Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Buffin’ the poll

Hahaha! I couldn't resist. I'm in a foin foin mood after seeing what happened with the poll results from yesterday.

Onenewsnow poll What's even better is the disclaimer they put up after the poll was closed and the results were final:

Editor's Note: This poll question generated approximately eight times the normal number of responses, resulting in percentages that we believe do not reflect the opinions of our typical poll participants. This particular poll question was targeted by a blog site operated by a self-professed "godless liberal" who teaches biology at the University of Minnesota and seems to enjoy targeting our polls (this is not the first time). Blog entries offer a running account of efforts by that group to skew the final results of this poll -- which they were successful in doing.

So I guess I can't take full credit for skewing the poll results, although my cohorts (you know who you are!) and I certainly helped. Apparently a godless liberal biology professor--and a Golden Gopher to boot!--and his legion of minions were the real culprits. I even found the godless liberal's blog, Pharyngula, although I didn't see anything in his profile where he calls himself a godless liberal. Maybe he's mentioned it in an entry. Or maybe it's unspoken, and everyone who teaches at U of Minn is required to be a godless liberal. Hard to tell.

Seems like I've heard of Pharyngula, or seen an entry somewhere along the way. Looks like an interesting blog.

Anyhoo, the poll takers seem to have committed what I would think is a cardinal sin when it comes to poll-taking: assuming that you know how the results will turn out, especially because you've posed the choices in such a manner as to lead the participants in a certain direction. I've done that when I've put a poll up here, but I've never pretended that it was a serious one! The website in question didn't take into account that "others" might find their hateful little poll and take it upon themselves to show them that not everyone is as narrow-minded, discriminatory, and divisive as they are. Maybe, just maybe, the majority in the country think that all people should be treated equally and not discriminated against. But noooo, they believe that their foregone conclusions must be correct, and that their poll has been hijacked (by godless liberal Golden Gophers, no less), and that those who don't believe the way they do are dangerous and deluded. [cackling wildly] Hey, who said that only certain people could take that poll, anyway? I had every right to go in there and cast my vote, and I had every right to tell my friends about it, too.

That's what I find so laughable about such sites. Put up a poll, and then get all pissy when the results don't turn out the way you thought they would, or should. What, the poll results are valid only when they reflect the opinions of your "typical poll participants?" That's not how it works, people. Consider yourself schooled.


  1. This is off the subject but to answer your question on Spunky's food, I cook a big pot and then dip it into margarine containers and freeze some. Let me tell you, it takes time but it is worth it. He is itching less and is now figuring out his food is limited and looks for more.

  2. Of course people from Minnesota are Godless. Haven't you seen Fargo?

    I loved the "disclaimer", though what they should have said was "we are taking our poll and going home."

  3. So they normally get 15,000 poll responses, not exactly an internet hotspot :o)

  4. Hi Beth,
    There was absolutely nothing scientific about this poll. Three of the responses, were clearly worded in such a way as to further their own agenda. And now they gripe that the results didn't turn out the way they would have liked?!? Like I said yesterday, they were missing a "middle of the road" response (i.e. something along the lines of 'to each their own') which, when you get right down to it, is probably what most people think.

  5. During the Viet Nam War I worked for a conservative media outlet which sent a news team to Viet Nam to interview American troops. After finding out who they were, where they were from and what they were doing in Viet Nam, the reporter asked them what they thought of the anti=war demonstrations back in America. If they got an answer that said the demonstrations were bad and hurting the war effort, it was broadcast. If they got the opposite answer it was cut from the tape. Skewering is a normal way of life for some people and it has been going on for a long time..

    "If someone doesn't agree with me, he's obviously deluded."

  6. Hey beth,
    If you want me to unleash the research demons on this poll, I can - particularly given that any poll that doesn't use a random sample is absolutely useless, regardless of the quality of question AND the scale created to generate an answer.

    Tools, all of them!

  7. Yes, that disclaimer was huffy! What a crock!

  8. Teresa <~~~ Godless Liberal Infidel ~ yep, that's me...heck and Pagan to boot! I can just imagine if they did a thingy about that can't you??? idjuts all of 'em. I remember when they were (this same group) doing a embargo or whatever the heck you call it against McDonalds because they hired and promoted LGBT people... I wrote about that in my old AOL Journal...jeez. Hugs, Teresa


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