Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Calling all queers! And those who love them!

Homophobia Sorry about another post today, but I'm not sitting idly by on this one.

A religious website has posted a story about the President declaring that June is LGBT month. They include such lovely comments as this one, from some "pro-family" activist:

This proclamation talks about the entire radical homosexual agenda that Obama supports -- including homosexualizing the U.S. military [and] federal so-called 'rights' based on homosexuality, which will impinge on the religious freedoms and freedom of conscience of other Americans.

Ahh yes...the "radical homosexual agenda." Then there's "homosexualizing the U.S. military." (Since when was "homosexualizing" a word?) I'm sorry, but....

Hahahaha! Yes, the President's goal is to make sure that every person who enters the U.S. military is either gay, or will soon be recruited to being gay. (What is the incentive again? Isn't it a toaster oven?) Do such websites have any idea of how idiotic they sound? Maybe that can be a new threat: I'm a-gonna homosexualize you! Look out, here it comes...shazam!

Oh, and riddle me this, Batman: how does the right of gays to marry and the right to be free of persecution and discrimination infringe upon my rights, or anyone's rights, to religious freedom and "freedom of conscience?" It doesn't! That's right, you can believe whatever you want to believe! You can hate on whoever you want to hate on...but you have no right to harm them or discriminate against them because of their sexual orientation. Period. What part of that don't they get?

I have just about had it with this hateful rhetoric and ridiculous drivel that is being spouted about those who are guilty of...what? Loving someone?

I have a modest proposal. If you feel the same way I do, visit the website, and read the article if you want, but definitely vote on their poll. Tell everyone you know, and let's all do our best to make sure that we make our voices heard! C'mon everybody, let's go skew us a poll! Who's with me?! [running out of the room, screaming]


  1. What a bunch of asshats they are!
    I'm hoping that in attempt to complete the "homosexualization" of the military, they up the ante and start to offer something bigger and better than toaster ovens! I need a new washer and dryer!

  2. Pure craziness ::shaking head::

  3. Hi Beth,
    I read the article and was surprised that it wasn't more inflammatory than it was. Obama's quotes in the article seemed in my opinion to build a very solid case for: "Let's just live and let live ... with dignity all around." I find it hard to believe people could be against that. The poll, of course, didn't offer that up as a possible answer. No doubt the "pollsters" prefer to make the issue seem more black and white than it really is ... all the better to stir-up hatred and "appeal to their base."

  4. Stupid people are funny...and a wee bit scary.

    That said, I do love to screw a Pole, I mean, skew a pole.

  5. When I voted, it was 46.81 percent in favor, 30.9 against.

    Things like this, this kind of thinking comes very close to requiring a similiar kind of response. If I didn't know better, I would say that these folks were like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz ...

  6. So far so good: almost 75000 responses, and almost half the vote is for positive.

    It's difficult not to get enraged at this type of stuff, but I remind myself that this type of thinking is becoming more and more outdated with each passing day.

  7. I've never understood what these people have to gain by not allowing lgbt community to marry and just live their life. I remember a few years back some idiot compared it to allowing us to marry chickens by allowing the lgbt marry. Really? Goes back to that whole close minded issue. Is it ok that some animals actually prefer same sex relationships? They have the option to mate with other breeders but they choose to go same sex. Are they condemned to hell to? Oh wait, I forgot, the uber religious don't believe animals have souls. Ugh. I really must shake this shitty mood or I may open up fire on the crazies. ;)

  8. Beth:

    All great entries, this one as well! I have friends and family that are Gay. "Love is Real"

    Let people be who they are and love who they want!

    I have reservations about the folks who make love to their cars though.

    I believe you can love a car so much! But if it's gas for them, so be it!(Just Keep it in the garage and don't tell me about it) :) "In Cars"

    I wish you a great day, sorry for the loopy joke.


  9. Just remember gays usually in my early life, I am
    79 now, did not act differently than straight. The change is astonishing that I knew gays years ago at the change in there behaviour now. At one time all they wanted was to be left alone as far as I knew. Now they want to be treated as we are. However I do not believe in gay marriage but if they work and make a living and do not ask for handouts as a lot of satraights do, I say live and let live but not ever adoption. That is so unfair to children. Oh well heck as you can see I am as mixed up on this issue as a lot of people. Just never forget they are humans.

  10. I'm so sick of people using religion to justify their own misconceptions. Sigh...thankfully I love having my diverse friends and wouldn't think twice of their preference for a partner. I've always said you can't help who your heart falls in love with. (Hugs)Indigo

  11. Oh brother, this is a topic that can enrage me more than just about any other. The stupidity of some people is mind-boggling. Several of my gay friends are in long-term, committed relationships, and I simply cannot understand the difference between their situations and those of straight couples. Love is all there is.

  12. Live and Let Live seems a good idea to me ~ Ally x

  13. The poll is now closed - 65% in FAVOR! They issued a disclaimer saying that the readers of a "godless liberal" blogger from Minnesota skewed the voting.

    Poor babies...

    BTW - We would NEVER give away a toaster oven to someone becoming homosexualized. The prize is a lovely gift basket from Harry & David containing seasonal fresh fruits and a lovely bottle of Pino Grigio. :)


  14. I'm with you Bethe!

    Great entry.

    Hugs, Rose

  15. Did not know I was now in Minnesota, glad we helped skew the pole :o)

  16. all kinds of assholes who have nothing better to do than bitch and moan and whine about others who they deem "different". If being gay is a bad thing then i'd hate to think what being a liar/fake/sadist/mentally ill/lazy, etc., person is. It's a shame so many get on their high horse and THINK they have the right to judge. Total BS.

  17. awwwwwww I LOVE you and Ken LOL ~ all this support for our equality etc. is very heart warming (but did I tell you all LGBT's are actually Terminators in disguise???) LOL...joke of course. Hugs, Teresa


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