Wednesday, November 5, 2008

After the party

It's a lovely day here at Nutwood! Record high temperatures are forecast, the sun is shining, and it's a brand new day!

Last night seems like a blur. It took forever to get to the results of the voting, but once they started rolling in, it seems like it was over in a heartbeat. Once Pennsylvania and Ohio went, an Obama win seemed inevitable. (I have a few readers from those states, and I'd like to say thank you to the fine people of Pennsylvania and Ohio!) CNN still hasn't called Indiana, but has it listed as blue. The count shows Obama leading in Indiana by 22,986 votes. Crikey!

Senator McCain's concession speech was very gracious. I hope he can regain his credibility for his continuing service in the Senate, and I hope this campaign will serve as the death knell for Rovian politics. "Win at all costs" need no longer be an option. It IS possible to win with honor and decency.

Pres-Elect Obama's speech was wonderful, of course. But the thing that sticks in my mind the most is seeing Roland Martin of CNN (a black man) so overcome that he couldn't speak. He had his hand up to his face, and was shaking his head like, "I can't believe this is actually happening." For some reason, I think that will be the image that lingers for me.

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments. I was especially touched by those of you from the U.K. who stayed up to get results. It matters to me that it matters to you.

I did have one comment that I wanted to address in more detail:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "And...I'm spent":

From your previous post "...condones the brutal killing of wolves and bears from helicopters;..."

Well, the wolves and bears are safe. What about the babies that will die as a result of Obama's support of abortion? It's not ok to kill wolves and bears, but it is ok to kill human babies?

Posted by Anonymous to Nutwood Junction at November 5, 2008 8:05 AM

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your comment.

You are one smart cookie! All of us who voted for Obama really thought we'd managed to sneak this by with all our talk of the economy, but we couldn't sneak it by you! Our true agenda, and our sole reason for voting for Obama, was because he supports abortion. In fact, we're hoping to stage a real coup and get mandatory abortions passed! And if all goes well with that, we'll expand it to children under the age of three, which we will hunt from helicopters. Next up, frontal lobotomies!

We thought we'd hidden our agenda well, but you were too clever for us. Don't tell anyone about our plans, okay? Thanks!

By the way, I have to tell you that "Anonymous" is a lovely name. Is that African?

Hugs and kisses,



  1. Oh your condescending sarcasm is oh so whitty!!! Did you miss your calling as a writer for mind sucking television?

    Truth is that abortion is one of the issues that NEEDS to trump the economy. Have you enough moral values to treasure the lives of wild animals and yet so little concern for the moral fabric of this nation?

    You are such a complicated little thing arn't you? All your years of training, and all your studies, and all your commentary...and yet not one trace of morals. ooo...and values. Yup, they are missing too! How in the world did that happen?

    Yeah, African. That's it. Go racial...real smart. Really, it's smart.

  2. ::giggle:: I have some letters I need your help writing.

  3. I'm still quite tired from last night, what a triumph for the US. As for detractors well they are entitled to theor opinion but I do wish on such key issues they would reveal themselves and stand up ans be counted and not hide in the shadows.

    Take care


    P.S I just realised the quote above your comment box is from Goodfellas.

  4. Whoa, got under someone's skin did we? I'm always amazed they talk big, yet don't have the courage to sign their name to their own words. If they believe so strongly you would think they would give it a name to back it up. Guess not, it's so much easier to throw stones and hide behind a boulder of anonymity. Guess someone didn't like the outcome of the elections, funny how they're spurting off the mouth AFTER the fact.

    Watching the election was priceless last night hon. I'm still on a high of hope. Even after coming here and watching someone crawl out from whatever rock they were hiding under. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. Ah, yes, a lurker leaving a few comments. Obviously not a regular reader, because otherwise they would have known that such a moralistic, shallow, unthoughtout comment would not go unanswered :o)

  6. Why is a name attached to a comment so important to you?

    I did stand up. I was counted. I am not bitter. I found it humorous that your little hostess here, Beth, is more concerned about the lives of wolves and bears and conveniently forgot to mention Obama's position on the most disgusting of human behavior and that is the murder of unborn babies.

