Monday, October 6, 2008

Will it go round in Cirques?

A couple of fun things today....

When I got the mail, I was surprised to see an envelope from a lady I use to work with in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Jann worked in Hematology. When I opened the card, it said, "Bet you're surprised to hear from me!" Ha ha! I WAS surprised, Jann! The deal is that another coworker, Vicki (who ran the front desk of the lab), is leaving. Her and her husband are moving to the Twin Cities to be closer to their kids and granddaughter. So Jann is trying to get a hold of as many people from the past as she can, and she got my address from one of the ladies I still keep in touch with. Jann is putting together a video and a book for Vicki, so asked me for a story and a picture or two. I'll be happy to oblige, and will get it out to Jann pronto.

Just seeing that brought back some good memories for me. Whenever I think of Jann, I think of her story about how her daughter was running a toy lawn mower up and down her Dad's legs and torso, and Jann saying, "And I think he liked it!" I don't know why that sticks in my mind, but I remember we just lost it, and laughed for quite a while about that.

The other cool thing is that I got our tickets for Cirque du Soleil's "Love" show in Vegas, for our January trip with Kim and Steve. Front row seats, baby, woohooo! "Love" is the show that's based on Beatle's music (it's at The Mirage), and I was just reading that it's not as big on the acrobatics as other Cirque shows, but the music is the main thing for this show. The theater is filled with speakers, and there are even speakers in some of the seats. How cool is that? Diana (my sister) and Tom recently went to see it, so I'll have to get her take on it. She's an original Beatlemaniac, so I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that she liked it...A LOT. In fact, I can hear her now: "Ohhhhh! It was SO NEAT!" And I bet she'll have a book and other memorabilia to show us. Ha ha! Yes, I know my sister!

Is everyone watching the stock market tank again? Criminy. I looked up a little bit ago and it was -800. Agh! I hope none of you were planning to retire in the next few months, because what a horrible time for mutual funds, etc. Scary. Oh brother...they're scrolling emails on the bottom of the screen that people are sending in to CNN. One person just wrote that they're a college student and there are several friends who are thinking about moving to Canada because our economy is in shambles, and for the health care. I guess this person hasn't gotten the word that this is GLOBAL, it's not just the U.S. economy.

So gee...what do you think is going to be the big topic of tomorrow night's debate? Are they both going to keep harping about "palling with terrorists" and about the Keating Five scandal, or are they going to address this very real issue? The issue that is consuming the thoughts of the majority of Americans, as they struggle to make their mortgage payments and are scared about being able to pay their heating bills this coming winter. You know...THAT issue.

I'm feeling quite disgusted right now. I want to get back to my happy thoughts.

All you need is love...La-la-la....


  1. I won't leave the country just because of the economy because I recognize that we can't run away from that problem. On the other hand, if Ms Palin should someday become President, well, Halifax Nova Scotia is a lovely city, and I'm sure I could find a nice home there. LOL!

  2. I saw "Love" with my bro in Vegas and we both loved it! I never saw a show make him cry before but by the end we were both balling like baby's! I remember when I was a baby, my oldest brother would sing "Hey, Jude" to me, and it would always make me cry! I don't know why it made me cry, but I would BEG him to sing it! And he would say "no, it will make you cry" and I would say "that's why I want you to sing it!" SO he would, and I would cry, and then I would leave him alone for a while. He died 2 years ago, and I hadn;t even thought of that story in ages. You can imagine the affect on me when they did "Hey, Jude" in the show!

  3. The Credit Crunch as we call it here is hitting us all our stockmarket is at an all time 4 year we'd better tighten our belts.

    Take care

  4. i now pray nightly for my child who is a sophmore in college..what if her loans dry up? Then she will not be able to go to school. What a pathetic mess this country is in when millions work hard every day JUST to get by. I bet your former coworker will LOVE her retirement gift and you are going to totally enjoy your LV trip. XO

  5. So glad you got such great seats to LOVE, can't wait to hear what you think of the show!
    Cirque du Soleil

  6. I'm glad you had some good things to think about today. I try not to dwell on the news much. It is way to depressing. I've been living under the crunch for years already. It's nothing new to me and I had already decided with the cost of things retirement is out of the question for me for a long long time.
    'On Ya' -ma

  7. I remember seeing the Beatles at The Cavern before they were famous.The walls dripped with sweat and so did I! Yes I am that old:)
    Thanks Beth for following my blog and your good wishes. Liz

  8. That is so cool about front row seats. When we had VIP tickets for the Chicago show, they were not quite the first row. Wooohooo :o)

    Lucky we have a few years to retirement, so as we buy every month for 401K, it will soar in a year or two when the economy recovers.

  9. Kim and I saw Cirque while we were in Vegas in May (not the "love" show unfortunately)...Our next planned trip is Sept 09 when Kendra turns 21... I hope we can catch the "love" show then. :)

  10. I have heard that show is wonderful. I'm jealous ~ I would love to see that. I won't be watching the debate. I am not even going to say I am this time. haha.

  11. They had a sneak peek of that show on TV a while back it loos totally amazing!!! If you want to, please share some of your recipes on my food blog.... I would love that.... Please tell me how the show is, you are so LUCKY!!!!

  12. Oh the Beatles were great I love their music. I got my kids hooked on their music too. This is a very scary time right now, I did just retire and it's not easy seeing your portfolio shrink to nothingness. I'll be watching the debate closely, I'm a back sliding Rep. crossing party lines with a passion!

  13. I'm happy for you about your trip....I know you'll enjoy it. I'm trying not to watch too much news right now. It's so depressing. I'm just trusting in God to provide our needs...

  14. "LOVE" That is SO COOL!! And FRONT ROW.... WOW!!!! I KNOW you'll have a great time!!


  15. Front row seats! You rock... and we'll all be rocking and rolling in Vegas, baby!
    Thanks for getting such great tix.

  16. know how to tell the story, What?

    (Long pause)Get the *UCK out of here, Beth!

    I'm happy your friend MADE your day, and that you were able to connect with another star in your life.

    All I got to say about the economy is "What's right is right." "You understand what I'm talking about?"

    Here's one of my quotes: "The Bad News Bear, and the Bull $#!+ from greed"

    If you love the Beatles, both of you (Fellas) will have an (Good) time.

    Thanks for the laugh, LOL

  17. Hello Beth, I found your name with a very excellent idea you suggested in Magic Smoke about saving the AOL Journals. Shame to let them just dissipate into nothingness. I imagine this week they'll be publishing that nave link, but if not I'll continue to tear my hair out. (formerly "DARETOTHINK" on Aohell)

  18. Wow it's crowded over here !
    You sure have a lot of followers, I hope I don't get lost in the shuffle!
    I'm glad about your tickets,the show sounds awesome.
    Take Care!

  19. We'll (Of course) expect full reviews after your trip! Front row will be awesome.
    Retirement is only a fond wish....
    What a nice idea for the colleague that is leaving, it'll bring back the memories!
    :) Leigh

  20. You can bet I will be glued to my set as long as I don't have to listen to Sarah Palen. I believe Obama & Mc Cain were fairly civil in their campaigns till Sarah of the shrill, grating voice, that makes my skin crawl came along. Lucy

  21. Emily and I went to the Cirque a few yers ago when it came to Pittsburhg. I don't remember what was the title, but we were impressed and we really loved it. The work was unbelievable that they did.
    This November I have score Eagle Tickets. The last time they sold out in an hour. I can not wait to see and hear the Eagles.



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