Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Live, from Nutwood, it's Wednesday Niiight!

As my Dad would say, "Oh, for Pete's sake."

The Troll of the Day Award goes to Anonymous, for harassing not only me, but also my readers. You only get "the day" award, dear Troll, because I've read much worse on other blogs. Unless you want to up the ante and raise the rhetoric--if not the roof--you are small potatoes. But you get a special nod for this little bit o' honey:

"The fact that Beth made it a point to single out the killing of bears and wolves but neglected to speak of the disgusting issue of abortion is EXACTLY why we have now a president-elect who supports such an act."

Wait a mention the other day of Governor Palin's support of aerial killing of wolves and bears is EXACTLY why Barack Obama is our President-Elect?! Wow!

You heard it here, folks! I am responsible for the election of Barack Obama as the President of the United States! Me! Me me me! ME!

Your little hostess here at Nutwood is grateful and humbled by the honor. To know that my commentary here on Nutwood resulted in the greatest, most positive change in recent global politics is sobering and yes...gratifying. Thank you! Thank you all! Mwah! Mwah!

Although I've given the Troll of the Day award to Anonymous, I have to give the Comment of the Day award to Miss Ginger Grant. I've appreciated all of your comments, but this was pretty damn good: "Get off the cross, Mary- we need the wood!"

But wait! This just in! We have a tie! Our friend Sheria weighed in with her opinion, and Anonymous had this to say in response:

"Ah, spoken like a TRUE bla-- I mean woman."

Oh dear. It seems that my little cocktail party has gotten a tiny bit out of hand. Your little hostess is quite dismayed.

Your little hostess would like to make this statement concerning her little blog:

If you have a problem with me, feel free to email me at I will respond or ignore as necessary. Anonymous, your harassment of my readers is unwarranted, unpleasant, and just plain nasty. You have proven yourself to be racist and judgmental, and if you decide that you want to continue with your comments, be prepared for the response. I invite you to send me an email if you would like to continue a discussion. The folks that have commented here are my friends, and you are a f***tard of the highest degree for denigrating them. Email me. I dare you. If you missed it, my email is Got it?

Double dare.

Of course, in the meantime, you can continue leaving comments if you'd like, because your obsession with me is kind of scary and fascinating. Disturbing, even. Are you a stalker, Anonymous? Wow, that's creepy. Stop it. Stop stalking me! You also seem to have focused on Sheria. Are you obsessed with her now, too? I bet she'd be happy to share her email address with you, so you can continue your discussion.

What say you? Did you see my email up there? I won't give out Sheria's, because that is her information to share, not mine. That whole privacy thing, doncha know.

On to happier subjects! Ken made it safely to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for a business meeting. He'll be back Saturday evening, so I've got a few days here by myself, holding down the Nutwood fort. Look out, folks, I've got time on my hands!


  1. If Anynomous wants to contact me, I am at I welcome a dialogue and a debate.

  2. Well apparently the troll has designated itself the global spell checker as well. They're just glued to every word that goes up on this journal at the moment. Yeah, it is damn right creepy. Beth love you and the whole gang, the rest of the desolate demented can go hang themselves. I'm betting they don't have the guts to email. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. So did you make some eggplant parmesan, cuz ya' know, Ken is out of town! Hmmm, trolls...

  4. I was the subject of a lethal troll a few months ago. The only thing I found effective is immediate removal of the comment with no acknowledgment of it. This is a very hard thing to do, because they are so infuriating and you feel the need to attack back, but they want attention, and since they can't get it though being smart or insightful they are happy enough to get it my provoking you. Attacking them, no matter how justified, plays into their game plan.

  5. My trolls just email me. I don't know why they don't leave comments. I suppose it takes a special kind of courage to throw such stupidity up for the world to see --even if it's posted anonymously.

    Now, onto more important things: Ken's out of town?!? Dude! Let's have a kegger! You get the beer, make some phone calls, and I'll pick up a boatload of red plastic cups. He won't even notice.