    I guess it's not an important issue. I guess how much money you have in your IRA, or your 401K is more important than the lives of babies. I guess making sure you can go on your holiday to your little cottage by the sea is more important than murder for money.

  7. Your response to Anonymous was priceless! You go girl!

    Hugs, Rose

  8. If you poke a skunk with a stick, will it spray you? *giggles, holding her nose*
    Feeling very positive this morning!
    Election coverage was non-existent here last night, our cable was out.
    :) Leigh

  9. Because obviously your afraid people might actually know how you feel about said issue...or you would sign your name and stand by them. So who's being realistic you or Beth. Beth is standing by her views, let's everyone know they are hers. Your hiding behind anonymosity...Hmmm who would I be more likely to think was being honest and forthright with me...

    Sorry you picked a bad, bad day to try this. Beth has numerous friends who do indeed know her and her intentions. You sound a little bent out of shape here, I'm more likely to think this is personal, than actually having something to say. The election is over. The right man won. Sorry you don't take losing as honorably as McCain did.

    Beth sweetie, I'm always going to speak up on your behalf. Your worth more than the mere words coming from this ooze that crept out from under a rock. (Hugs)Indigo

  10. I am simply making a statement regarding Obama's position on abortion. Am I wrong? Does he or does he not support abortion and same sex marriage? Both those issues are the source of the unraveling of the moral fabric of this nation.

    As I stated previously, I am not bitter. Beth made a statement regarding the lives of bears and wolves but neglected to comment on Obamas decision to support abortions. That is hypocrisy. It was a strategic move on her part. It touched the nerve of one who does not, and will not ever support the killing of unborn babies. End of discussion. I started it, I end it. You loose.

  11. I haven't lost anything, I voted for the current president. Still have the friendship of a great person who I adore. But your right, kind of senseless arguing with someone who is starting to sound like a broken record right now. Beth sorry to have over run your comments like this. For me this will indeed be the last comment on the subject. I'm still high on the current status of the day of hope and good friends. (Hugs)Indigo

  12. No need to apologize, my dear. I'm in a great mood and it takes more than a moralistic boob to get me out of a great mood! Hugs!

  13. I just laughed out loud at the picture!! That is priceless.

    I got so caught up in reading the comments I forgot what else I wanted to say....I'll be back when the senior moment passes. ;)

  14. Hey just for the record, lest someone launch cries of a 'vast right-wing conspiracy', I'm *not* the anonymous poster, having debated you openly before - I'm simply your token pro-life Republican on the site :)


  15. you know.. I'm just going to ask this. Is the problem that the comment was left "anonymous"? because what they stated was a fair question. Why do people get so upset about the killing of bears and wolves, but are not upset that this man supports abortion? I'm not saying I agree... I am merely curious why a reasonable question isn't responded to reasonably. :)

  16. Dan, as I wrote to you, I didn't think for a split second that that was you, because you have the cojones to include your name!


  17. "MORALISTIC BOOB" Oh how your command of the English language just floors me. I'm left with nothing...that just "hurts" so badly. Mmmm. I must go tend to my "wounds" now. *Limps away, sobbing.

  18. Wow I walked in on quite an uproar here! I am so happy that Obama won! I am feeling the effects of staying up way to late watching tv last night. It is going to be a long night for me! Linda

  19. Chalk up another one in the "You go, girl" column!

    Big hug, Laurel

  20. Wow! What a read on your comments board. I am speechless, and that is rare. In any case, you are one to evoke opinions and retorts and such and this is a good thing! Keep on truckin' girlfriend...this is America!!

  21. Wow thats why I hate politics. People get angry or their feelings hurt etc. so I just vote the way I choose and keep my mouth shut.

  22. Just have to love the anonymous comments.

    I didn't vote for Obama, but I'm willing to give the man a chance to prove himself. It was truly a historic moment last night. I went to bed when the electoral vote for him hit 200. I figured he's in, so there was no reason to sit up any longer. I do now wish I had stayed up just to see the reactions of the commentators as they were calling the election and I understand the speeches from both candidates were fantastic.

  23. ANON: at least Beth can spell "witty" and "aren't" correctly. Get off the cross, Mary- we need the wood!

  24. Hi Beth,
    I'm disappointed by this whole exchange between you and Anonymous. This is a really tough issue and insults just make it worse. No sane person wants to "kill human babies" and to suggest as much is a terrible distortion.

