Tuesday, November 4, 2008

High anxiety

I managed to do pretty well today, keeping myself occupied with little household tasks, blog reading, and some piano practice.

But the first polls, in Indiana and Kentucky, are ready to close in the next few minutes. I'm in a state of high anxiety as I await the first results coming in.

I have CNN on, because I love John King and his Magic Wall or whatever they call it, but we'll probably switch back and forth between that and NBC. Will anyone else miss Tim Russert? I sure will.

And the first polls are closed! ACK! No results yet.

My friend Jillian invited us over for an election night party (they're having Chicago dogs!). I left her a message and said that we were declining for a couple of reasons. Ken is leaving tomorrow for a business trip through the end of the week, and will be packing tonight (although he can pack really quickly!). But I said to be frank, I'm not sure I can be around anyone other than Ken tonight. I know all too well that I am not good company when I get in this sort of state, and I don't know if I'll be able to stand myself tonight!

I'm hearing that some people are having to wait for hours to vote in some areas. Please don't give up! If you are in line before the polls close, you will be able to vote. Please don't get frustrated and give up your right to vote! I've been stunned to hear of the turnout for this election, and reports are that it could be the greatest turnout in a century. WOW!

More later!


  1. You and Paul both Dang....Paul knows who I voted for (you and I both there is only one logically choice). He hasn't wanted to say anything to me about his vote...big secrecy thing you know..

    Anyhow he texted me during lunch and says I feel like I changed history. That gave it away..Then he said the stupidest thing, his forefathers fought in the Civil War. Me being bitchy because he wouldn't just come out and say he voted Obama asked him which side. That got me called a Bitch (yes, we do joke around like that...no worries it's all good).

    Since then he keeps texting me between guitar students to ask if I've heard anything yet...Crimey...I'm suppose to be glued in front of the tv like someone else I know *winks*...So in any event that's two votes you have on your side. (Hugs)Indigo

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  3. trekkies vote obama?? ya kidding me?? spock would say most illogical captain lets get the hell out of here warp factor oh just open her up scotty. lmao omg beth 1 each as i write this. good luck to whoever wins. god help us all if the WRONG person wins. take care,dont forget to go to the toilet when you have to,drink lots of water, lol love mort xxx

  4. It is such an exciting time. I heard the last polls close at 1 am...I doubt I can stay up that late since I have to go to work tomorrow :(

    Anywho...guess what?? I had to wait in line at our polling place! First time ever - there were 18 people in line ahead of me and the ladies registering everyone said it had been steady all day. When I left there were a few people outdoors waiting to get in so this IS a big election.

    I hope you & Ken enjoy your election eve together.

  5. Here in the Tacoma area, I hear people are waiting up to 3 hours in line to vote. I knew there was a reason I've always used an absentee ballot. Linda in WA

  6. I know, it is nerve wracking the wait.
    All we can do is pray and hope we get a good leader. Which is what this country needs.

  7. I definitely miss Tim Russert... he was one of a kind. His son Luke is a treasure as well, I'm sure he will have a successful career and I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the air tonight.

    Hope you're enjoying your CNN... the hologram was a bit too much for me...

  8. Would you be offended if I asked you to watch the returns in the garage or the back bedroom? :o)

  9. I love being from a tiny town. I didn't have to wait AT ALL and it was 4:30 in the afternoon when I got there. It's been rather exciting hearing over and over that our state is a big deal in this election. I've been trying not to watch the tv too intently, knowing it will be many more hours before we KNOW anything. Good luck. I'm going to finish reading the twilight saga I think.... ;)

  10. I am driving my coworkers crazy also. I keep bringing CNN up on my computer to see if the results have changed! Linda

  11. NY polls close at 9pm. I just got home from our voting place, there were no lines and we were in and out !!!
    I will try and stay up to watch, or just pop onto your blog in the AM. !!!

  12. It seems to swinging Obama's way, according to BBC news, will gradually be chewing down towards my knuckles....lol


  13. Gee Beth you make us all feel ok
    even though we are all nervous!:0
    have fun somehow!

  14. Beth, I am sure by now you have heard the news, we have a new President, Mr.Obama. It is a special time for us all. And Mark and I will pray for our new President, his family and the staff he has appointed.
    Hugs, Laini

  15. Hi Beth,
    Now that I'm reading your entry -- after the happy and historic result -- I can relate. It was certainly difficult at first when the results were barely starting to come-in. I kept waiting for some "dirty trick" to surface, for things to go terribly wrong. Thank God, they didn't!

  16. like i told you i waited 20 min. Long lines everywhere in my Ohio city. Lots more ethnic than i had ever seen voting before. You gave up chicago dogs? Sounds good! XOXO


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