  6. Some of the republicans out there have been down right nasty since the news came out last night. I would like to think that if the vote had went the other way, I (as well as you) would've been disappointed but wouldn't have reacted in the same way as some of these people have done. All they seem to see is a black guy who supports full term abortion. They lack the ability to look closer and see what he means when he states that he supports full term. It's ONLY if the mother's life is in danger. If mom dies, baby dies anyways so it's common sense to do everything to save mom first. Besides that, I'm pro-choice. (although I don't think it should be used as a form of birth control and there should be... limits) So many of the hunters out there, get hung up on the whole it's just an animal thing and people are SO important. If you ask me, people are what's WRONG with this world. But whatever, I'm just a bleeding heart liberal. ;) By the way, I said f---tard in front of my mom the other day and I thought she was going to split her side laughing so hard. It was the first time she'd ever heard it. lol

  7. Dan, I would notice the plastic cups in the recycling bin :o)

    Nice try!

  8. Priceless Ken! LOL hmmm we could move the party to the Old Drive-In Lot. (There is one in every burg)ummmm after Ken gets back that is (wipes brow). Why do I feel like my parents are going to walk in the door any minute now. (Hugs)Indigo

  9. Beth I am seriously jealous that you have get the sole responsibility for getting Obama in office! How many people voted for Obama? I didn't realize you had that many readers! Linda

  10. Sorry, Ken. I already explained to Beth why we should bury the cups in the back yard. Trust me. A thousand years from now, you'll thank me.

  11. Thanks for the shout out, Miss B! Your spar with "Anonodouche" reminds me: Did anyone else notice last night that when McCain gave his very gracious concession speech, he consistently had to "palms down" the crowd in Arizona as they booed and hissed at the mention of our President-elect's name, but in Chicago, the crowd waiting to greet their new leader fell silent to watch the giant screens delivering McCain's concession with reverence and respect. Just sayin'- DON'T BE BITTER! Check my blog if you need a reminder!

  12. Oh I LOVE the name calling! You sound so, um, 8th grade? Please, tell me again what kind of 'tard' I am??? Please, grace the blog world with your command of the english language. Please, oh please oh please???

  13. The crowd at the Obama rally actually applauded and cheered John McCain when Obama brought him up. That says a lot.

  14. It is sad that some just want to cause trouble and not try to make Peace.
    We need change and I think Obama was the best choice..
    That is some troll picture you have on your

  15. Okay, Anon. You are a gibbering, lackwitted fucktard.

    Is that what you were looking for?

  16. My, Beth, I guess you're a VERY popular journaler!! 60+ million readers no less!!

    "The fact that Beth made it a point to single out the killing of bears and wolves but neglected to speak of the disgusting issue of abortion is EXACTLY why we have now a president-elect who supports such an act." The reasoning there escapes me too. So, Obama was elected solely because you mentioned the one point without the other. What power you have!! YOU ought to run for President yourself one day!

    Really, this Anonymous, whoever they are, has no life at all. I've always put trolls in the same category as people who write computer viruses. Nothing else to do with their time but to wander around the Internet seeing how much trouble they can stir up. Using "Anonymous" also shows just what a coward they are. This type of thing disgusts me and I am really fired up that this "individual" is here harassing you. Then they don't stop there, they start in on your readers.

    I bet "Anonymous" doesn't have the GUTS to e-mail you and use a real name telling you who they are. Coward!!

    "Anonymous" can take me on, if he or she has the nerve. I'm at Those who attack my friends attack me too, & I respond accordingly. I have no tolerance for such behavior.

    On a good note, glad Ken's in Cedar Rapids safely!


  17. You know, Dirk (what a commanding name, really.) I never suggested that Beth, or that her statement was the reason Obama was elected. My point, that you apparently missed in all your comment reading through your glare of bitterness, was that Beth chose to single out something about Palin and ignored a larger, more important issue of abortion that Obama, in all his fame and glory, supports. Is that clear enough for you?

