Monday, October 6, 2008

Picky, picky!

Some of you may remember a while back when Ken and I spent about a week and a half in California, including a few days in San Diego. We had initially talked about "heading for the border" to spend a day in Tijuana.

My niece Jen works on a military base and sent us some extremely dire warnings about Tijuana due to the danger posed by drug cartels. Murders, kidnappings, severed heads...not a good place to be right now. Jen said she thought we'd probably be okay, but wanted to make sure we saw the warnings. (Even the military was not allowing personnel to visit Tijuana.) Based on everything we read, we decided not to go.

A wise decision! We read about the latest in the paper yesterday, and here is a snippet from the L.A. Times: "In all, at least 57 suspected organized crime members, a majority of them believed to be part of the Arellano Felix organization, were killed in the last week, including 12 dumped in front of an elementary school Sept. 29 and eight tossed in an industrial yard Thursday."

That's in the last week. The story we read yesterday mentioned that a couple of severed heads were also found. That is some really scary stuff, and I hope they're able to get a handle on this horrible violence soon. I just saw an ad for Mexico tourism today, and I know we really enjoyed our visit when we were on the cruise. I'm sure their tourism is really taking a hit, because I doubt if a lot of people are visiting there now! Somebody call Crockett and Tubbs!

Okay, I need a laugh after that!

I read this in Annie's Mailbox yesterday:

"Dear Annie,

I have been dating 'Edgar,' a 37-year-old man, for about four months. Everything is great, but I have one question.

Edgar likes to groom me. This means he looks over my skin, face and body and tries to remove any blemishes. He does all this in a very loving and respectful way, but I think it's very foreign to me. Edgar says it shows he is taking care of me.

I love him very much and don't want to break up over this. I am just curious about such a practice. What do you say?

Signed, Want to Know in West Yarmouth, Mass."

Here was "Annie's" response:

"Dear Want to Know,

Edgar has a fetish. Either that or he's a little closer to his primate ancestors than most of us. Still, as with all fetishes, if this one doesn't particularly bother you, then it isn't a problem. To each his own."

Here's what MY response would have been:

Dear Want to Know,

Run the other way! Edgar is a NUTJOB! Next thing you know, he'll buy you a little red hat and little red coat, and make you play the organ while know...plays his!


Ha ha ha! Good grief! Okay, I suppose if this lady is okay with it, Annie is right: to each his own. I know if I was dating someone and he started picking at my head looking for lice, I'd bat his hand away and say, "Do that again and you'll pull back a bloody stump." Yikes!


  1. So glad you didn't go to TJ, also i think it's quite cute the way primates groom each other, lol though must admit I wouldn't like it done to me.

    Have a good day


  2. That Mexican stuff is scary. Glad you didn't go. The pic with your grooming article was so I don't think I could take that for sure. 'On Ya' - ma

  3. I have wanted to go to parts of Mexico for some time. I didn't because of the violence, and glad you guy's didn't either. It is a shame that it has gotten worse.

    Hold still a minute, I think I see a peice od something in your hair. Let me get that for you.. (Whack)

    Thanks Beth, now I'm one handed! I guess this means I can now get that chainsaw attached to my stump!

    Stay Groovy,

  4. First,the name Edgar gets me...oh!!

    i am glad you two didn't go to Mexico either. I have watched many crime shows where they go on and on about the cartels and mob over there.

  5. It is a shame about TJ because it can be so much fun. Now you need to take your passport to cross over. Ari and I thought about it and said nah, not worth it!
    I think I would run like
    H-E-double-toothppicks if anyone "groomed" me! Dannelle

  6. my husband has strongly advised my son to stay away from Tijuana in any shape and form (we live about 70 miles from it); I've been a few times when I was younger; believe you me, you didn't miss much; glad you stayed away from it; it really is dangerous down there these days


  7. I too am gald you didn't go to TJ.
    As for the grooming, that should wait until after your married; then you have picking rights :)

  8. What, you don't want me to comb the hair on your legs anymore ??? LOL.

    Just kidding, she shaves her legs every day :o)

  9. I Have to say that is a new one, never heard of that before, the grooming man! LOL~

    I am glad u cancelled your trip.
    It would be so dangerous to be there now.

  10. LOL.. love the advice you'd give. I can't think of any way to take that kind of scrutiny comfortably.

  11. Gosh - I didn't realize TJ was such a horrendous place. Severed heads, yikes. When we were in Bermuda one of the guys told us the weapon of choice is a machete (sp?) and made a throat cutting motion...nice. The head picker sounds like a freak. People are scary.

  12. Thank goodness you didn't go.

  13. Mexico has lost control...and her people don't want to be there either. The corruption goes all the way to the top. Can't trust anyone. My family used to do a yearly pilgrimage to Magdalena Sonora every Oct. 4 (we stopped when the grandparents couldn't go anymore). This year the Tohono O'Odham (native american tribe) issued a warning to its people not to make the trek due to escalating violence among the cartels. Sad, because many local vendors depend on the tourism. I read that attendance was down 50%. xoxo

  14. You know, I live about 2 hours from the border, they ALWAYS warn you, but for all the people that cross that border every weekend for a visit, it's not really that dangerous. I've done it many times, my only complaint is the LONG line to get across coming back.... (I never notice the line when I'm GOING there... LOL!!)


  15. Actually, grooming is a good thing if you pick the right candidate. I am availbale for being groomed during the week, but I can't on weekends 'cause Jimmy takes the car.



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