for me, my readership just grows and grows...including those nasty little bobble heads that have this undying need to keep tabs on every little thing I do. Lately I've been stretched a little thin, branching out, hopefully I get the hang of it soon.

    I can't imagine not writing. It's never going to be a daily thing for me, however it's mine in whatever form it is. By the way I'm so snagging that graphic for a future use. It's awesome!(Hugs)Indigo

  9. I would never want to spoil your mellowtudiness,'s too mellowtudy, too cool.

  10. my two year is 2/25.

    i cant believe how much has changed since then. thank god that change is a catalyst for good things too!

    i think if the trolls like those fatty tissue growths...disgustingly squishy and not necessary but a pain to remove.


  11. I love writing daily. It is good for me and sometimes good for others. I started out with the intention of keeping my family in touch with each other and have wound up with some wonderful friends that I'd never met otherwise. As long as the computer keeps on working, I'll probably keep on.

  12. I am really good at procrastinating, but your post has invited so much guilt that I intend to devote more attention to my journal. In my defence, there are lots of reasons why I have been lax, if I could remember what they are.

    Take care...((hugs)).

  13. Hey that's a cool word-mellowtudiness! I have on occasion created a word or two to express just what I'm trying to convey to the reader.

    I love 'blogging' even if I don't post as often as I had originally intended or would like to.

    I've enjoyed joining your readership, comments included!

    :) Leigh

  14. I love blogging ever since my daughter introduced me to it. I have met wonderful friends including you on it.

    I love, love your graphic....I'm snagging it if you don't mind. It is great.

    Hugs, Rose

  15. Sticktooitiveness is not my problem! I'm totally addicted! If someone tried to take my blogger account away I'd probably become a murderess! Then my new blog would be called "Drag Queens in Prison..."

  16. Hi Beth,
    I feel an old Olivia Newton John song coming on ... "Have you Never Been Mellow(tudinous)?" Arrrrrrrgh ...

  17. Hey! I want to start a blog too! It' going to be the bestest, most intelligent.... oh look... a quarter!! What was I saying? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  18. Ok, never mind... I'm going to start a diet. Everyday I'm going to exercise, eat right and.... wait... is that cake? Hmmmm.......

  19. You deserve congratulations, not only for your intrepid and unflagging daily blogging, but also because you read a long list of other blogs and manage to find time to respond intelligently to so many of them. That, in itself, is quite a feat. I've certainly enjoyed getting to know you and Ken via cyberspace.

  20. you have a good attitude about the troll....or trolls. Your blog is very informative and interesting and most gravitate towards it. I always look forward to whatever you write. It CAN be VERY difficult to blog when working. HUGSANDLOVE

  21. Personally, I'd rather watch someone smack a troll around with their own words via an entry then know someone is dealing with one, but trying to lay low and ignore them. Guess it's the fighter in me.
    I've been blogging for...well...5/6 years I think now. For the first two years I was quite loyal and as regular as the sun coming up everyday. I also visited peoples blogs almost daily and truth be told. I ran out of gas and had to reclaim the time I was devoting.
    So, I now do things at my pace which is sporadic and unpredictable. I do wish I could devote more time, but it is what it is now and I do my best. But at least I never threw in the towel~~
    I do admire those who post regularly and keep up with other peoples journals!

  22. This was a super cool entry! It does take a lot not only to write, but to be conscious in the comment portion, and really reading other's journals.

    You know, I sorta long for someone who wants to be 'Anon' and make their misanthropic (sounded like Dr. Doom rite there!) observations. I think that it would encourage me to grow and remind beyond them, but I am not so lucky!!

  23. And here to YOU for such a great and inspiring entry.

    I had an email recently from someone telling me there aren't any buffalo in PA and I am basically lying about seeing them. Hmmmm, wonder what I've been feeding & bonding with for the past 10 years. Hahaha. I ignored the doof, we'll see if they comment on my latest entry with the video of my "imaginary" girls.


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