  18. Hey, Anon- if you don't like our "8th grade name calling", why don't you go read some 9th grade blogs? We won't miss you, and you won't be bored by our 8th grade rhetoric. It's a win-win situation!

  19. Abortion is the greatest thing to happen to America. We should be exporting it instead of this whole silly Democracy thing. I mean, China could use the help. They're just letting their unwanted babies rot in the streets. Plus, we're killing adults in Iraq when we should be aborting fetuses. Adults can work. They can operate machines, drive cabs, drill for oil, and sometimes even knit. The Middle East really could use the gift that is abortion. I think they'd embrace it a lot quicker than democracy.

  20. This is better than TV! hee hee...

    (It's late, that's the best witty comment I could come up with. LOL)

  21. I think McCain would've had far more votes if he had shown the gracious attitude he had last night, all throughout the election process. He was almost likeable last night. The Obama crowd was a lot more subdued than I would've expected. It made it all the more obvious that the RIGHT person was elected to be the next president. Why would you bring up Obama's stance on abortion if you weren't talking ABOUT abortion at the time? They're two completely different topics. I think one should be allowed to feel outrage at the thought of killing animals for no reason other than to say you did it, as well as feel outrage for other things. I personally, feel no outrage at the fact that Obama is pro-choice. When your daughter is raped, becomes pregnant and can't stand the thought of having that baby growing inside of her for the next nine months, maybe your stance would change on abortion just slightly. It would be like having a monster growing inside of you for those nine months. A constant reminder of what had happened. Why would you allow someone to go through that if there was an alternative? I just don't get close minded people at all. Oh, I also support gay rights. My moral fibers are unraveling as we speak. :) I didn't have a whole lot to begin with though so it won't take long.

  22. Janie, lots of people have been saying the McCain they saw last night was the McCain of 2000. I think that McCain would've won. In fact, it was a toss-up for me, but then he started pandering to the religious loons, and that just settled it for me. I respected him when he called them agents of intolerance, but when he started sucking up to them, I saw him as a feeble and pathetic old man who would sell his soul to be president rather than earn it honestly through the strength of his convictions.

  23. Oops... Sorry. That should be Jamie.

    It's nice that you love me, Jamie. You seem like the kind of woman I'd love to have abort my baby. We could probably knock out three or four a year since we're all so rabidly pro-abortion.

  24. Omigod, if I laugh much harder, I really will pee myself. LMAO

  25. Beth,
    Thanks for arranging to get Obama elected ... I never realized just how much pull you had out there in Nutwood Junction! As long as you're so Gosh Darned Omnipotent, do you think you could arrange to keep Sarah Palin in Alaska?

  26. Ok, now we get to a serious issue. Rape.

    I volunteer my time with a post abortion counseling agency. I have worked with women who had abortions after rape. Know what? They feel the same as women who have had abortions due to incest, teenage pregnancy, unplanned pregnancy within a marriage, and all other sorts of unplanned pregnancy. When it's all said and done, they all say the same thing: "I wish I had never made that choice. I wish they told me I would feel this way. I wish they hadn't lied to me. I felt pressured into the abortion. I wanted the baby even though..."

    It's heartbreaking to hear the stories from mothers who say "if my daughter had only told me. I wish the had given me the choice to raise my grandchild..."

    The choice is not the real issue. It's the loss of life. It's the fattening of a doctor's pay check. It's American greed in it's worst form. Obama supports the choice, but the only winner is the one making the money off of someone's pain and confusion. You want choice? Then cause the truth to be told BEFORE the procedure. The WHOLE truth, not the garbage that planned parenthood or any other abortionist would tell you. Their truth is biased by the money.

    No, rape does not change my position on abortion.

  27. It'd be pretty easy keeping Sarah Palin in Alaska. Just tell her that the Nieman Marcus they built on the Yukon border is having a sale, and she'll freeze into a glacier trying to find it.

