Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who wants pie?

We'll be heading out soon (a trip to Lowe's...I love Lowe's!), but I found a really interesting entry written by David Knowles on Politics Daily and wanted to do a quick entry of my own about it.

The title of the entry was "Just How 'Socialist' is America Now?" (You can read the full text here.) I keep reading and hearing about how President Obama is turning America into a Socialist nation, and maybe this pie chart will put things into perspective.

Socialist America


  1. I don't think anyone thinks America is Socialist now, or will be completely in the next eight years. I think the fear, and a genuine one, is that we have taken the first step down the slippery slope towards that end.

    And the % is misleading, as just by owning that small share they influence the market. It's a reasonable bet that in a few years all government vehicles will be GM products, and taxes and incentives will no doubt favor that beast. I bet Ford loves that glimpse of the future.

  2. I love this, since I have a friend whose dad really buys into the whole socialist thing. What a bunch of baloney! W did a hell of a job sinking our economy. At least our new president has a thinking head on his shoulders and is committed to turning our sinking ship around. BTW, did you see the Brian Williams special about the Obama White House? That place is ROCKING!!!!!

  3. That ought to shut some folks up.
    Ought to, but won't, because, well, stupid is stupid.

  4. If you listen to CNN I don't think Obama ever does anything right. I wonder if people have forgotten totally how the previous administration was. Lucy

  5. I've got to go to Lowe's here in a few too. You lured me in with the pie.....Pie is my favorite dessert. LOL

  6. For some this issue isn't suddenly realizing "Hey, we are already Socialist leaning," it is the fact that it is known and not approved of in some areas. The New Deal & the Fair Deal worked very well. You need(I feel) a mix of Capitalism & Socialism, with less emphasis on outright dependency. There are plenty of people(like me) who believe in social intervention for the good of all, but disagree about the methods used & extent of the intervention necessary &/or effective.

    As just one example: I never thought I would see liberals go so crazy on Clinton as they did in 1996 right before he signed the Personal Responsibility & Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act. Some actually protested the very term: Personal Responsibility. Uhm, why? You can go back to that time and find articles about projected homelessness running rampant for single moms, & children living in the streets.........No, actually what happened is that over 60% of Welfare moms eased off found full-time jobs. Not bad, pretty great, and very empowering. It isn't that I don't want to help Welfare families(in this particular case~ yes, I know there are many other issues involved-too lengthy for further comment), but I don't think keeping(most) families on Welfare is helping them.

    I wouldn't be doing any charity work or running something like the Give blog if I didn't believe in helping people or social justice, but I don't want that to extend to too much dependency-it doesn't help the giver or the taker in that case. ~Mary

  7. I own Lowe's stock. Please shop there more often

  8. LOL @ Mary's last comment. I love Lowe's.

  9. I like Lowe's. I like pie charts, especially those that say it all. 'Nuf said.

  10. Hi Beth,

    All this "socialist" talk seems like a bunch of nonsense ... maybe it's just a convenient label to slap on someone if you don't agree with national heath care or something. I guess it's easier to just call your opponent a "socialist" than to argue the issue directly and risk coming off as being against healthcare or jobs for people in need.


  11. A picture, or in this case a pie chart, is truly worth a thousand words.


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