Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Karma ran over your Dogma

First of all...FREAKIN' CUBS. That's all I'm going to say about it.

Well, there are a few interesting news stories, but I found this one especially interesting.

O.J. Simpson was found guilty of kidnapping, armed robbery, and 10 other charges in Las Vegas. He and his co-defendant, Clarence "C.J." Stewart, could spend the rest of their lives in prison.

I always believed that there would be some sort of justice for him one day. It started right after his murder trial, when he became a virtual pariah. It seems that he's going to get his prison time, after all, even if it's 13 years late. I would hope that none of the jurors looked at it that way...that their verdict came only after studying THIS case and this testimony. I believe that the majority of the time, jurors take their duty very seriously and understand the importance and gravity of their service. I would like to believe that if it had been me sitting in the juror's box in that Las Vegas courtroom, I would have been able to set aside my feelings about the murder trial and focus on the charges in this one.

I was working the evening shift at a hospital in Indianapolis when that trial was going on. I had the day open to watch the trial proceedings. It was pretty fascinating, and the details about the DNA testing were particularly interesting to me. At that time in the lab, DNA testing was just becoming available, and that was one of my jobs at work: DNA probe testing for Chlamydia and gonorrhea. So when I started hearing the numbers, and the statistical probabilities of who the blood drops could belong to, I thought, "He's toast."

Of course, I was wrong. I'll never understand why he was able to beat that. I feel that it was a foul miscarriage of justice, and Simpson was free to spend his days hunting for the "real killer" on the golf course. His 13 years of undeserved freedom are coming to a close. Looks like his golfing days are over.

I also see that Sarah Palin is saying that Obama is "palling around with terrorists." ( he taking terrorists for a stroll in the park, followed by a cappuccino at Starbucks?) This is because he has met and dealt with William Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground. I don't condone the WU's activities, but I also believe that the sixties were turbulent, troubled times, with many radical and opposing viewpoints. Your current next door, baby boomer neighbor could very well have been a radical, peace-loving, war-hating, acid-dropping *gasp* HIPPIE, who went to *gasp* Woodstock or something equally as nutty. We think it's crazy now, but it was even crazier then.

Get over it. It was 40 years ago, and in the 40 years since the Weather Underground was active, Ayers has spent his time as a philanthropist, raising money for and serving on the board of various community organizations and charities, as well as becoming a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Obama has condemned Ayers' past activities and radical views of the sixties. So Palin says Obama is "palling around with terrorists." Oh yeah? Well, Sarah, I think you're passing judgement on someone who has spent the last 40 years trying to find retribution for what he did in the past. Last I knew, it isn't your job to pass judgement on anyone.

And just in case you missed it, here's SNL's opening skit last night. Blowin' ya a big ol' kiss and givin' ya little ol' wink!


  1. Yes it seems that OJ has finally got his comuppance, although to late in terms of justice for his ex-wife and her friend. Hope your having a good weekend.

    Take care


  2. I have only been on a jury once, but yes, it is taken very seriously. Glad that he will not be able to give golf a bad name, such a tryrant should not be on the course LOL :o)

  3. I'm not surprised he finally got his comeuppance. As the saying goes, what's goes around comes around.

    As for pailing with hippies, they make the best friends.
    Me <---Hippie ! (winks) Hope your weekend has been a pleasant one hon. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. I was outraged by the O.J. murder trial outcome. I always knew he would screw up again. He is such a sociopath/narcissist. He thinks he can do as he pleases and not pay the consequences. It almost always catches up with them! I am just glad we get to see it. We as a society need to be able to experience the justice, even if it is not for his most heinous crimes.
    On a lighter note, I missed SNL last night. Thanks for posting the skit. OMG, I laughed out loud.
    They so nailed both of them!
    Enjoy your sunday!

  5. I heard about O.J. finally getting his hand caught in the cookie jar!! It's about time!

  6. Thanks for the SNL clip...I missed it last night :)
    I have not met anyone, ever, who didn't think OJ was innocent in the murder of his ex wife and her friend. Karma, baby, it'll get ya' every time!

