Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just...stop it

I was going to write a bit about the debate tonight, but I don't suppose there's a lot to write about. There's a debate on...and we'll watch it. 'Nuff said!

However, I do want to write about what I find to be a disturbing development in this campaign. According to the Washington Post, at recent McCain and Palin rallies, there were some rather nasty things being shouted from the crowds. One person yelled, "Terrorist!" and another yelled, "Treason!" One even yelled, when the talk was about Bill Ayers, "Kill him!" Reporters have been subjected to taunts and abuse, and one Palin supporter called an African American sound man a racial epithet and told him to "Sit down, boy."

I find this absolutely abhorrent. I don't care what side of the fence you're on, this sort of ugliness has got to stop. McCain did not say anything against the person who shouted "Terrorist!" and Palin is actively promoting the chants and hatred. If John McCain doesn't have the balls to stop this kind of behavior, the Secret Service needs to step in and say "Tone down the rhetoric before someone gets hurt."

This is the kind of mob mentality that results in physical violence, and we do not want to engage in that type of behavior again. McCain's campaign has already admitted that they are losing, and don't think they can win as long as the focus is on the tanking economy, so they plan to up the personal attacks.

I believe this will backfire. Personal attacks and attack ads are one thing. Standing passively by while your supporters shout out to kill someone is quite another. Do we really want to sit back and watch this kind of bitterness and hatred? Especially when we have such serious economic problems? Don't fall for this bait and switch tactic. We've got problems, folks, and this kind of nastiness only detracts from the real issues.

What's next? A public stoning? Paging Shirley Jackson!


  1. I think McCain is allowing his running mate to say the things that he would like to say but would rather not chance it.In his head he thinks that she can take the hit, but if it gets a little too heated he will come out and correct her with a pat on the head like he's done before when she's said something out of line(like when she publicity said we should go in and bomb Pakistan). I think they're reaching at straws instead of sticking with the issues at hand.It's too late in the game for the mud slinging.Good entry!

  2. This is scary we may be headed for another civil war, I know it sounds ludicrous but I think the republicans will stop at nothing to retain their place in office I hope this wakes everyone up and every time she opens her mouth someone shuts her up ..I am praying for our nation and I hope everyone else does , stuff like this just confirms I am going to vote obama .

  3. I work in Nashville....traffic is getting bad around here I here. (debate)

  4. I meant to say "I hear". I can't spell today or any day really. lol

  5. That chick from Alaska is a hoot! Certainly keeping Saturday Night Live entertained! LOL

    I'm all for a women in politics but this gal is not too bright in my opinion!

    Hugs, Rose

  6. I think that the attacks will only get worse, but agree that someone needs to step up and stop the crowd ugliness.

    On NPR, the race for the senate is even uglier than the national race.

    I think that the negative adds will get addressed, and endorsed as necessary to get the message on the others record, during the debate tonight.

  7. I surely don't.. and ms lipstick herself has been causing more harm then good if you ask me...

  8. personally, i think it will get worse by Election Day. Shows the true character of people, huh?

  9. What I don't "get" is-how can the people who want to lead our country act in this manner? I am sick to death of the negativity, lies, and attack ads. Where is dignity, integrity, honesty? That's what I want to see from these candidates. (sorry, I'll stop the rant now)
    It's going to be an interesting 4 weeks.
    :) Leigh

  10. dang, I hoped you would say something about the debate since I didn't watch it; but I agree with what you said in your post; I wish everyone would just treat others with respect, no matter if you are running for office or not


  11. Beth,

    When I read this I thought of a quote I heard as a child.

    "I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute the Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love."

    By:Mahatma Gandhi



    Welcome committee here lol!

    I just thought that I would welcome you to Blogger.com. I too was once a AOL JLANDER but left in July before all this went down with AOL

    I find it sad but.. I think AOL has gone way down hill since I was on AOL from 2002 to 2007.

    Anyways welcome to the neighborhood!

    ~ Christopher ~


  13. What would happen if we just all voted for Hillary as a write-in candidate? Now that McCain has picked Palin as a running mate, we could easily get the womens vote, the gay vote, the liberal vote.......
    just sayin'!

  14. You hit the nail right on the head, Beth. It hurts to see folks behaving like two year olds. -Karen

  15. Something that is hard for most of y'all to understand is the depth and the passion that racism is felt by whites. It is something that will be the last thing to fall before we have a utopian society. It is within easy reach, as one of the building blocks of this nation is the superiority of the white race.

    Like being afraid of the dark, fear of a different race or culture has to be something that is consciously overcome, because it is almost instinctive. Without choosing to see someone as a human being, you tend to see a person in terms of being 'less than' as opposed to equals. How many times have I heard that a person who wasn't white gained their position or opportunity because of a quota or because 'they had to have one of those' in the spot?

  16. This election is so frightening right now....talk about opposite sides of the coin. Time for us all to get on our knees and pray.

  17. I am not really into American politics (have more than enough of our own in the UK) but there is no excuse whatsoever to advocate or threaten violence either verbal or physical. We live in a supposedly free society where we are entitled to our own opinions and this is something that should be preserved.

  18. It is absolutely wrong but Sarah Palin (I do not like her) so take this into consideration at what I saY INCITES THIS STUFF. She needs to to back to Alaska Lucy

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  20. And I must add how about McCains gesture at Obama last night and the comment from his mouth "that one". Disrespect, dislike is so evident in everythingg he does.

  21. Gee, I must have missed all of this. I hadn't heard anything about any of this. Just based on where I live and the horrendous things people are saying I think it is only going to get worse. I agree with you - it doesn't matter who you are choosing as your candidate, ugly, personal attacks are uncalled for.


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