Friday, March 20, 2009

And the gold star goes to….

Laurel of Thoughts from a Route 66 Business Owner, who knew exactly what I was talking about when I mentioned Plaster Casters:

I'm old enough to know all about plaster casters (although I was NOT one!). They're band groupies who obtain rather unusual souvenirs of members of their favorite band... plaster casts of certain select body parts. Yeah, it happened... maybe still does.

Cynthia Plaster Caster is still out there, although I don't think she's "active" any longer. She exhibits her collection (she calls them her "babies"), she conducts training sessions for couples, and basically sounds like she's still having a ball (so to speak). Visit her Plaster Caster website, and be sure to click through to the actual site. It's a hoot! (Warning: Not for the faint hearted. If cartoon penises offend you, I recommend that you stay away.)

Maybe I should come up with some kind of Nutwood award, rather than just a "gold star." I love it when someone else knows some obscure piece of trivia! Maybe a Gold Squirrel, or a Gold Groundhog. Although I wear silver jewelry, so it might have to be a Silver Squirrel. Hey, I kind of like that! Hmm. I'll have to think on it.

Obama on Leno Did anyone catch our President on "The Tonight Show" last night? There's the link to it if you want to watch it. It's about 20 minutes, and worth watching if you like the guy. If you don't, I doubt if it will change your mind about anything. In a Facebook discussion with my pal Dan (Milwaukee Dan #1), we both felt that the Pres explained the AIG mess pretty well. It's not a matter of letting a bad business plan fail...because of the subprime mortgages they bought up, their risk was about $30 to the dollar, and if they were to go under, they would take everyone down with them, including the smaller banks that most of us utilize. That's the way I understood it when I was reading about it and trying to learn how it all happened and what it all means.

I know there are plenty who disagree. [shrugs] I'm not going to convince you otherwise, and I'm not even going to try. Just callin' it as I see it, and I think he's doing what needs to be done.

Homophobia I guess I'm feeling pretty mellow, because some of the stuff I read just isn't getting to me today. I've recently read some extremely homophobic rants, and I'm to the point where I'm like, "Whatever." It's just beyond's ignorant, and it's not even worth getting riled up about (although sometimes I still do). Sometimes I find it laughable, especially when the "Gay Agenda" is mentioned, and yes, it's always capitalized. I wonder what the Gay Agenda is? To convert everyone to the "homosexual lifestyle?" Wouldn't that be sort of counterproductive? After all, a 100% gay population wouldn't be able to reproduce, and would die out. All the gay people I know are a lot smarter than that.

Someone near and dear to me said that a joke in the gay community is that for every person they "recruit," they get a free toaster. Hahaha! Some of this homophobic bullshit really is that ludicrous. I think sometimes people go through phases (remember Ann Heche?), but for the most part, people are who they are and love who they love. There's no choice involved.

Ah well. I'm just happy that there are many who are more enlightened than those haters. As the Spaghetti Cat song says, "Haters will hate on you, and make negative comments." But Spaghetti Cat is no ordinary cat, and Spaghetti Cat isn't scared. He just goes on eating that spaghetti. Spaghetti Cat always makes me smile.


  1. Why is it most opinions hurt others. Just like mama says "if you can't say something nice - keep your mouth shut"! I for one shrug daily. Take care and enjoy your Today!

  2. I think a silver squirrel would be a great prize, as long as no squirrels are harmed in the production of said prize. :-)

    I was very pleased with Obama's appearance on Leno, which I just watched via DVR. Aside from agreeing with the majority of his decisions thus far, I also like him because he seems so "real". Know what I mean?

    Gay bashing is my #1 pet peeve. Well, maybe more than just a peeve. It enrages me. Every time I hear a ridiculous statement of homophobia based on nothing logical, I bristle. If gay folks are so sinful and devious, am I just the lucky one to have so many perfectly wonderful, genuine, and caring gay friends?

  3. I never heard of Plaster Caster before.

    I also really hate Gay bashing!

    I love Obama so far! What is it now they are saying he is being slammed for saying something about bowling????? What?

    Hugs, Rose

  4. Love the idea of Silver Squirrel award. It matches out nutcracker (ouch man).

    Love, Love, Love the spaghetti cat :o)

  5. I love Spachetti Cat and hate Gay bashing, or any other kind of bashing. Why can't we just all love each other and get over our differences?
    Hugs, Joyce

  6. I remember my Nanny saying how terrible she thought it was for Bill Clinton to play his sax on Arsenio....and I was thinking "How cool!" We all see the same thing just a bit different no matter what it is.

  7. Oh Honey -

    We definitely have a "Gay Agenda", and it involves Throw Pillows. That's all I'm allowed to say...


  8. Beth, we don't give out toasters to new recruits, it's toaster OVENS.
    And I still have mine!

  9. Oh Beth, I loved this entry. I only wish that homophobia could be eradicated by education. I often try to figure out just why people have such hatred for gays and I just can't for the life of me figure it out. To me it's as ridiculous as hating someone who collects teddy bears just because they themselves don't collece teddy bears. I mean, really, exactly how does that affect their lives? It's just the saddest thing. We can only hope that eventually people will realize that we're all the same...people just trying to make it through life and have a little love and acceptance. I so wish I had the words, powerful enough to bridge the gap between hatred and understanding and acceptance.

    As for the plaster caster...never heard of it! But, then, I was a Donny Osmond fan when I was a kid. I know, pitiful!


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