  25. Oooo....slapped by a drag queen. I'll have to put that on my resume.

  26. Marty you know, it is a tough issue. But abortion is exactly that, the killing of human babies endorsed by president-elect Obama. It's very sad. The fact that Beth made it a point to single out the killing of bears and wolves but neglected to speak of the disgusting issue of abortion is EXACTLY why we have now a president-elect who supports such an act.

    If Beth has a moral bone in her body, she would identify with this current social crisis. As a "scientist" who previously worked in the field of human health care, I would think that she would be a bit more concerned for the human condition than she appears to be. As it is, she is clearly more concerned for bears, wolves and personal bank accounts.

  27. Let me be clear here - Shut the F*&# up Anonymous. This is our "spot", so get out of here [period]...

    If you have more to say, send us an e-mail, but stop this nonsense.

    Beth, Indigo, Miss Ginger, I LOVE you all :o)

  28. I like the phrase 'moralistic boob.'
    My name is Dan Spalding and I stand by this comment.


  29. Are you kidding me? All you are clear about "Bucko" is that you can't come up with a good argument to back up supporting a candidate, now president-elect, that supports and endorses abortion!

    If you look back, I didn't start the mud slinging here, Beth did. I asked a question, and Beth couldn't answer it. Instead, she got defensive and aggressive in her response to me. You all have now fallen to a low of "cursing" at me. Way to go! What an upstanding guy you are! Bravo!! Keep those socks pulled all the way up dude, you don't want to be bending down to pull them up any time soon...

  30. I'm going to stay ANONYMOUS also...but I am not the ORIGINAL.
    I just think it's safer this way.
    I have to aggre with him/her. You did ask a question that apparently couldnt be answered , and instead you were called out publicly and then made fun of.
    That wasnt cool. That just wasnt nice either.
    And let me just set something straight. Obama is only HALF black. His mother is white if I'M not mistaken. So what's the big f'ing deal about him being the first black president?

    Oh no, will I be called out and made fun of?

  31. Okay, I want to announce my status as a black person. Now I want to tell Anonymous that Beth's dry wit in questioning the origins of your "name" is not racist. (I don't know how one goes "racial”; is that like going rabid?) Some time ago, Bill O'Reilly kept defending black people and I wrote a post asking him to stop, so I'm asking you, please don't defend black folks, especially if it involves tossing baseless accusations at my friend, Beth. I'm probably opening myself up for all sorts of nasty comments but I have been in such a good mood today that I haven't felt the urge to bitch slap anyone until now.

    I have no idea why I'm wasting my time with further commentary directed to Anonymous; a closed mind is a terrible thing to waste. No one is in favor of abortion but there are those of us who do not believe that anyone, least of all the state has the right to tell an individual what to do in circumstances that involve her body, and her health, and her choice.

    Is there at least consistency in your position? Are you opposed to the death penalty? How about war, do you support or oppose the war in Iraq? At this moment there are children dying a slow death from starvation in various parts of the world, do you make charitable contributions to send food to some of these children? Do you support increased U.S. foreign aid to countries where poverty is the greatest killer of children? Do you support increased funding for TANF to feed hungry children in the United States? Have you ever volunteered at a soup kitchen, delivered meals on wheels or just handed a dollar to a homeless person? Or is your concern not so much about unborn children but about being sanctimonious?

  32. Sheria said " I haven't felt the urge to bitch slap anyone until now"

    Ah, spoken like a TRUE bla-- I mean woman.

  33. Ok, Sheria, I'll answer you.

    I do not have a closed mind. "Her body" and "her health" and "her choice" are just that. When a situation comes up that does not involve the life of another human being, I agree, she has all the choice in the world. No one can decide for me what do do, nor should anyone tell an unborn baby that they have no right to live.

    I am opposed to the death penalty. I support the war. Apples and oranges, so I won't go there. I make many contributions to send food over seas. I do support increased U.S. foreign aid, I support feeding hungry children in the U.S., I do volunteer and, as a matter of fact, I have handed out money to homeless.