  7. I am glad OJ got his too, I just hope it sticks. Linda

  8. i am NOT condoning OJ in any sense BUT i do not think anyone is going to get a fair trial if the jury is not a mixture of different walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. Twelve whites just convicted him. There needed to be some other ethic groups on that jury. I could NOT be impartial to him, i would convict him for anything if i could because that man was guilty as hell 13 yrs ago. I was once on a murder trial here and WOW, that was serious and hard work.
    Palin is going after voters like me. Undecided. Believe it or not, there are a lot of Americans that do not believe in Obama and have great fears about him because unlike McCain, he is REALLY an unknown. I am a Democrat as you know and will NOT vote for McCain because i do not believe in his politics BUT there are lots of serious questions for many about Obama AND McCain.

  9. I watched the original trial and wondered if justice would ever happen- They shouldn't have messed up 13 years ago- I'm taking odds that there will be an appeal due to jury questionaire - Miss Justice may need to readjust her blindfold and get it right so he doesn't get away with it again! Dannelle

  10. Your current next door, baby boomer neighbor could very well have been a radical, peace-loving, war-hating, acid-dropping *gasp* HIPPIE...
    Not this baby boomer neighbor or thousands of others I had the privilege to serve with in the
    60's. I don't recall ever reading that W. Ayers ever said he was sorry for the WU and it's activities. 'Nuf said.
    Have a good week.

  11. I'm so glad he finally got what he had coming to him!

  12. here's the weird thing I read about OJ Simpson; it was 09/13/2007when this break-in happened; the verdict came 13 years to the date of his acquitted verdict (as you already knew); there were 13 days of trial and the jurors deliberated for 13 hours. Wow!!!

    I cried when he was acquitted; I really believed he had killed his ex-wife and Ron Goldman; I was glad when the civil suit went against him; I felt pity for him this time; I watched the verdict on TV like I did the other 2, and you can see the anguish on his face waiting; I thought "geesh 3 times you've been through this waiting to see what 12 people would decide as your fate". You could just follow his emotions as he heard his co-defendant's verdicts; he knew after the first couple of guilties what his was going to be, and then he almost turned a bit belligerent in looking at the jury as his verdicts were read. I actually feel sorry for him; I bet when he was playing college football, he had no idea his life would turn out the way it did and I feel for his mom if she is still alive; when she held him as a baby, I bet she had the highest of hopes and dreams for him; so sad that he made the choices he did

    on that "cheery" note, enjoy the week ahead :)


  13. I, too was glad to hear of OJ's conviction. I don't understand how some people can still think he was innocent. And can you imagine what it must be like to be his children?? Do they believe he killed their mother? And if they do, how much counseling are they going to need as adults???
    What's sad is that sometimes, no matter what a politican spews out of their mouth, people from their party will believe them, no matter how outrageous, without fact checking it themselves. I caught the SNL skit as it was happening for once and was laughing the entire time. Normally I watch them the next day and that's only since Tina Fey has been doing Palin.

  14. So if someone talks to a gay person, does that make them gay? If someone speaks to an athiest does that mean they don't believe in god? If someone is friends with G.W.Bush does that make them an idiot? Ha Ha

    I guess the glove fit this time!

    Does this mean Tm Meadows could be on SNL next week? (cross our fingers)
    A little message to OJ Simpson curtiosy of "Spinal Tap" "Smell the Glove"

    Good Morning,

  15. The OJ Simpson verdict made my day. Like you, I hope the attorneys find very little they can appeal.

  16. Karma can be tricky. In this case, it just took it's sweet time.
    Hippies, like "Everyone else" in the world, grow and change. And to this day are making some kind of difference in the world, we all do.
    :) Leigh

  17. One way or another O.J. was going to get caught for doing something wrong. It was only a matter of time.
    Poor Palin, she doesn't see that she was thrown into the lion's den. She's cute, but she's not where she belongs. Yep, you bet cha...;);)

  18. I howled out lout at SNL Saturday Night - Doug thought it was HER. LOL!!

    Yeah, who would have thought OJ had that kind of demon inside of him ~ I mean, everyone loved the guy and he turns out to be a monster. I heard his attorney already yapping about an appeal - he said OJ was "upset". Geesh.

  19. Better late than never for OJ. I just hope his sentence in not just a slap on the wrist.

    PS..I am about to give up on moving
    my journal. But, I sure do hate to
    start from scratch. Pics are my biggest problem.

    Have a good one,


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