Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"That one."

First of all, would everyone please say a little prayer for Cousin Shane's cat Boris? He thinks she might have had a stroke this morning, and I'm waiting to hear back from him. I'm in distress over this, and I know it's ten times worse for Shane.

Update: Boris is okay! She somehow got her head stuck between the dresser and a chair, and she must have really freaked herself out trying to extricate herself. When Shane found her, she was panicky and her back legs weren't functioning well. She also appeared to be blind. The vet said there are still some problems with her legs, but he gave her a cortisone shot, and Shane said that her vision is improving. Whew! I said now Shane has to figure out how to keep her from sticking her head in places like that! Shane says he has widened that space. Ha ha. I'm glad we can chuckle about it now. I felt so bad for both of them!

I heard late yesterday that the Secret Service is investigating the incident in which someone yelled "Kill him!" at a Palin rally, because they take "every threat seriously." Yay for the Secret Service! I hope they find out who the guy is so his inexcusable behavior can be exposed. I suppose some people think it's easy to hide in a crowd and get away with something like that. Not so much these days!

Well, I can't disappoint the one reader who wanted to hear my take on the debate. Ha ha! Thanks, Betty! Nah, I was going to write about it anyway. This is merely my opinion of it, although I'll include some poll numbers.

I thought Obama was the clear winner. He seemed incredibly "together" and unrattled, answering the questions with details and empathy for the "common man." As McCain was speaking, Obama sat in the tall chair, seemingly very at ease. It was a little harder for McCain to sit in that chair easily, and he seemed uncomfortable much of the time. McCain seemed a little rattled in the beginning, and several of his references to Obama were quite snide, including the "that one" comment. Incredibly disrespectful. He tried some lame jokes that must work well at his rallies, but fell really flat in this forum. He came on a little stronger at the end, but he didn't get the win, let alone the "knockout punch" that many were saying he needed last night, and the town hall is supposed to be his strong suit.

We watched CNN's coverage of it, and they had a small group of undecided Ohio voters that were giving their responses during the debate with a little meter. I know these things are extremely unscientific, but I think they can be a decent indicator of initial responses. Obama seemed to do really well with women--a couple of times plateauing out at the highest level! (When he was talking about when his mother was dying and having to deal with insurance companies, for example.) What was really astounding to us was how the negativity caused the levels to plummet--and that usually happened with McCain. On the rare occasion that Obama said anything remotely negative, his level dropped slightly, but Ken and I got to laughing about how as soon as McCain started being nasty, we'd make a diving motion with our hands. It was a huge difference.

I'm sure it played well to the GOP base, but it seems that the McCain campaign's negative tactics of late are not getting a good response from independents and undecideds. Another group of undecided voters in Colorado had similar responses to the Ohio group, with a very interesting statistic on favorability ratings. Pre-debate, McCain's rating was 48% favorable, 46% unfavorable. Post-debate numbers were 56/36%. Obama's numbers? Pre-debate: 54/36%. Post-debate: 80/14%. Those are even better numbers than Bill Clinton received in town hall meeting formats, and Clinton did great in that kind of forum. The McCains also took off right after the debate, but the Obamas stuck around and talked to the crowd, connecting better with people.

Initial polls: CNN had Obama winning the debate by a margin of 54% to 30%. In the CBS poll, it was Obama 40%, Tie 34%, and McCain 26%. As one of my email friends put it, McCain came in third in a two-person debate.

Early on, when McCain was looking REALLY bad, Ken said to me, "This is it. He lost the election tonight." I don't know if we can pin it down to one debate, but I think the past couple of weeks, yeah, probably (although there's still a month to go). He needed to play to undecideds and independents, not his base, and he didn't succeed, any more than Palin's rallies are garnering their campaign any of that support. She got the base, she's playing to the base, and the base is the only one that really likes her. Her numbers are dropping like a stone among the voters that they most need to reach. In early October, an ABC poll showed that 35% think that she has the experience necessary to be president (down 12 points from early September) and 60% don't believe she has the needed experience (up 15 points from September).

Just this gal's opinion, although the poll numbers are real. No, I didn't make them up. That would be dishonest.

I'll give McCain an extra point, though, for using the word "apparatchik." That's just such a cool word, all Spy vs. Spy, James Bond-y, and junk. (Don't forget--"Quantum of Solace" November 14 in the US!)


  1. Good news about Boris. Poor baby! :-)

    No comments on politics it's best that way and I've already voted :-)

    I like friends better than politicians!


  2. And Senator McCain's rude remark is going to be his undoing, McCain’s Macaca Moment of 2008 … probably not the October Surprise McCain was planning ...

  3. Great analysis of the debate, Beth! I was thrilled to see that I was the 22,000th hit on your blog. I love round numbers.

  4. So glad the cat is doing FINE...sounds ALMOST like seizure activity.

    Angel (Slacker Mom)

  5. I am glad that Boris is ok! I hate when any of my animals are sick, that includes my kids too! Linda

  6. Relieved to hear Boris is ok. Cats do end up getting stuck in the strangest places. (Hugs)Indigo

  7. I do agree about the debate. Obama rocks!! I don't think McCain did that bad, but I can't believe this is supposed to be his strong point.
    I can't wait for the James Bond movie.....mmmm.

  8. I have been of the opinion that this year would be a democratic year. Not happy about it, but realistic.

  9. I'm happy to hear that the kitty is going to be OK. BO just scares me to death. I don't think I am being irrational about my fear either. I pray he proves me wrong.
    Hugs, JOyce

  10. I'm soooo glad that Boris is okay!!!

  11. Poor Boris! I'm glad he's going to be okay.

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  13. Poor Boris! Shelby, Jackson, Nog, and I will be thinking of him!!

  14. I'm glad Boris is ok, but Boris is a she? It's a fine looking kitty.


  15. thanks Beth for the run down on the debate :)


  16. Beth:

    Bravo for Boris! Thanks for sharing the poll numbers, and your update on the debate.Thank you for giving this political junkie his fix!

    Write On,

  17. I did a double take at the "she" after Boris-I'm sure there's a story there. Glad she's okay.
    Off to look up new words!
    :) Leigh

  18. NEITHER bozo will answer some of the questions head on....the ones that are most important to working GEE, whatcha gonna do for those who work and may lose EVERYTHING?

    these debates are a waste of airtime unless you get both of them to answer straight forward timely questions about things that matter to Americans.


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