    She'll stay there for thousands of years.

  28. Beth, I'm not going to e-mail you or your 'friends'. You know what you said, you know what my point is, and all the rest is entertainment. Take it for what it's worth but if you can't stand the killing of innocent animals, then you shouldn't tolerate the killing of innocent human babies. That's the point. That's been the point from the first comment.

    You live with that....I hope that a seed has been planted that will take root in some way. If you are the dynamic person I think you could be, this is a ball you could run with. If you are a coward who only wants to exploit the slaughter of innocent animals...God have mercy on you.

    God Bless. May you stop and think, if only for a moment, and hear the cries that will never be.

  29. No one here is stating that we don't think the proper counseling and information should be given to these women but in some cases, abortion IS justified. You want to take away their choice to remove a monster from their womb just because you think it makes some doctor richer? You know there's a lot of things out there that line the pockets of some doctors. Breast implants aren't life or death but someone IS going to make money off of it. Now don't flip the fuck out and say that now I'm suddenly saying that abortion and breast implants are the same, because I'm NOT. One person shouldn't be allowed to make that decision for millions of women just because they think it's morally wrong. Those women out there who have been raped, by strangers, people they thought were their friends and even by family members should be allowed that choice. Now if you want to take the choice away from the skank down the road who got knocked up for the tenth time and just doesn't feel like going through the hassle of filling out adoption papers, you go right ahead but in a lot of cases, women should be allowed to make that choice for themselves.

  30. Killing animals and killing babies are two TOTALLY different topics, by the way. You can't make it out like Beth wants to go slaughter every gooey baby out there for fun. She NEVER said that, nor would she EVER say that unless it was just something as a joke, to piss people like you off. Maybe she, like me, doesn't like the killing of ANYTHING innocent. Why does it have to be one or the other?

  31. I have worked with women who had abortions after rape. Know what? They feel the same as women who have had abortions due to incest, teenage pregnancy, unplanned pregnancy within a marriage, and all other sorts of unplanned pregnancy. When it's all said and done, they all say the same thing: "I wish I had never made that choice. I wish they told me I would feel this way. I wish they hadn't lied to me. I felt pressured into the abortion. I wanted the baby even though..."

    Bullshit. Wow. I mean, that's a special kind of bullshit right there. It's all deep and fudgy like the bull wasn't getting enough fiber or something.

    There are also the logical fallacies of appealing to numbers and emotion which tends to throw a whole fuckload of fail into your little soliloquy against the wonders of abortion. I don't care what those people think. I happen to love abortion and women who have abortions. We don't need people like you unloading a guilt trip on everyone. Women who have abortions should get cake instead of the nonsense and lies which you shovel upon them.

    Seriously. Live in the real world instead of lying to us about working at a post-abortion counseling agency when no such thing even exists.

  32. Wait. She's saying doctors are doing it for money? Is that the new twist these sanctimonious god-botherers are putting on their frothy little outrage?

    Oh yes, Anon. I'm sure your motivations are purely secular and not the result of some overbearing, yet irrelevant, religious beliefs.

    Sheesh... That's kind of desperate. I mean, abortions are freakin' cheap. I pay more for a week's worth of groceries than doctors charge for an abortion.

  33. "Anonymous said...
    Beth, I'm not going to e-mail you or your 'friends'."

    Yeah. That's what I thought.

    Gee, color me surprised!

    The offer still stands, and I suspect that it still stands for my [finger quotes] friends [end finger quotes]. If you have something more to say here, you'd best be saying it soon, because your window of opportunity is closing.

    But for now, speak your piece. Here's your forum. For whatever reason, you have chosen to not write your own blog, and would rather spout your rhetoric on mine. So here's your chance. State your case, make your plea, tell us all why you have appointed yourself the arbiter of our lives and the moral Hall Monitor of Nutwood Junction.

