Saturday, June 6, 2009


I was planning on calling FM after Ken left for work this afternoon, but she beat me to the punch. What a difference a couple of days makes!

She sounded great, and we even had a few laughs. She's been a busy bee. Got the locks changed, went to the bank and got some things taken care of there (he had removed only half of what was in their joint account, so it seems that he has some shred of decency remaining), made a couple of appointments, including with a lawyer. The most wonderful and gratifying thing was to hear how positive and upbeat she sounded. Maybe it was almost a kind of relief, I don't know. I'm sure that the things she needs to do right now are really occupying her time, and there will be rough moments ahead. However, it's obvious that she didn't turn into a little weepy ball o' goo, and is plenty strong enough to take care of business. That's my family and Elvis, baby...TCB! I'm just so proud of her. Yay!

Today was a really good day even before that phone call. I crashed pretty early (thank you, Miss Chardonnay), while Ken stayed up late. (He started his night shifts tonight, so I'll be hanging out here by my lonesome many of these evenings. I'm sure I'll find something to occupy myself, though!) I got a great night's sleep, then sat out on the deck today and read my book while Ken slept late. Before he had to get ready for work, we went out to the garden and got one of the beds ready for planting--put down a couple of bags of composted manure and incorporated that into the soil, and stapled a black plastic covering over the bed to keep the weeds at bay. I think I'll go get tomato and pepper plants tomorrow, because that's what I most want to plant this year. We'll be able to do another bed soon, and I should be able to get in some cukes and zucchini, the other two things I really want! We're a little late in planting due to circumstances, but we've still got plenty of time to get a good harvest.

Oh, and I discovered that the mosquitoes are already out and about. In the space of less than an hour, I got two bites. Ken got none. Why do they target me all the time? Bastards. Or beeyotches, actually, since it's the female that bites.

Paddy O'Furniture Picture time! Here is Paddy O'Furniture. Mary mentioned Patty, but I said that's Paddy's wife. I slay me! I didn't spend time with Paddy today, and chose to hang out with Mrs. Lounge Chair. I'm sure that Paddy will have plenty of company in the coming months.

Paddy O'Furniture2I also have a new series of tags for The Wildcat's Lair. I've mentioned (as has Ken) how much we both love that blog. It's truly one of the funniest things out there, and the most recent episode involved Wildcat and Frank sampling a chocolate/bacon bar. Yes, you read that right. Frank made a "blechh" face that for some reason just totally tickled me, and every time I look at it, I laugh! I emailed Bill (Wildcat's alter-ego) to ask if he'd send me that picture so I could make a new tag. Not only did he do that, he sent four, with different color backgrounds! Thanks Wildcat! Err...I mean, thanks Bill! All quotes are either directly from or related to Frank. If you've never visited the Lair, I hope you'll stop by. If you're already a reader, feel free to snag one of these and add it to your site with a link. I’m putting them all up individually rather than in an album, so that it will be easy to copy them.

Frank01a Living Large small

Frank01b2 Candy and violence small

Frank01c Tongue baths small

Frank01d2 Kitty porn small



  1. I LOVE the Kitty porn one... hahaha! Fits as of lately.... LOL

  2. Hi Beth,
    Hats off to Paddy O'Furniture ... the deck looks nice and relaxing!

  3. Paddy O'Furniture looks great and you do slay me with your humor. Delighted that FM is hanging on to her sanity. I suspect that it helps her to have supportive family members such as yourself

  4. Glad the family member is doing ok. There will be ups and downs I'm sure. And moments of loneliness. Check on her often. I'm sure you will!
    Love hearing about your gardening. We have a little one planted ourselves. We got squash out of it tonight already! Could NOT believe it either.
    Have a good Sunday!!!

  5. is the patio furniture new? I am sure you'll get lots of use out of it with the warm weather. I am glad your FM is thinking the end, she'll come out the winner. XO

  6. I'm so proud of your FM!!! That's great! I love Paddy O! The chairs look just like mine. I can't wait to see your garden. Off to work!

  7. Paddy O was fun to put together, some amber beverage soldiers took a fall :o)

  8. Good news on from the FM. Th deck looks inviting. Enjoy!

  9. Some vino, some sleep, some gardening....and most of all your knowing FM isn't wilting, but taking care of business, wonderful. There will still be tears & moments of doubt, but having a loving FM(you) available is a comfort to her, even when she doesn't call for help. Patty & Paddy. (searching for the bottle of Middleton Irish whiskey Don left here a while back)
    Glad things are looking up. ~Mary

  10. I snaged the 'candy and violence' one!

    That is great that your FM is holding it together and doing what she needs to do. Of course, it is great that you have her back too!


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