Thursday, November 6, 2008

Party planning

How is everyone today? Happy and healthy? I hope both!

Today I had a meeting with the event coordinator at the place who is doing the catering for our dinner at the Studebaker Museum. Debbie was incredibly helpful and I believe they will do a really good job! Here's our menu (a buffet dinner):


Bud & Bud Lite
Copper Ridge White Zin, Merlot & Chardonnay
Includes Bartender


50 each Vegetable Tray & Dip
50 each Cheese & Cracker Tray
50 each Assorted Finger Sandwiches
50 each BBQ Meatballs
50 each Crab Stuffed Mushrooms


Mixed Green Salad with Mango Chardonnay Vinaigrette
Rosemary Chicken Breast
Homestyle Roast Beef
Vegetable Lasagna
Herb Roasted Red Skin Potatoes
Rice Pilaf
Roasted Vegetable Medley
Whole Green Beans Almondine
Rolls & Butter
Coffee Station, Iced Tea & Ice Water

75 Brownies & Cookies

I think it all sounds pretty good. We were going to get fish instead of the veggie lasagna, but we needed a couple of vegetarian meals, and with a buffet they don't have an easy way to do that, so I made an executive decision and went with vegetable lasagna. Why? Because I like it! And yes, it's an open bar (beer and wine only). Anyone want me to sneak them in? Now it's just a matter of getting the final count, getting the signed contract to them, and paying the balance. And we did it for less than was budgeted! That should make the powers-that-be happy.

I was up late last night because of dealing with I felt really tired this afternoon. I stretched out on the couch and covered up with my penguin blanket, and Sheeba hopped up and lay on my stomach. He was like a little furry furnace! I had a most excellent nap, and I feel very refreshed!

As for last night's unpleasantness, I was starting to feel like I was in a soap opera. "I loathe you, Jessica." "You'll never get away with your little scheme, Amanda." "*gasp* Derek?!" (That last one is usually when you catch your man in bed with your arch enemy.) Oh, the drama! I see that I've received no emails, and neither has Ken or Dirk. Not surprising.

You know, I'm generally a positive person, and I try to maintain that tone here. I have my feisty moments, but one of my favorite things to do is laugh, and that's a lot more fun than having someone try to turn Nutwood into "All My Children." ("All My Squirrels." "As the Possum Turns." "The Young and the Furry." Okay, I'll stop.) When I encounter someone like my troll, I feel like I've encountered an alien species. I feel like I've been slimed. I would think it would be a sad existence to have that effect on people. I don't think I'm inspirational by any means, but I know it makes me happy when I make someone laugh. Why and how is it that someone would derive happiness from the opposite, from angering people and being nasty? It's like in "Star Trek," when matter meets anti-matter. Good things do NOT ensue. Last night it was Beth and anti-Beth. I know there are no answers to my questions, and all I can do is shake my head in amazement.

If I can get a little mushy here, I want to thank each of you who left a supportive comment and sent me emails. I appreciated it more than you can ever guys are the best. Group hug!

Ken called a few minutes ago and asked how the meeting with the caterers went. I told him that all went well, and I had sent him the contract. He asked, "So...would you say that you've enjoyed planning this?" Uh-oh. I told him I don't know if it's something I'd want to do full-time, but it's been relatively easy. He said that for the meeting he's at (PMI), they don't have a host for next year's meeting. He proposed South Bend, and it would involve planning a 3-day meeting at a hotel. That would probably be relatively easy, too. A couple of evening receptions, a dinner, arrangements for a meeting room...the downtown Marriott does conventions all the time, so it wouldn't be anything unusual for them. What would be fun would be putting together information about things to do in South Bend. I would recommend the Studebaker Museum, the College Football Hall of Fame, and a visit to the Notre Dame campus. (Even if you don't like the school, it's a beautiful campus.) This won't be until the spring, so there's plenty of time. And it should be nice weather!


  1. Your menu sounds great....With more people eating less meat or meatless vegtable lasagna sounds good to me. So does the Rosemary chicken. I grow it in a pot, along with parsley, basil, oregano, chives and mint. The rosemary lasts long into the winter.


  2. I think you do well at anything you put your mind to so you could plan any event. That menu sounds divine. So glad your unpleasantness is gone. XOXO

  3. Hi Beth,
    Sounds like a great event ... and I think you're making all the right decisions. As for the Troll, don't sweat it. You successfully "neutered" Ms. Anonymous by turning her ridiculous rant into a Group Joke.

  4. Yes, please sneak me in! I don't drink so I'd be a cheap addition!

    Sorry about the troll... I haven't read back to see what that's about... but I hate it. How dare they disturb the peace here?


  5. don't worry about the Troll, at least she'he amused us. the menu sounds terrific, no wonder you were tired you've been in high gear for the last few days, you deserve a rest.

    Take care


  6. X came up today ... they have been on 'the 101 network' on direct tv. I know what you mean about 'joykillers' ... and they do hate the light, don't they?

  7. See at first, I was pissed last night but then it became so hilarious that it was impossible to be mad anymore. The event sounds like a good one. The places around here need to use you to make their dinners more often. Normally they suck but your's sounds pretty good. ;)

  8. Tanks honey.

    We may want to consider upping the O's to 75 of each, would hate to not have enough. I think our original plan was cheese for all 100, which was the most expensive. So, lets just tweak the existing numbers a tad. Great Job :o)

  9. Sweet. Green beans with almonds.

    Other than that, it sounds like a dandy fine menu.

    As for the troll, well... It was fun turning the loon into a piñata for a little while.

  10. The menu sounds good. :) I love a nap in the afternoon... since we've changed the clocks my sleep cycle has been seriously out of whack, with me sleepy by 9:00pm and awake again by 4:00am. I hope that ends soon because it's getting monotonous.

  11. How do we know that Anonymous is a female? I smell a mystery a brewing...

  12. Yum,yum! You selected some of my
    favorite foods for your party! Hope
    it all turns out great for you. The
    festive dinners and Christmas parties
    are ahead. Bring on the diet drinks
    to accompany all that sumptious food.

  13. I think it's a great idea to have a party like that at a museum because, besides the food and the people, it adds a third reason to attend. Of course, I have a personal interest in the Studebaker Museum, so I'd be excited about being there. Good food choices, too. (Will there be well-done filet of Troll on the menu as well?)

  14. The buffet sounds lovely :) I'm sure it will turn out wonderfully...
    You know Beth, I've only known you a very short time but you make me feel good, I feel supported and my opinion valued. Plus, you make me's a strange feeling of warmness inside, you know? I am often too quiet for my own good. Blessings* Teresa

  15. It sounds like you've done a terrific job on the planning for your buffet - the menu looks great.
    I wish you well with the banquet and you have an enjoyable evening.

  16. i know you know who the troll is. no further comment. just to say i wont be bullied by any one on whose blogs i read,what comments i make,nowt. thats a north of england word lol nada,zilch,sod all. i read your journal because its interesting,i dont often pop in these days i know. im feeling more like myself again now. hope out of the black. so you take care beth. send me an invite by the way. dont want the drink,just a big plate of that beef lol love mort xxxxxxxx

  17. "Includes Bartender?" How hot is he?


I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you?