Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who wants basketball?!

Wildcat hoopsI do! I do!

The NCAA tourney begins this week, kicking off the start of Holy Days in Indiana. While none of our Indiana teams this year are in serious contention, Purdue and Butler are in it, and Butler is always a Cinderella possibility. And Illinois is in it, so we'll be cheering for them here at Nutwood! (Ken is an alum, if you recall.)

For a fun take on the tourney, visit The Wildcat's Lair . Wildcat, his wife, and their "extended family" have made their picks, and it's go-time, Skippy! Make your picks and see how it all plays out. You can bet that the fur will be flying as the games begin Thursday night!


  1. I heard today on NPR that they think the women's tourny should move to February (February Frenzy) so they get more attention (UCONN and TENN have won 10 of past 14 titles, and UCONN is unstoppable this year).

    Illinois does not have much chance to go all the way, but I think Wildcat's extended family is wrong in picking them to lose first game, their defense is awesome:o)

  2. I got corralled into doing a bracket picks thingy by a blogfriend - for the first time ever. I know absolutely NOTHING about college basketball. Penn State wasn't much of a basketball powerhouse when I was there ... and they still aren't.

    My friend keeps assuring me that once the tourney begins, I will "get into it" - but I doubt it. When Project Runway returns to television THEN I will be "into it". College hoops just isn't going to do it for me.


  3. I didn't catch that story Ken is speaking of ... in Mich, the girls used to play in the early fall ... now they play with the boys ... have to share the attention, if you ask me.

  4. I'm afraid basketball is not my sport. Hope you guys enjoy the whole event.
    Hugs, Joyce

  5. Basketball?
    Honey. No.
    Big tall men running around in tank tops and shorst....ooooh, where is that remote?

  6. Don't like basketball or really any sport. I like to watch ice skating and that is a bout it. Lucy

  7. Love the NCAA tourney! I have to say I'm a little lost this year without the greatest basketball powerhouse of all time, the University of Kentucky, to root for. (Incidentally, it's my alma mater, and they've been in the last 17 straight tournaments). But I make sure I'm always in a brackets pool, and I'm in again this year. I've got a pretty solid losing record, though. Maybe this year will be different. There is no particular team I'll be rooting for, although now that I'm living in OK, maybe I should try to muster some enthusiasm for the state teams.

  8. My niece goes to Purdue. I'm obligated to root for them. :-P


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