    By the way, someone who refuses to leave their name is probably the last person who should be calling me a coward. And thanks so much for your blessings from God, and for your pleas to Him for mercy upon this reprobate. I feel cleansed.

    Your little hostess,

  34. Anonymous,
    You seem intent on making us believe that Obama supports "the killing of human babies." This kind of Distorted Rhetoric went out with Karl Rove. Obama supports the restriction of late-term abortions with provisions to protect the health of the mother ... and he has said so repeatedly. Besides that, he's obviously pro-choice. But go ahead, keep claiming that he's in favor of "killing human babies." To paraphrase our President Elect, your comments say more about you than they do about him.

  35. Don't forget our love, Jamie. I've got a knife, and I will cut him. I'll cut him deep. I'll cut him so bad he'll wish I didn't cut him so bad.

    The only problem with your reply Marty is that I'm betting this Anonymous person has heard that so many times before, and she knows the difference in rhetoric, and she knows how wrong she is with her hyperbole and histrionic nonsense.

    Unfortunately, Anonymous is so morally and intellectually dishonest that the tack she takes is always going to be the most duplicitous one just to scare or evoke some emotion not founded in anything resembling reality.

    Still... Nice post, Marty. I'll still cut ya though. :)

  36. Gosh darn, I leave for a bit to watch television (Criminal Minds and Law & Order) and everyone has been having fun without me. I'm in love with Dan and Dirk (I'm so fickle!). I suspect that Marc is correct and that no response is the best antidote to the postings of unwanted comments. However, just once more, I have to throw in my two cents worth.

    Abortion is a serious subject and as commenter after commenter has demonstrated, we recognize that. We also recognize that is a complex subject involving the interconnection of the mother's life with that of the fetus.

    The law does not force anyone to have an abortion; it just doesn't force anyone to have a child either. In Anon's world, the rest of us would get to tell a woman who does not wish to proceed with a pregnancy that she must have then child. Once the child is born, I would assume that Anon also supports that the government (that's we the people) should provide for the care of the child, nurture and raise this child to adulthood. It only seems fair if we are going to make the decision for the mother as to having the child.

    I don't find abortion to be a good solution. In a perfect world every pregnancy would be met with joy. Children would be loved and cared for by their parents. Regrettably, even children who are born are not guaranteed that they will receive love.

    I don't doubt that some women who have abortions are later filled with regret. My heart goes out to them, but I still am unwilling to substitute my judgment for theirs.

    The most telling comment that Anon writes is this: "Take it for what it's worth but if you can't stand the killing of innocent animals, then you shouldn't tolerate the killing of innocent human babies. That's the point. That's been the point from the first comment."

    As I earlier surmised, there was never any real question being raised. Anon's intent was to attack Beth, to tell Beth that she is wrong. To insist that Beth must share the views that Anon shares or else Beth is a cruel, heartless person, unlike Anon who is filled with Christian charity.

    I shouldn't be surprised that Anon feels comfortable in telling other people what they should believe or think. Ultimately that is what Anon asks us to do when a woman finds herself pregnant, tell her what she must do and what she must do.

    There is nothing in the current law that prevents any organization or individual from offering counseling services to pregnant women who are contemplating having an abortion. There is no cover up of the process and what it entails. As a matter of fact, a search of the Internet will turn up many sites on the subject from the purely clinical to the sites that are opposed to abortion. I would agree with Anon that any woman contemplating having an abortion should be fully informed before making her final decision, but it is her choice to decide to seek out information. I don't presume to know the emotional trauma that a women contemplating abortion faces and I certainly do not condone forcing her to listen to or view information that she does not wish to know; it is her choice. It is between her and her God, or whatever power in which she believes.

    You see, Anon, God is funny about human beings setting themselves up in judgment over others in matters of spirituality. I seem to recall a bible verse that reads, "Judge not lest ye be judged." However my favorite is the one about not pointing out the splinter in your neighbor's eye and failing to notice the plank in one's own eye.

