Sunday, March 15, 2009

Truth, Justice, and the Nutwood Way

O ye of little faith.

Yesterday, I put a photo up here of Sarah Palin in her Anchorage office. A couple of people thought it was photoshopped, and I thought so, too, at first. But everything I found pointed to the fact that it was real. I found a link to where it was published in the New York Times, and yet you still doubted me. I asked my friend Dan, a newspaper guy, if he thought it was real or not, and he said it looked like it could have been photoshopped, but if the Times published it, they had probably investigated and verified the photo.

And yet you still doubted me. I'm hurt, people. Very hurt. Would I lie to you?

So I did a little more digging. Here's the original photo.

Palin and crab

Now here are a few other photos I found of her office. I have not altered the photos in any way, other than pointing out significant details in some of them. Google "Sarah Palin's Anchorage office" and you'll find each of these photos without my captions. Also note that the sofa is the same design and pattern in all of the photos. Clicking on any photo will enlarge it.

Palin's office2

Palin's office3

Palin's office4

Palin's office5

Palin's office6

In this last photo, the crab is center left, and the bear is center.

I really didn't put that picture up as a slam against Palin (there's plenty of other ammo--so to speak--for that). I love to eat crab, and hope to have some when we're in Florida this summer. Although I'm not down with killing grizzlies, they aren't on the endangered list in Alaska. I just found it to be an odd, surreal, and bizarre photo. I mean, c''s a big freakin' crab sitting on her coffee table. I found the disinclination to believe that the photo is real to be very interesting. Like many of you, I initially thought, "What? No way!" Way. Why did so many think it wasn't real? Did any of you have the thought, "Who in the world would want to have a big freakin' crab on their coffee table?" Discuss amongst yourselves.

By the way, I think my original entry on this might be the only one I've made where all three Milwaukee Dans left a comment. Worlds are colliding, people--worlds are colliding!


  1. When I saw the photo on your blog I didn't doubt it one single bit. But I think that was because I had seen the pic in the New York Times itself.

    Conservatives (Hi Dad!) won't like to hear this - but the NY Times is our country's "newspaper of record" and represents the highest level of journalistic credibility.

    And you are right - a dead bear and crab are the LEAST of Sarah Palin's mockable attributes.


    David Dust

  2. I didn't read your other entry but if I had I would not have thought you were lying. There are still big movements in Alaska to save the grizzly. In spite of(rather than because of) Timothy Treadwell'd dumb a** antics that left him & his gf dead(eaten by grizzly). They've recently held Save the.... on the Katmai Coast & Kodiak, with great attendance & cotributions given. Lots of lobbying by Alaska natives also.

    Technically, the grizzlies really are not endangered YET in Alaska. But why wait until then?

  3. Oh yeah. I left this part out: YES, THAT PHOTO IS TRES ODD....and real.

  4. "the NY Times is our country's "newspaper of record" and represents the highest level of journalistic credibility."

    - what a horrible sign of the profession's decline :)

  5. Maybe in Alaska that is routine??? I give you credit for researching it all. It takes all kinds doesn't it?

  6. As I've said, the only thing fake in that photo is the Governor.
    She is the quintessential say anything do anything to get elected politician.
    Her defeat with Gramps McCain't was a the best thing that has happened to this country is as far back as I care to remember.

  7. Slapinions -

    I guess you prefer Fox "news"...

  8. Hi Beth,
    I, for one, believed the photos were completely authentic -- including the bear and crab carcasses -- from the get go. Come on, how else would the woman who staged a photo opp in front of a Thanksgiving "Turkey Shoot" decorate her office?!? I'll bet she had the Giblets bronzed and is using them as paperweights, too!

  9. The Obamamites at nutty Junction calling sarah a fake.

  10. I see your friend Anon is back!
    The camera angle did make the grizzly look a little fake- there was a strange shadow. But you could tell the crab was real, and I figured, if the bitch has a crab, why wouldn't she have a bear?
    She's so tacky!

  11. David Dust -

    No, I prefer CNBC. Their anchors are so much more impartial, dontchathink? :)

    Seriously the Times is 'paper of record' because it pimps itself as such. And I'll confess that I'm a little tired of NY acting like it is the precise center of the known universe, but I just don't see the Times as all that superb, much less impartial and a bastion of the art. It's certainly not worth the insane $2 a paper it costs here.

    [And before you ask, I had a copy in my hands as late as yesterday]

  12. Beth -

    BTW, I know this post was partially tongue in cheek but just in case - I hope you don't really think anyone was accusing you of lying when you posted the pic. I didn't get that impression at all.

  13. I think it shows the 'Northern Exposure' in Palin. For real, I am not at all put off by it, as it would be similiar to coming to Michigan and the Gov. Office having an automotive motif.

    I mentioned 'Northern Exposure' because it shows how out of touch she could be with the rest of the country, and why she may not be the best national elected official.

  14. Hides face in shame... kind of likes the crab. (but only if it was a fact, which I'm sure it's not and then it would have to be somewhere near my two 55 gallon aquariums) The bear however, I'm not into. When I see things like that, I automatically think hunter and while I'm not against ALL hunting, I don't want it in my house. My husband goes fishing but he knows he's not allowed to bring a fish that he doesn't plan on eating, into my house. No trophies here. Still... I like the effin crab. ;)

  15. That was an exhaustive and entertaining defense, counsel.
    Anono-nut doesn't have a leg to stand on.
    I loved the caption info on the photos. Grrrr.

  16. I have to say I agree with Marty.

  17. After reading all the comments and such, I am heading to the gun cabinet, and then to the helicopter, I have a public service to perform [gag] :o)

  18. You should know better to think I would accuse you of lying *winks*'s just I would of rather it been photoshopped than think of that glorious bear as serving no more good than to dress a heartless woman's couch. The crab makes no sense to me. I'm Native I don't believe in killing animals without some justification (food, or your life is endangered). Even then it's customary to ask a hunted creature for his blessing in taking it's life. All life is sacred that picture is a travesty to what I believe in.

    It's sad that it isn't photoshopped...what a waste of beautiful life...what a bitch (Palin that is). (Hugs)Indigo


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