    Now, that being said, my position on abortion is as much about stopping murder for money as it is about saving human life that has not had the chance to agree or not to military service (hence my position on the war). Abortionists make money off of what they do. They lie about after effects, deny the existence of Post Abortion Stress Syndrome, and lobby against allowing the medical institutions who will teach mental health care students about PASS, to not publish or journal about it. It is clearly murder for money, it's disgusting, and it needs to stop. Obama supports this practice. Beth supports Obama and made it a point to draw a parallel between Palin and the slaughter of bears and wolves. Did I miss anything?

  34. Sigh.

    I have history on this issue, and have had to make decisions, whether I agreed or not.

    The whole subject is a VERY personal issue, and the details should not be discussed here.

    I am proud of my decision to vote for Mr. Obama, and will be happy to debate the merits of my decision.

    This entire diatribe is an excellent example of how Rovian politics has failed, and Anonymous, with each and every entry, reinforces the point :o)

  35. I too have a history on this issue. I am well suited to argue my position. I am not afraid to stand up and speak my mind about it. Silence on this issue is why it is where it is.

    So, let's be clear, shall we? I'm not going to discuss details, and I have not asked anyone else to discuss details. I came here because of the obvious hypocrisy regarding the killing of animals vs. the killing of human unborn babies. I asked a question that is still unanswered proving only that it is an issue that is sensitive, and easier swept under the rug than exposed. Discussion of the issue brings light, truth. Denial, sarcasm and name calling is ugly.

    isnt catholic that's why he supports abortion.
    And he's not freakin BLACK ! He's half black, now arent I lucky I'm no being bitch slapped by the real black commenter AKA Sheria

  37. Other anonymous person, the original question was rather pointless and not at all a real question. Clearly the original anonymous already had an answer, she thinks that Obama and evidently anyone who supports him condones murdering babies. How does one answer such a question? Even better yet, why bother? If you feel this way, well it's your right to do so, but don't claim that you or anonymous #1 is asking a serious question because you want an answer. What you want to do is to spread your holier than thou attitude and demonstrate your presumed moral superiority. You've heard the discussion before. You know that no one supports abortion or murdering babies. What many of us do support is a woman's right to choose, to make this highly personal decision based on her personal beliefs. So please stop pretending that anonymous #1 posed the initial question in pursuit of honest dialogue. You know, I read blogs by people who identify themselves as pro-life and yet also support the death penalty. Never once have I visited their blogs and asked them how is it that they can support the death penalty, which in my opinion is state sanctioned murder, and be pro-life. I've always figured that my question would be nothing more than a way to vent my opinion and possibly insult the blogger whom I regard as entitled to use his or her blog to express his or her beliefs. I may choose to write about what I perceive as an inconsistency in my own blog, but I don't attempt to use someone else's blog as a forum for my own ideas. In my opinion, that's a really lowlife thing to do.

  38. Well Sheria , arent you using big words.... I'm just some poor dumb white folk that dont understand.
    And btw was that my bitch slap ?

  39. You, Sheria, can believe what you want. Do you not see hypocrisy in highlighting what you believe to be political mismanagement when it comes to the slaughter of bears and wolves and turn a blind eye to the slaughter of human babies?

    Yes, it's a personal choice. That's what is wrong with it. It takes the person out of the victim, the baby. IF the woman didn't want to have a baby, quiet frankly, she should have kept her pants on. It's that simple. For real. And the argument regarding her life or the baby? Isn't THAT being holier than thou? Who is anyone to play God in that way and choose one life over another?

  40. If either of the Anonymous feel so strongly on the issue of abortion, why don't you simply take up space in your own journal on the agenda? Or start up a group chat were someone truly wants to butt heads with you. At this point I see it as nothing short of an excuse for you to try to shove your opinions down everyone elses throats. Apparently you don't understand the concept of having choices....Must be lonely in a world where no one is good enough unless they swallow your bullshit line and sinker. Last I checked this was Beth's journal. If you don't agree with her principles why are you reading and better yet continuing to comment...Oh, I see your lonely, friendless, and so lost in your life you have nothing better to do, but badger someone else endlessly. What is it, no one wants to visit you and discuss your agendas. Could it be because you wouldn't hear anything but your own voice anyway...

