Sunday, November 2, 2008

Calling it like I see it

I had an email from my friend Jillian, and she informed me that Aubrey and Erin (former coworkers) have yet to decide about the election, so maybe I should harass them a little bit! I don't know how often Aubrey checks her email, and I don't have Erin's email, so I sent Jillian a letter to print out for both of them. After I read it to Ken, he said that I should consider making the letter an entry.

After a little deliberation, I think he's right. We're getting down to the wire, and just like various newspapers are doing, I'll give my official endorsement to Barack Obama. Yes, I know I'm not a newspaper. Just a little silliness, but I'm very serious about my feelings on this election. I know not everyone agrees, but for what it's worth, here is my letter to my friends.


Dear Aubrey (and/or Erin),

Jillian tells me that you have not yet decided who to vote for on November 4th.

I would like to make my plea to get you to cast your vote for Barack Obama. Although I hate to admit it, I voted for Bush in the last election. I thought the fiscal policies of the Republican party were sound, and to some extent, I still feel that way. However, the Bush presidency has proven to be a fiasco for our country, and the recent economic meltdown is the final verdict: the deregulation and complete free market policy that the GOP lives by and that John McCain supported has resulted in the worst economic disaster since the Depression.

Yes, Barack Obama wants to raise taxes. But only on those families who make more than $250,000 per year, and on individuals who make more than $200,000 per year. I used to work in the same profession, so I know damn well that you aren't close to that! Under Obama's tax plan, you will pay less in taxes. Under McCain's, you will pay minimally less than under Obama's plan. McCain's pledge that he will cut taxes is ludicrous. Our national debt is huge, and we cannot continue this way without raising taxes. That's reality. Under McCain's plan, those making millions of dollars a year will pay LESS in taxes than they do now. When I see people losing their jobs all across the country, and people who are unable to pay their mortgages, utilities, or medical bills, I seriously question anyone who says that it is in any way feasible or reasonable to cut taxes on the top 5% of earners in the country.

I have read both of Obama's books, and have studied his policies. Despite what some might say, he does not believe in "handouts," and feels strongly that personal responsibility and hard work is key to getting ahead and making a better life for ourselves. His own life reflects that philosophy, and he worked hard to get scholarships and gain his degrees, as did his wife.

Throughout this campaign, Obama has shown steadiness, extreme intelligence, and the ability to consider all sides of whatever problem with which he is confronted. McCain has proven that he makes ill-considered decisions, has an ill-tempered personality, and is ill-prepared to guide our country with the calm hand needed at this time.

Speaking of ill-considered decisions on McCain's part, the Big One has got to be his choice of running mate. As a reasonable, intelligent, thinking woman, I cannot begin to tell you how appalled I am at his choice of Sarah Palin. She has shown that she is ethically challenged, using her power as governor to put pressure on others to bow to her will; she has a complete disrespect for the environment and nature, and condones the brutal killing of wolves and bears from helicopters; and most recently, has shown that she is so incompetent that she accepts that someone calling her and claiming to be the President of France really IS the President of France, and when the "President" claims that he loved the documentary about her, the Hustler one called "Nailin' Palin," she laughed and said, "Ohhh, gooood. Thank you!"

There is NO WAY I could ever cast my vote for a ticket that includes someone who is so obviously incompetent and in no way prepared to lead our nation. McCain's decision to choose her showed me that he was pandering to the extreme right wing of the party, and that he was putting his own interests first, rather than the good of the country that he claims to love. Bottom line: he wants to get elected, and to hell with what is best for America. The man who for many years seemed to put honor above all else has sold his soul and given up that honor in order to get elected, at whatever cost to our country.

If you're getting the impression that I feel strongly about this, you're right. Both Ken (a lifelong Republican, by the way) and I were proud to cast our votes for Obama this past Monday, and we both believe that he is the best hope for our country to begin to pull out of our current morass. While those overseas have no voice in our elections, the choice for Obama will do much to repair our damaged reputation around the world. As the recent economic problems have shown, our economy affects the global economy; we have a responsibility to reassure our allies and speak with potential allies and try to heal the wounds that have resulted from our recent disastrous foreign policy. The person to do that is Obama, not McCain.

I couldn't feel stronger about this, and I hope you'll take that into account as you make your decision.

Much love,



  1. Down to the wire, Tuesday should be very interesting :o)

  2. I'm sending Aubrey and Erin my OWN letter!!

  3. Very well written.
    I think he will win.
    xox, Cassie

  4. Hi Beth,
    Good for you. Obviously, I agree regarding Obama. Every vote counts and I'm glad you took the time to send such a thoughtful letter and to post it on your blog.

  5. Obviously I feel differently and disagree strongly with your assesments, but it was a well written letter. As for anyone 'undecided' at this point . . well, there's a lovely Family Guy sketch related to those folks. I might post it today, if I'm in the mood to take some heat!

    Looking forward to Wednesday, so I don't have to wince and duck when I stop by! lol


  6. I think McCain will keep us on the same downward spiral that Bush has for the past 8 yrs. I'm voting Obama.
    Great letter by the way!

  7. Everyone is so different....taxes have NOTHING to do with my decisions on who to vote for and i hold little faith in either man. But i will vote. I hope your friends enjoy the letter you wrote and get out and vote. XO

  8. I understand your arguments... but I disagree. Obama is not the best choice. Unfortunately I do believe he will win the electoral vote.

  9. This may be a long one ... so my pardons at the start.

    Up until Dubya, I considered myself a 'Regan Democrat'. Some of the national issues made my vote split from my local opinion.

    With 'Dubya' ascension, the thing that John Cleese spoke of regarding having an intelligent leader mattered more to me. I went with Wesley Clark in 'OO, because he is a smart cat, and I thought he could be 'like Ike', who warned about the situation we are in now (please see the doc. 'Why We Fight' ... save me from a lot of keystrokin'!) with Corporations and the Military Industrial complex making decisions that have little bearing on what is best for the country.

    I would be ashamed to have voted for someone who is 'like me, a regular guy', because when did 'regular guys' become someone you could rely on to make tough choices and do the right things? Regular guys screw up big time often, and are 'regularly undependable'.

    We don't mind folks with money, but we do mind if you are smarter than us.

    That is what makes people envious. Because instead of screwing around and cutting class, you studied, paid attention and advanced. You didn't smoke pot to the point of flunking out, and you kept on rising through the halls of intellectual growth.

    Meanwhile, regular guys found reasons not to work as hard as they could at their studies, looked for short cuts and when the chips were down, let the chips fall instead of trying to catch them. Unlike his Dad, who was a Yale MAN, Dubya is more of what kind of leadership you get when you are of a development where you get a long leash to be a failure.

    He really wasn't a good govenor of Texas, and like McCain, was part of the fiasco of the S&L scandal of the 80's. Hmm ... and there is a fianacial meltdown and Dubya's running the show, with McCain and his sidekick ready to keep the stage coach barreling to the edge of the cliff.

    I will admit to the incongruent social positions that I hold, considering, but when I compare them with the larger issue of who to choose, picking someone I would have a beer with, isn't who I want to have discussing things with Putin.

    I rather he'd be here having that beer with me!


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