Monday, March 16, 2009

Anon! Anon!

I don't think this is my previous Anonymous stalker commenter (I miss you so, Anon…that was a wild ride), but in keeping with my own personal tradition of addressing Anonymous commenters who like to stir the pot a bit, I'll comment briefly on this one:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Truth, Justice, and the Nutwood Way":

The Obamamites at nutty Junction calling sarah a fake.

First of all, this doesn't make much sense. The "Obamamites" (are those anything like dust mites?) at "nutty" (and quite proud of it, thank you very much) Junction, "calling sarah a fake" and...what? AnonymousIs there a point here? It really doesn't make a lot of sense as a complete thought or  sentence. Anyone who reads me and reads those who read me should realize by now that we're a diverse bunch. There are plenty of folks here who aren't "Obamamites" (are those anything like...Dyn-o-miiiites?!) and who don't agree even one little bit with my political views. I value their opinions, and they manage to keep from resorting to name-calling or questioning whether I'm "nutty" or not. I appreciate them very much for that. We can all be respectful, and Nutwood is a nice, peaceful place. Let's keep it that way.

And Dear Anon, I think you kind of missed the point, because no one was originally questioning whether Palin herself is or isn't fake. They were questioning the veracity of the photograph I originally posted, and those that were questioning its authenticity came from all facets of the political spectrum. I did more research, found that the photo was not a fake, and people commented on that and on their feelings about the Governor. Yes, some readers think she's a fake--others like and support her. I wonder why you zeroed in on those commenters who don't like her?

As always, I will address Anonymous commenters who try to hide behind their anonymity and do drive-by comments. Some of my friends don't have accounts to comment here, and use the anonymous option, but I know exactly who they are. That's why I leave the option open to comment anonymously. But anyone who chooses to comment anonymously simply because they don't want to be associated with their own statements strikes me as a coward and a fool. And I will continue to call them out on it.

To all Anons out there (other than those who I know through your signatures): If you've got something to say, stand up for it. Your cowardice is obvious and pathetic, and your inability to stand behind your comments is an automatic neutralization of whatever you have to say. Grow some balls already.


  1. I hope when you said "Dyn-o-miiiite" that you stuck your hip out and waved your hand in the air. Otherwise it just wouldn't have had the same oomph.


  2. I just entered the No Drama Zone. Why can't ANONS have the same philosophy? Sorry you had to deal~

  3. I'm all in favor of having the courage
    of one's own convictions. Lord knows,
    you stick your chin out when you air
    your own opinion on controversial
    subjects. Besides, a LITTLE diversity
    makes for an interesting conversation,
    doesn't it? Come on, Anon, put a name
    to it.

  4. I like people to disagree with me, it sparks a conversation.
    I don't think I'm right all the time, but......okay, I do think I'm right all the time, but we can still discuss.
    Anons should know this.

  5. I must say I agree. If you have something to say at least have the courage to put your name on it. It doesn't matter if you agree with it or not....if you believe in something stand up for it proudly.

  6. That is one of the things about being out on the web that gets me. People are seperated by millions of miles, and still can't claim their words.

    But it does seem like someone is getting caught saying something stupid on Facebook and losing their job regularly now!!

  7. i got no sympathy with aanons like that beth,if they dont like what you write then they can always stop reading you.that way their brains wont overheat. tc love mort xx

  8. Let's see if Anon comes back to defend their words. Bet they don't. I love that you call them out.

  9. I agree. C'mon, Anon, just man up (or woman up) and tell us who you are. It's only then that you can engage in a meaningful dialog, including folks representing both sides of the question.

  10. Anons are like hit and run drivers, or, as you said, drive by shooters. It happens at radio stations all the time. Someone will call the person on the air, hurl a hurtful, insulting comment and then hang up.

    To hide behind anonymity is childish and cowardly. And that's that.

  11. Another one Beth??? lol...please keep us posted if the balless freak


  12. Wow! Maybe it's because I've been around the block a few times, but if I have something to say I generally say it and put my name to it. Sometimes it's just not worth it but I would never be anon. No backbone there.
    Hugs, Joyce

  13. You know, once, just once, I wish you would let us know what you really think and feel :o)

  14. Usually when they have alot to say and nothing to back it up, I think they fear signing their name. They might actually be asked for proof or validation of why they made that comment. Me? I proudly put my name up there each and every time. Amusing enough I even had an author who asked if he could use it (first and last name) for a character is a future book. I had to decline...I had my reasons. Still amusing. (Hugs)Indigo

  15. I enjoy your verbal duals with the Anonomi.


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