    Beth I'm sorry there are these moronic lost few that can't seem to get on with their lives...(Hugs)Indigo

  41. Anonymous, I restate my previous thoughts, $@*& #$@.... You have attacked a great friend of Beth and I, and you should be ashamed. Your single track mind, your condensending demeanor, and your racist comments, are nothing more than "amazing".

    I am Bucko and I approve his message -I love nature, I abhore the hunting of animals for the mere sport, I do not condone nor disapprove abortion, and I believe the greatest thing about our nation is CHOICE.

    Your comments regarding hypocrisy are nothing more than amusing :o) ROTFL...

  42. Hi Beth, Just wanted to let you know that I totally support your right to write whatever you want in your journal, and to have WHATEVER opinions you WANT to have... (imagine that!). I'm saddened by the outcome of the election, but I'm glad that EVERYONE was allowed to vote the way the WANTED to.

    Love you much!

  43. Single track mind? Condescending demeanor? Racist comments? You should be reTHINKing that my 'friend'. It was Beth who attacked first...note the single track, condescending demeanor and racist comment in HER response to my question!

    I restate my previous thoughts, Hahahahaha!! :D

  44. Yet your the only one who continues to sound like a broken record...Indigo

  45. Sweetie, you mean YOU'RE...not your. I'm just sayin...

  46. Holy Crap Beth, look what I miss by going to the lake for the afternoon!
    I was going to add to this, but decided not to aggravate the situation.
    I just popped over here from Bucko's to see what was going on.
    Peace! Leigh

  47. What I find most amusing is that the woman herself who was/is the subject of my original question has not bothered to respond.

    Cat got your tongue? Or, wait, I know! You can't respond intelligently enough to make an argument for slamming Palin while ignoring the dirty fact about Obama?

  48. Maybe the woman herself doesn't think your worth the time or space. I think I'll take her cue. Your not! Indigo

  49. I dont have time to go thru and read this fight with this troll. My county in Ohio voted more for McCain than Obama BUT more voted Democrat in my Ohio county than EVER in history. Usually i get the nastiest looks from poll workers when i declare Democrat. XO

  50. dear god i just had to read this after the latest entry i have never seen such a bitter person obviously doesnt like you beth. or ya friends. shame innit? rather sad. if it wasnt so bloody funny from your BRITISH friend mort. we just shoot the loser of elections over here much better system lmao tc xxxxxx

  51. I'll remember Mr. Martin too. I feel asleep...(damn I have to stop watching tv in bed!) and I was woke up just in time to hear CNN declare him the winner. I immediatly began to cry with the emotion of the moment...right along with Roland (?) and Jesse.

  52. Wow! I'm so sorry now that I was in Florida when this was going on; I'd have loved to have contributed while it was fresh! Phew! I think "Original Anonymous" meant to pick and not just ask a reasonable, curious question, otherwise s/he would have worded it differently and wouldn't have gone on to attack in subsequent comments. And IF there were subsequent "Anonymouses" (or would that be "Anonymi"?), then they certainly made the point of why you asked "Original Anonymous" to leave an identity. Notice that ONLY those identifying themselves as "Anonymous" were making a personal attack on you, Ken, Sheria, Indigo, and others? I think this is someone who knows you; it's certainly someone who has read enough in your journal to know your background. And if someone reads enough of your writing to know so much about you and Ken, then why hasn't s/he already realized that s/he is at the opposite pole from you politically? And if s/he has realized that, then why continue to read you? Just to get irritated? To make sure you know his/her opinion? That's important to him/her? If any of the "Anonymi" are still reading your comments here, I hope the one (or many) who made the "black" comments is reading my comment right now. My husband is black, and my children are "half" black, like Obama. Believe me, half black IS black. They usually refer to themselves as brown, but they identify themselves on paper as bi-racial. There may come a time when they identify themselves as something else; that's up to them. But they are definitely black; to deny that would be to deny their father. The reason why many people are making a big deal about Obama being the first African-American US President is because he IS the first African-American US President! He is the first US President of Afro descent -- the first US President of color. So, yes, it IS a big deal. If "Anonymi" would like to spar with me for a while, they are welcome to. Click on my name and you'll find my email address.


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