Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let me represent you

Whew, I feel like I'm about ready to pop. Our cookout food turned out great, with moist and tender burgers, moist and tender potatoes and onions, and crunchy and crispy cucumbers and onions. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky! Very pleasant for sitting outside on the deck, and we had a great visit with Ken's mom and stepdad. I'm feeling really sleepy, too, so it won't be a late night for either of us! Ken and I were just laughing about how pleased his stepdad (a retired police officer from Geneva, Illinois) was to find Old Style beer in the store up here! I hadn’t even thought about it, but we’re close enough to Chicago that Old Style is in our local stores.

Before I forget, has anyone else experienced problems leaving a comment here? My pal Laurel emailed me and said that she's had difficulties leaving a comment. It seems that we're all having problems of one sort or another here lately, and it would seem to be either AOL or Internet Explorer, or both. I've had no major problems since I switched to Chrome, but I still have problems when I'm in AOL checking mail. Does anyone have any comments or insight?

Most of you know about the Nielsen ratings, right? Have you ever wondered just who these "Nielsen families" are, and why they get to dictate what happens with TV shows and their ratings?

Well, wonder no longer.

Meet the NielsensThat's right, yours truly and her dear husband received a notification this past week, and a phone call this morning, and for one week in July, we will be a Nielsen family. We'll receive our booklets (one for each TV) soon, and we'll track our viewing habits. I've honestly always felt a little left out, and harbored a secret desire to be a Nielsen. It looks as if my wish has been granted, and for one brief, shining moment, Ken and I will represent TV viewers all across the country.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Bwah hah hah hahhhh! If I have anything to say about it, by this time next year, you'll all be watching "I Love Lucy" and "Star Trek" reruns, documentaries about ancient Egypt, Route 66, and infectious diseases, CNN, and an endless loop of Mafia movies. You’re welcome, and…enjoy!


  1. Hi Beth,
    Wow ... congrats on being a Neilsen household. I'm with you on all choices except for the infectious disease programming. Then, again, who knows, maybe thanks to you that sort of programming will catch-on.

  2. As a child we were a TV ratings household, filling out journals each day as we watched TV. Twenty years late, in 2007, Neilsen asked Lisa and I to be one of their households. But since we were in the process of moving (and would leave the zip code they wanted) we had to pass. Good luck, and have fun!

  3. We were a neilson family a few years back. I believe I was pregnant with Jasmine at the time, sick as hell so I spent a lot of time just laying in front of the tv. They probably wondered who was watching reruns at 3am and then getting up at 9am (to puke) and watching a few hours of tv, sleeping a while, watching more tv. It's really easy to do, you just have to remember to fill it out at the end of the day. I was a little sad when it was over as I had just gotten the hang of remembering to do it. haha I do Neilson online now. I'm not sure if you have to be invited or if anyone can do it. It just tracks your movements online to see which websites are popular. I don't care as I'm not looking up anything too terribly odd. haha

  4. Whatever you do, PLEASE do not watch "The Fashion Show" (AKA "The Fashion NO") on Bravo during your Nielson stint. That show deserves to die a slow and painful death...


  5. BTW - I had no idea the Nielsons were so incredibly sexy! :)


  6. they once wanted us to be a Nielsen family when my kids were small but i had to turn it down because i worked....if only you could write them and say "BRING BACK WITHOUT A TRACE!". lol
    You and Ken look so cute.
    Little things in life make a person the happiest, i swear....i am glad the stepdad found his favorite brew. So cool to hear you all had a glorious day together....that is what summer is all about.
    AOL sucks...and my Firefox is just as bad on FB for some reason. Phooey.

  7. I have had to fill out one of those thingy's when I was with the Mook's ... I have issues when I use AOL to sign on when I leave comments. It doesn't go thru the first time, but the second go 'round it does.

  8. My daughter and her husband were a Nielsen family a couple of years ago for a full year. It was a big deal to get it set up because they had people come to their apartment twice, once to interview them and once to install all the equipment. So, Sarah figured it was going to be a big pain in the patoot, but they said that after a month or two, they pretty much forgot it was there.

    Sounds like yesterday was great at Nutwood!

    Ok, if you get this, you'll know that my ability to send comments has been restored.

  9. I really do not know what or who is to blame for people having so many problems. I have heard IE8, AOL, and I alweays blame all my problems on my self and not knowing that much about the pc. Plus I know I am pushing my computer to the limits.

  10. YES!!!!I love I love Lucy :) No complaints here :)
    Your cookout sounds wonderful and I love that picture of you and your big guy :)

  11. Oh lordie! Please, please dear heart don't take away my NCIS, Burn Notice, House, Monday night RAW, Friday night Smackdown, Monk, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, or any such things!!! :)

    Oh, and I did have a problem the other day, but I resubmitted and it was fine :)

    And it just happened again - I'm using chrome btw - my guess is it has something to do with google log in?

  12. Beth, please don't force us to watch all those blood and gore show that you like so much! Please!

  13. How fun! I bow to your power!!!
    Cute pic!
    And no problem leaving a comment!

  14. Almost as exciting as a new phone book :o)

    Channeling the Jerk here, maybe there will be a rerun of that movie on during our week.

  15. I was a Nielson once, long time ago... I was even paid a whole FIVE bucks bribery $$!! Then I moved and they couldn't find me again... DARN!! LOL!

  16. A Neilson family? You've turned the dark corner of deciding what we watch bwahahaa...seriously congrats! It's seems the problem has been mainly IE (go figure I mention them in good graces and they turn faulty). If you view blogs and Reader with firefox there isn't a problem. (Hugs)Indigo

  17. I got one of those to fill out during the Olympics one year. I was glad to let them know that I'm obsessed with the Olympics and watch all I can but sorry not to get to check all the shows I watched regularly.

    Have fun with it! It's sort of demanding!


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