Friday, October 10, 2008

"Let's Get Ethical!"

Before we get down to business, just a couple of things to clear up. (I'm in Office mode, so bear with me.) Our friend Kim left a comment wondering about deleted comments, and wow, they must be pretty bad for me to have to delete them! No, nothing so juicy. I've noticed that Blogger can be a little wonky at times when it comes to comments, and there have been a few duplicates. If that happens, I'll delete the duplicate. I actually delete very few comments, and if it's a troll, I'm more likely to have a little fun with it than delete it! Kim also mentioned in an email that my music player was neat because it has a feature where you can pop it out and put it on your desktop, which she had done. That is a nifty little feature, and if you choose to listen to more than a couple of minutes of a song, you can do so. Now, on to today's agenda.

I think "The Office" is the funniest thing on TV right now, although that could change when "30 Rock" comes back on at the end of the month! Then, it's a tossup!

My laugh-so-hard-I-snort moment last night came when Holly had to do an ethics training seminar, and her and Michael came in wearing headbands and singing, "Let's get ethical, ethical, I wanna get ethical!" to the tune of "Let's Get Physical." Oh man, I just died.

I think what's so funny about that show to me is that most of us have had a boss like Michael Scott, or have been subjected to such lame morale-boosters. Seeing some of Michael's behavior reminds me so much of that. This morning I got to thinking about when a manager I used to have decided that talking about day shift, evening shift, and night shift was divisive and held a prejudicial connotation, so he started calling us robins, nighthawks, and owls.

I kid you not.

We laughed about that for years after he got the boot, and for any of my former coworkers reading this, I hope it gave you a chuckle! He would actually use those terms in meetings, and we'd all just look at each other and roll our eyes. Oh, those meetings...those horrid, endless meetings...if one of the lab assistants came in and said, "I have a stat," we'd all try to be the first to jump up and say, "I'll get it." I remember one time, my friend Jay stayed back and was taking care of stats or something, and he poked his head into the meeting and handed me a phone message. He'd written "Your lawyer, Mr. Icehouse, called and needs you to contact him right away." Icehouse as in the beer, doncha know. So I had to sit there and try to keep a straight face. He handed someone else a phone message, too, but I can't remember what theirs said. Just little ways of trying to stay sane in what seemed to be an insane atmosphere at times!

How about you? Do you have a favorite office or boss story, one that makes you laugh, cringe, or want to vomit? Do share! In the meantime, here's a 2-minute recap of last night's show.


  1. I've had a lot of bosses over the 25 or so years I've been working... but there was this ONE lady who was just so stinking mean to me. Her son had just died from cancer and I had these two beautiful baby boys (this is before I had Austin) and she would just be sooooo mad at me if I had to be off with a sick baby or something.

    Don't burn your bridges... so here we are 15 or so years later and this woman is on staff at my brother's church - 100 miles from where we once worked together - and she is incredibly kind to me, always hugs my boys... and finally I had to share with my sister in law that this was the woman who used to torment me. *sigh*

    I guess we've just all changed a bit.

  2. Ugh there's a memory with a sour taste...My last boss which was also my ex father in law had me shut up in a closed room with a Printer, wasn't a great environment with the chemicals and machinery running. His reasoning was he wanted a peaceful enclosure for the customers to come into, without the racket of the press running. Yet....he had no problem getting into ear piercing screaming fits with me, when things didn't go his way in front of the customers. I think his ethics were skewered big time. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. I will only say that I've never really had a great boss, some better than others, but none that could make me laugh. 'On Ya' - ma

  4. The boss that stands out to me is "Suzi".... she was the business manager for a neurology practice. I was the receptionist/back office assistant. One week a month she was a bitch on wheels. I was so glad when I finally left there. Funny thing is...she gave me the most glowing recommendation "You would be lucky to have Estela work for you."... other funny side note.. in 2004 (5 yrs after I left her employ), she and the doctor were up on Insurance fraud charges. Guess I got out of there at the right time. I never knew that was going on.

  5. The "Office" is a British Comedy so I'm waiting for the DVD to be realeased so I can watch the US version, which is as you say very good but sometimes the humour doesn't travel well. As for comments, just check your dashboard, as sometimes the comments don't seem to register,click on comment moderation, and it can then be seen on your blog.
    Have a good weekend


  6. I've never seen that show. We had a safety meeting last night and the man speaking had on a Where's Waldo shirt so the back table where i was at spent the half hour making up obscene Where's Waldo stories! XO

  7. I liked the timing of Dwight segments. He is so bad :o)

  8. I have too many want to vomit stories about awful bosses except one fabulous attorney I worked for...he was the best, all the rest were animals!

    Hugs, Rose

  9. It took awhile before I could watch the show, because it reminded me so much of where I worked, and it hurt because it was so on target! My BFF and I would have been like the platonic Jim and Pam ... and all the other characters were there as well.

    As good as 'The Office' is, there is no competition. '30 Rock' IS the funniest show on network telly!

  10. "Hey Hey Hey" I love this show and 30 Rock!

    The other day I went the Hospital to see my dad, and I wore My Dunder Mifflen Inc. shirt with a Badge of Dwight K Schrute the Assistant (to the) Regional Manager on it. People either stared at it, or come up to me ask me where room such and such was! They thought it was a Hospital badge at first, and some people just laughed! Ha Ha

    It is a toss up on bosses, because one boss asked my wife and I to come over to his house. It was a Friday and we had to work back to back double shifts, so we said no! Later he implied that we could swap wifes, and that we didn't have to go to work for part of the day! (True Story)

    The other boss that I had doing concrete work for Basements, had is own Bible. What he did was highlight certain verses, and omitted the rest. He badgered me to come over on study nights, so that my wife and I could follow his path. "The True Path to Heaven"

    Needless to say we quit both jobs, and with people like that, it makes Micheal Scott look normal!



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