Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Off-topic? Try BFE!

A comment from yesterday's entry:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "In sickness and in health":

It was the TREASURY SECRETARY who set the terms for AIG. It was Obama who picked the Treasury Secretary and claimed he was "too big" to not overlook his tax cheating.
It was the Congress that passed the bill WITHOUT READING IT and without putting any rules in it for companies accepting the money from bailouts.

It's the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, with heavy emphasis on CONGRESS, to blame for these bonuses being paid out.


Obama's attempt to act "outraged" at the bonuses is completely phony. His administration had already said on Sunday that there was nothing they could do about the bonuses.

They knew these bonuses would need to be paid, (and will be paid next year too,) but must feign anger because they want more bailout money to pass out to their friends, and this debacle could cost them dearly.

I don't like incompetence being rewarded either, but it's not the workers at AIG, but the idiots in our government who are to blame for these being handed out.

Posted by Anonymous to Nutwood Junction at March 18, 2009 2:32 AM

What the hell? Did I miss something in my own entry? While I'm impressed by your strategic use of CAPITAL LETTERS, Anon, I have to say that you are pretty far off-topic. I'm not sure how my comments about Charlie Sheen's CBS sitcom and how Ken and I handle being ill made you think of the AIG thing, but maybe you need to chill just a bit. I do have to wonder at why you feel there is nothing wrong with hijacking my blog to express your own opinions. I suggest you start your own blog, where you can write whatever you want to write about. You may even eventually get your own "special" Anon, but it won't be me, because I won't bother you. Trust me on that one.

On to bigger and better things! I have some pictures for you.

Turkeys Mar 09 Before I left on my errands yesterday, I saw a smallish band of turkeys in the back yard. (I just saw them again a few moments ago. In fact, I just looked, and they're still out there--walking down the driveway! Ha ha!) It's getting to be that time of year when a young tom's fancy turns to thoughts of love, and there were two toms in this band that were displaying. (Oh wow, now there are four toms displaying! Cool!) It never fails to amuse me to see the way they puff up and strut their stuff. It always makes me think of that old song: "Bend over, let me see you shake your tail feather...shake it shake it shake it!" Ha! Neighbor Dave tells me that it's good to put out egg shells for them this time of year, or crushed oyster shells. They need the calcium for when it comes time to lay their eggs. Eggs were on sale this week, so I got three dozen more, and I'll be saving the shells (and asking Ken to save them from his hard boiled eggs at lunch) to put out for the turkeys. C'mon turkeys, I'll help you lay eggs of steeeeeel!

New sandals So I went shopping yesterday. I didn't start out looking for shoes, but while I was out, I decided to see what I could find. I've been on a quest lately for some wedge gladiator sandals. I have a pair of flat ones that I love and have had for at least ten years--I was gladiator sandal before gladiator sandal was cool--but I wanted to find some that would be comfy and cute, but even a little bit dressy depending upon the outfit. I went to several stores and even tried some on...came close to buying some in Kohl's, but I just wasn't quite happy with the style. Oh my God, there were such cool ones at DSW, with really high platform heels and leather bands going all the way up the ankle. I loved them, but I was out for comfy and cute, not excruciating but smokin' hot. I tried one pair on that was a pretty good combination of both, but the buckle on the ankle strap hit me right on the bone. I knew that it would irritate me to no end, so I put them back.

I finally found a pair at, of all places, Target. I rarely buy shoes at Target, because I don't think they hold up well, but I'm not going to be running a marathon in these babies, am I? I really like them, and they're really comfortable! They have the wide T-strap running up the middle, the smaller crosswise straps at the ball of the foot, and a couple around the ankle. A nice wedge heel that isn't too big and is fairly stable, and I can wear them with shorts, a miniskirt/skort, jeans, a casual sundress, or even a slightly dressy pants suit. Sweet!

I'm generally not a girly-girl, but man, I do loves me some shoes!

Vegas picture While I was at Target, I also found a picture that I just love. I had seen it before, and loved it then, but couldn't justify paying the price they were asking for a Target wall hanging, you know? It was on clearance for half price, and that I could justify. You all know how much I love Vegas, Baby. A few years ago, Ken got me a tabletop Las Vegas sign for Christmas that flashes and lights up, and it always makes me happy to turn it on and watch the star light up. [sigh] So how could I resist this take on the iconic Vegas sign? How, I ask you? I'm not sure where I'll put it--either in the basement or in the office--but I love it. Kitsch makes me a happy girl.


  1. Love it!
    I read "Anon's" post and wondered myself where it came from, and why, but it was this
    "--I was gladiator sandal before gladiator sandal was cool--"
    that made me laugh.
    Anyone who can do a riff on an old B. Mandrell tune is all righty in my book!

  2. Love the shoes! Tres chic et au courante!

  3. Heard today that they are going to reduce the latest bailout to AIG by the $165M. Also heard that AIG has asked recipients to return at least 50% of the RETENTION FUNDS, and some have already returned 100%.

    Two whole paragraphs on shoes, sheeessssshhhhh :o)

  4. I love the photos of the turkeys. Thanks for sharing! Love the shoes & picture. You did great on this outing!

  5. Love the shoes! I had some years ago until they wore out...they're back in style now! Do I really need another pair of shoes?? Sure, why not!! Can never have too many shoes!

  6. Great picture of the turkeys. I have always wanted a good picture of a gobbler strutting his stuff but alas I have never got one. I love your sandals and picture. You did good shopping. Helen

  7. Shoes ... made me think of the song that was on SNL, about 'Shoes'.

  8. Anon needs a life (or a blog of his/her own). I love the photo of the wild turkey's. Single men looking for a date...don't they all struck their stuff? LOL. Love the wall hanging too. It's so you.
    Hugs, Joyce

  9. Great shot of the turkeys!

  10. Love the shoes..they are all the rage at the moment and wedges always seem to last. I don't know where you find you Anon readers your like a Numpty

    Take care


  11. Anon certainly placed his comment in a random location on your blog. I wonder if he meant to comment on another of your posts and became confused. His thinking on the issue is certainly confused, so maybe his whole life swings that way.

    Uh oh, sandal season! Time to start paying attention to pedicures, etc. :-)

    Wild turkeys are so comfortable with humans. When we picnicked with friends in the Texas panhandle, they would walk right up to us and hang out as if they were invited guests.

  12. We have a few wild turkey groups running around here on Ft. Rucker... it is cool to watch them. Kim is in a quest for flats. We spent two hours shopping last night, but couldn't find any that were cute AND fit her. Maybe Target will be a lucky place for us to find something too. :)

  13. Before you just through the shells out you should dry them out in the oven to kill any nasties on them. You don't want to introduce salmonella or something to your wild flock.

  14. I was reading that and thinking, when did she write about the AIG thing? I started to go back to see what I had missed!


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