    We all have planks in our eyes and most of us are guilty of spending time pointing out the splinter in our neighbor's eye, blinding us to our own faults. I have decided to accept on face value that you believe that you are serving some higher purpose by your continued harassment of Beth and her friends who visit these pages. However, I would suggest that you climb down from the pedestal on which you have placed yourself and take a good look at your motives, and ask yourself if you speak in the name of God or in the service of your own ego? Careful, remember, pride is one of the seven deadly sins and God doesn't like ugly behavior.

  37. Dan... I just can't stop laughing at the first paragraph of your, erhm, threat. lol "I'll cut him so bad he'll wish I didn't cut him so bad." Seriously, I'm still sitting here laughing. It's ok, you had me years ago at Packers fan. ;)

  38. Jeez, I'm a lesbian and I think I'm in love with Dirk and Dan ::grin:: (peeking at my love over there watchin' TV) second thoughts ~ I wouldn't give her up for the WORLD. LOL. You know what I just don't GET it. There would be abortions whether it met some peoples approval or not. Coat hangers vs. Physician assisted? at least the woman has a larger chance to live with the Physician. Being a victim of rape, believe me, the fear that something would come of that trauma and violence (such as a baby) holds you in just as much fear than the fear and memory of the rape itself.
    By the way Beth, I finally made it over here. Thank you so very much for your wonderful comments and friendship (I hope) they made me/make me feel much better. Wooohoooo I'm so glad that Obama won, I was terrified of McCain winning. Blessings* Teresa

  39. My goodness Beth, the only thing I have to offer here as it has been so well said is not to feed the Trolls, such sad people, and so sorry that you have attracted the attention of this person.

    But way to go I like the way you've handled it.

    Take care


  40. Wow. What a rant we have here. Is this a record for the number of comments?
    I'd try to offer something beyond what has been said, but it would just come across as douchey. Sorry, can't spell it. Hehehe.
    Thanks again to Beth for helping put Obama in The Big Seat!

  41. ok Mr anonymous come over and join my Bible Study and learn some real lessons

  42. HEY, you got a troll? NO shit?! Wow. Like i have NO clue what that feels like.
    The MAIN reason i refused to vote FOR McCain is because he does NOT support abortion RIGHTS. Gee, what does that make me? To each his own, man, to each his own. This is the first troll fight in blogger ville that i know of. You can out word and out speak anyone i know of so go for it, Beth. XO

  43. Look at all this I've missed!

    There are some impressive comments on this post and the last, have some of you ever thought to run for office? You have my vote~

    And since I didn't see one anywhere, I'd like to officially nominate, second and deliver the award for best
    Troll Stuffing Entry Award Beth.

    Her highly entertaining, superbly written entry is hands down the best anonymous Troll smacking entry I've ever come across. Would you like that award in bronze or silver plated?

    Well done to everyone that has the courgage to claim a name~

  44. I am glad that the choice was there for me in 1997. I went to the ER during the course of what I thought was a miscarriage to get checked out and they confirmed that their was nothing left in my uterus and sent me on my way. No abortion performed then but I did pick up pneumonia from a nurse and ended up in ICU where they found I had steadily increasing pregnancy hormones. It turned out I had an ectopic pregnancy. The embryo was lodged in my left fallopian tube. If the doctors didn't intervene I could have died or been reproductively maimed. The doctors were able to save me and my effected tube.

    Do I sometimes wish I had that child with me now? Do I sometimes sit and wonder if that would have been the daughter I wanted? Yes and yes, but I don't regret what transpired. Two years later I felt a familiar pinch that signals ovulation on that left side and I now have my son Ryan. If abortion hadn't been available when it was, Ryan wouldn't be here now.

