Friday, November 7, 2008

Quick roundup

I feel like I've had a fairly productive day today, although it was just running errands. I made a wide circle in town so I didn't have to backtrack. Planning is everything! I also forgot about all the road construction in the area where I was going, so my detour led me on a route where I ended up thinking, "Where the heck am I going?" But I managed to not get lost, and before you laugh too hard at me (it's not like South Bend is a huge city), you should know that I am road-challenged. I am so awful with directions, and I think MapQuest is one of the best inventions ever! This is in contrast to Cousin Shane, who is a walking, talking road map. I swear, if he's been on a road once, he remembers it.

After I picked up the power adapter for the elliptical (it was missing, and they were nice enough to call the company and have them send a replacement), I swung by Shirk's Piano and Organ, which is in the same shopping center. I found some piano books that I liked! A Christmas one, a classical one, and one with songs from the 40's. And yes, I found the sheet music to "Stardust," so I got that, too. These are all fairly easy arrangements, but some of them are edging close to more complicated, so they should keep me occupied for some time. In the book of songs from the 40's, there are songs like "As Time Goes By" (I channeled Bogie and Bacall when I played that one), and I don't know why I love this song, but it has "Don't Fence Me In." As you know, I love my rock music, but I've found that songs by...oh, AC/DC...just don't translate well to the piano. Ha ha!

Then it was a swing by Target to find a piano lamp. I didn't like what they had, so I decided to skip that and just go to the grocery store. But there is a Menard's by the grocery store, so I stopped there first and found a plain little banker's lamp that will do just fine. I also got a compact fluorescent bulb that will fit in it. Did you know that they're making compact fluorescent bulbs for ceiling fan lights now? That's what I got today. I'll try to start replacing our ceiling fan bulbs with fluorescents.

Let's see, then to the grocery store where I didn't buy a whole lot, but got a couple of pies for tomorrow. We're having a little birthday get-together for my sister Susie at her daughter's (my niece Jana) house. Ken won't be back in time for it, but he'll be back tomorrow evening. I'll be happy to see him!

Perhaps more later...I've got something percolating, but it's got a ways to go before I can get it into words. I also have plenty of blogs to read! I'll get caught up tonight.


  1. Sounds like you will be busy with that piano for sure. New music and a lamp to read it all by too. Have fun! I know you'll be glad to have Ken home! 'On Ya'-ma

  2. Hi Beth,
    Sounds like a productive day in Nutwood Junction!

  3. Waiting to hear a recital! Dannelle

  4. I get lost myself. Someone needs to give me a Garmin for Christmas. I'm forever having to mapquest my way... and you would THINK it would be easier here in the mountains but it's worse.

    I wish I could play the piano. That's one of my life goals: learn to sew, learn to speak Italian and learn to play the piano. And I love songs from old movies of the 40's 50's and 60's.

    Hope you're having fun!

  5. I haven't been productive at all today. pfft. I'm SO unmotivated.

  6. Did you show a picture of the piano? I missed it if you did.
    I am GREAT at directions, I think I get that from my Dad. I can almost know where I'm going, but I'll find it without mapquest....yea, i'm cool like that.
    Uncle Rocco sends his best (wink).
    Love ya !

  7. You're probably going to need a piano tuner, huh?

    Seems like a nice day. I stayed home and watched Doctor Who all day. Fun stuff.

  8. Percolating huh? *winks* so far mine hasn't cost me much, if anything my numbers went up (strangeness like the twilight zone), the off comments total 2 and one wasn't even a regular reader. I did visit Bed and Bath Beyond found an awesome deal on holiday plates (white with gold trim..), shopping at Target for a friend, dinner and home. Poor Paul was in agony somewhat. I wish he had said something earlier.

    Paul is horrible with directions. Me? I seem to find my way back to main roads fairly easy. Give me a map and I'll get you were you want to go in the shortest time (My ex couldn't read a map if you paid him). Skye is a terror if she gets lost...that's another story for another day.

    Have a great day tomorrow. Tell Ken we still miss him. (Hugs)Indigo

  9. I love "Don't Fence Me In" too; I think it's the harmony. Glad you got all your running done, and that Ken will be home with you soon. I'll be back later to catch up more with you.

  10. Just think of all the music you can buy with the money you are saving from not smoking. Good for you.

  11. Beth it is the meez thing and I did copy the code to put it in but I can't figure out how to add it to my blogger journal. I was able to add it to my myspace but not my journal? Linda

  12. Wow your day sounds like many of mine. Have fun piano playing. Hours of fun.

  13. I took piano lessons as a child, and I wish that I had never stopped playing. You have some great music there, sounds like everything from Kay Starr to Gene Autry. Love Bogie & Bacall - there'll never be another pair like them!


  14. Sounds like you picked up some good music to work with. I would never laugh at you about being lost. The very first time I drove into Enterprise, Al (back in 1985) I was lost for 2 hours and this town you can drive through in 15 minutes. LOL. Anyway, enjoy the weekend, Iknow you'll be glad to see Ken back.. I'm almost ready to start a countdown to Paul's return. :)

  15. Wow, we probably just missed eachother at Target, at least if you were at the one in the "princess city." ;) I believe Shirk's is on that side of town right? It's still weird to me that we live so close together that I could actually run into you some where. Glad you got some things accomplished today. I know you're not a fan of shopping but I love browsing the stores. Particularly Target. They have a lot of cute xmas things up already.


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