Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In sickness and in health

Happy St. Patrick's Day from this German gal! (Hey, us Germans like our beer, too.) Another gorgeous day, and although it will be getting cold again tomorrow, I choose to focus on today. I did some shopping today (I'll talk about my purchases tomorrow) and was able to shoot some hoops this afternoon. I thought about breaking out the golf clubs and practicing my swing, but I'll need some tips from Ken before I start up again. Besides, since the NCAA tourney is starting this week, it seemed only fitting that I shoot some baskets. And yes, I'm still sore from yesterday, and I know I'll be sore again tomorrow! But it's all good.

Sick cat2 Did anyone catch "Two and a Half Men" last night? It's always funny, but last night's episode had us just dyin' with laughter. Charlie's girlfriend was sick with a cold or flu or something, and was staying at Charlie's house. Turned out that the girlfriend was a bit of a "needy" patient, shall we say. This whole "taking care of someone" thing was new to Charlie, and he didn't handle things very well. But I have to say, his girlfriend was SO needy that I would have been like, "Back off!" too!

It struck both of us so funny, because we are both definitely the kind of sick people who want to be left alone, or as Ken put it, "Just get the f*** away from me." If we're both here together, we'll definitely get each other things, or ask if we can do anything for each other, but for the most part, we both just want to curl up and heal on our own. It's fortunate that we're both that way, because if you have people who are opposite in that regard, it can really be a problem or cause resentment. My feeling is that I don't need to be coddled--I'm sick, I need to sleep and be a slug, and heal, and hearing "Aww, poor baby" doesn't help me one little bit!

I will never forget one time when my ex-husband got sick. He was so needy, and it was a constant barrage of "Honey? Can you come here? Can you bring me some juice? Maybe I can eat some chicken soup." The kicker was when I suggested that he take a hot bath, and that would probably make him feel better. He agreed, and after he got back into bed, he said in a pitiful little voice, "Would you blow dry my hair?" [rolling my eyes] I did, but I thought, "Oh brother." The following weekend, I got whatever bug he had. He had already committed to going to his dad's to help him cut firewood, so I stayed home and took care of myself. And I let my hair air dry.


  1. It was an absolutely funny show last night. I would run out and get you what ever crap you need to make you feel better :o)

  2. yeah,but..............you forget us men suffer more beth.the dreaded man flu is lethal.well known fact we get it worse than you women.lolol.take care,love mort xxx

  3. Hi beth, wie geht's? I did not know you were German! I lived 8 yrs in Germany before moving to the UK. My son was born there as well. Lovely memories. I've still got great friends there! Tschuess! Antonella

  4. I never miss 2 1/2 men. They have great writers, don't they. And, they really get by with some chit on that show, I think their cencors must be sleeping.

    I love that cat picture, too cute.

  5. That is cool that you and Ken are wired that way. I prefer to be sick on my own as well, but I am learning to let people 'help' with things when they want to play 'Dr. Kildare' or 'Florence Nightengale'.

    If I don't, they get persistent and persnickety and make things worse ... I am missing 'Two and a Half ...' this season, because '24' is soo good. I will have to catch up on the repeats ... maybe I will sit and watch online tomorrow!!

  6. I thought last night's episode was hysterical. I don't think I'm that needy, but I think I can be needy... as I often say.. I'm just like a man when I am sick. Fetch! But I try to be reasonable. :)

  7. Hi Beth,
    Sheesh ... that story about your ex sure explains why he's your ex!

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  9. I was totally enjoying the warm weather also. It will be summer soon! I like to be left alone when I am sick too. I get really crabby and I don't like others to see that side of me!! Linda

  10. I can be a big baby when I'm sick, but if I ever.....EVER....asked Carlos to blow dry my hair after a hot bath, I'd be UNDER the first bus outta Smallvile!

  11. I see anon is at it again. Why is it that men seem needier then woman when it comes to being sick. I totally understand why God made us the child bearers.
    Hugs, Joyce

  12. You should have dried his hair while he was still in the bathtub. "Oops! Did I drop that? Silly me!"


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