    My ultimate fear is that once you give the government the right to intervene and say you cannot due something it also gives them the precedent to intervene and say that you MUST do something. I remember how the impoverished young women at the WIC clinic were pressured onto birth control hormone sticks implanted under the skin. I don't want to imagine an America where we have the GOVERNMENT HAVING THE POWER to intervene on whether or not my grandchildren get to be born. That is why I am "pro choice"...not because abortion is some kind of great magic but because it is a medical tool and I believe that the decision to use that tool should lay solely in the hands of the family involved.

    Kristi J

  45. Wow. I feel like the party was two days ago and that I am just showing up.

    I hope anonymous is packing up and moving to South Dakota or Colorado, since the electorate there could use their wisdom, given the results of the pro-life referendums there Tuesday.

    Remember when abortion came up in the third debate? Obama, who has never wavered his pro-choice stance, talked about finding a "common ground." McCain's response was nothing more than a scoff about how "the woman's health" is a cover for any reason to have an abortion. There is the fundamental difference between the two sides on this issue. No one is "for" abortion. I've never heard anyone espouse the convenience of having an abortion.

    I'm not a woman (obviously) and since I will never have a baby growing inside of me I cant help but be pro-choice, or as I prefer to call it, "pro-none of my business." Were I woman, it would drive me crazy that men were trying to regulate my reproductive rights. I recall that when Bush signed the partial-birth (a term, by the way, created by the pro-life group and pretty much a fallacy) abortion ban that he was surrounded by a group of men. Not a woman in sight.

    Sorry for the long-ish comment. I'm looking forward to reading and hearing the apoplectic rants of the McCain crowd for the next four years.

  46. K, I stayed up late on the party with the post before, suggested moving it to an abandoned Drive In...which it appears we did. As everyone showed up to show their support....Way to go Beth. You didn't cave and stood by your principles. Of course we had our own little party in emails...

    I called it when I said Anon wouldn't reply in email, it would mean giving you their email and actually missing the attention. I still say anyone who doesn't have the courage to back up their words with a spineless and doesn't have the conviction of said words.

    Dan when I left Beth last night I said you were here and your like a pit bull, with the religious zealots, so all was good. Delighted to see I was right! Thanks for taking up the party roar.

    Beth..sweetie you ROCK! (Hugs)Indigo

  47. Looks like I missed all the excitement! I am going to have to have to get caught up. Congrats on your apparent influence over the people of America. Now, will you please get to work world peace!

  48. Girlfriend, you know how to throw a party! Your poor blog has turned into a chat room.

  49. It still amazes me that some people just have nothing better going on in their own lives that they must spew their nonsense in such a matter. Hoping your party picks back up - Your a wonderful hostess,

  50. I forgot to say I am happy Ken made it safely!

  51. what the hell??? omg beth what have i missed?? who is this brainless pratt of a troll?? i am a brit. i didnt vote. i dont really give a toss about the abortion row/hunting/palin/whether obama eats shreddies for brekkie/ whether mccain makes the best chips. you have the president you now have for 1 reason,and 1 reason only, its called democracy. the people voted for obama. now does ya troll understand that?? PEOPLE VOTED. THEY MADE THEIR CHOICE. as for me,beth you write a great journal,you are a caring friend so if ya troll wants to attack me feel welcome. because i really dont care. take care hun,ignore ignorance and spite. love mort xxxxxxxxx

  52. I figured that Anonymous the Coward wouldn't have the guts to e-mail anyone. That would mean a name, e-mail address, or something other sneaking around in the shadows. Easy to hide behind the computer screen.

    AC, you obviously missed the point that anyone who is an advocate for animal rights doesn't minimize the sanctity or value of human life. Everyone has their niche, and with everyone pursuing issues they believe are important, the entire society functions and it all gets done. Each person has their own passion. Otherwise, everyone would be nothing more than a clone of everyone else. THAT'S the big picture.

    Just cloning around,

  53. OMG this is too funny..please let us know if the thing e-mails you...maybe evenpublishit in your jornal if its funny enough...lmaooo


  54. I was going to offer some NY Backup be sent over here. But I think you have it under control.
    Fuggetaboutit !!!!!!!!


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